I Believe the World is Ending

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An amazing story about the struggle of two girls and there try to save the world. Story characters are spin-offs of myself and my neighbor.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Believe the World is Ending

Submitted: May 30, 2010

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Submitted: May 30, 2010



“What do you want?” 12-year-old Sesu Skar said, as a mugger jumped from an alleyway. “Give me all your money!” was all he replied, and held up a rusty, bent knife. “No.” she smirked. “Then you!” he said, turning to her companion, 15 year old, Miyuki Ayako. ”Give me your money!” She simply shook her head. “Some one’s going to give me money or I’ll slit both your necks!” he shouted, growing mad. “We said no!” Sesu snarled and her hand flew to her side, grabbing her gun. She shoved it at the man‘s chest. “Go away before I get mad.” “Okay, okay.” he shrunk back into the shadows. “Was that really necessary?” Miyuku muttered as they walked on. “Did you want to be mugged?” Sesu asked. “He’s probably just confused. The world’s going in the toilet. He probably just wanted money to keep him alive.” “You say that like we don’t need the money!” Sesu retorted. “At least we have a home! I know you could sense that he didn’t!” Miyuki said. “So? We have our own problems. We’re practically out of food! We don’t have enough money to pay for the apartment! We might end up like him!” “But we still have something.” she said, her blue eyes becoming cloudy and gray. “Whatever...” was all Sesu said, and a boring silence appeared between the two of them. A wind blew, momentarily making Sesu’s hair fly sideways, and allowing her black and red wings to be seen beneath her red leather jacket. “Sesu!” Miyuki hissed at her. “Sorry!” Sesu muttered and grabbed her jacket, quickly pulling it back behind her. There was nothing more terrible than having the town realize your a demon and kick you out, just as you were settling in. “You need to be careful.” she said. “You don’t want to be kicked out again do you?” “Well sorry, but the wind is not under my control.” Sesu said. “I know that! But still... Just make sure no one sees you!” But, of course, some one did. Some one that didn’t live in the city, some one that would soon cause very, very much turmoil.

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