Legend of the Guardians

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - A New Adventure Begins

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Submitted: May 05, 2014




Sora's POV


"With this, you are no longer connected to Sora's hearts." He then raised the blade before cutting the chains, causing a blinding flash of light. When the light faded only one of the boys and the girl remained. Joseph then set them down and looked to Sora to find him unconscious. He looked to Kairi to find her frozen in fear. He sighed before appearing behind her with a heart. When the heart took shape he cut the chain and waited until the light faded before he summoned a portal and sent the girls through it he then picked up the boy and snapped his fingers, causing the barrier to dissipate. Vanitas was by his side in and instant. Just when they were about to leave Riku shouts at them.

"Sora! Kairi! What did you do to them?!" he asked angrily.

"Worry not, for your friends are safe. I simply took what doesn't belong to them." with that he and Vanitas walked through the portal. Riku ran after them only to have the portal vanish before he could reach it.


It was dark and I was falling, falling into the dark abyss that surely held my destination. I had been here more times than I can count and now I'm here once again. I can already feel my descent slowing as I neared the platform, something felt different though. As I got close I felt myself flip so that I would land feet first. When I landed, I looked around before taking a step forward, causing the darkness clinging to the platform to peel away like doves. I watched the birds fly off into the distance before looking down to find that it wasn't my picture on the stained glass, but a boy who looked to be four years younger than me.

The boy was peacefully sleeping while two powerful, golden keyblades rested in his hands. Another wielder? was my only thought as I looked around the platform to see the people connected with his heart. The Station was over twice as large as the others he had been to and it also held twice as many pictures. There was an inner circle, a middle circle, and an outer circle. The inner circle held four other children with keyblades. As I looked at all of their faces I noticed something that connects them, they were all crying in their peaceful sleep. I wanted to understand the cause behind their tears but I didn't know how long I had before I left this place. As I looked to the outer circle I saw a lot of familiar symbols. I was about to examine the rest of the portrait when I saw a door on the other side of the platform.

Time to leave, I guess. With that I walked up to the door and summoned the Kingdom Key. I pointed the blade at the door and waited until I heard a satisfying click before going through the light emanating from the door. When the light faded I saw the most amazing site in all of the worlds. Mighty giants and powerful creatures of all shapes and sizes roamed the land. It was such an amazing sight. I was about to get a closer look when a mighty golden dragon flew over head. It carried an orb of light in it's hand. When it set the object down I was engulfed in a blinding light.

When the light faded I found myself In a town of sorts. I looked around to see people stop what their doing to look up at the sky. I followed their example and looked to find the glowing orb from before falling from the sky. As I looked closer I saw that it held a small boy inside. The same boy from the pillar.

It was then that I woke up in a chair. I looked at my surroundings to see that I was in Yen Sid's tower. When I looked around I saw Axel leaning against the wall a few feet away, the King resting in a chair across the room, Riku looking at the floor with a thoughtful expression on his face and Kairi looking at me worriedly. When she saw that I was awake she held me like a life line. I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks as I returned the embrace. After what seemed like hours ( but were only a few minutes) we released each other I asked a question that has been on my mind since I woke up.

"What happened?" I asked groggily.

"We were attacked by a man wearing an organization cloak. He brought someone with him to distract me while he had his way with you two. By the time I could get to you, he was done." Riku explained. It was then that I remembered the events from before.


"Who are you?" I asked angrily while summoning my keyblade.

"My name is Joseph. I'm come to get something that doesn't belong to either of you." I then stood in front of Kairi Protectively as I got into my battle stance. When Joseph brought out his keyblade my eyes widened in shock.

"A keyblade? HOW?!" Before I could think about it Joseph appeared in front of me. I swung at him only to find Joseph behind me. In his hand were three hearts, all of which had a chain leading back to me. It was then that my eyes widened in panic.

"Sora! Please, don't hurt him." Kairi said worriedly.

"What are you going to do?" I asked. In that instant the hearts took shape. In their place were two boys that were identical and a girl.

"I mean to free them." Joseph said. As he said this he looked at them with sadness in his eyes. I saw this and in that instant my fear vanished and was replaced by confusion. Joseph then took his keyblade and placed it on the chains.

"With this, you are no longer connected to Sora's heart." He then raised the blade before cutting the chains, causing a blinding flash of light. When the light faded only one of the boys and the girl remained.


That man, he did something to me. I don't feel different though. So, what did he do then?At this thought I looked inside myself to see if there was anything different about me. Everything seemed normal, but I knew something was off. Hey Roxas, do you feel something strange about me? When I didn't get a response I tried again to reach the blond. That's when I realized that the thing that was missing, was Roxas. Knowing this, I decided to voice my thoughts.

"Roxas is gone, I can't feel him anymore. That guy Joseph must have taken him." I said.

"We know, he took Namine as well." Riku stated, still deep in thought.

"I was afraid of this." Yen Sid said.

"What do you mean Master?" Kairi asked.

"A Few days ago the man you describe as Joseph came here and told me of a new and great threat approaching." he said. At this everyone looked to him and listened intently.

"It was at that time that I sensed a very powerful darkness in our universe." he said.

"Could Xehanort be behind this?" the king asked. Yen Sid shook his head solemnly.

"This threat is cased by others that are more powerful than him I'm afraid. So much so that their power puts his to shame." he stated.

"So, your saying that these new guys are more than strong enough to mop the floor with him. Is that about right?" Axel stated rhetorically. Yen Sid simply nodded.

"As it stands, we do not posses the power to defeat this new enemy. That does not mean that they cannot be beaten." At this everyone looked to him with a hopeful expression.

"Joseph stated that this new threat is caused by beings of neither light nor darkness. As such only beings of nothingness and twilight can defeat them. He spoke of recruiting former organization members as well as children of twilight. I know not of his true intentions. I do, however, understand that these children are the only ones with enough power to defeat our enemy. As such, you must locate them and get them to join us. You may use force if necessary but be warned, their power is well beyond that of all of you combined. Be careful and prepare yourselves for the battles that are to come, for they may be your toughest battles yet." At his words they all saluted before heading to the new gummy ship.


Jake's POV


"She's... being held... in the...ruined...castle. Jake...help me...save her. We have to...save her." He said between heavy breaths. I looked myself before looking back to find Sophie and Amelia looking at me with hopeful eyes. I then looked to Jay and nodded. He gave me a relieved smile before closing his eyes, preparing himself for what I was about to do. I then closed my eyes and concentrated on my new found powers. If my light can heal wounds made from the darkness, then it should be able to heal normal wounds. With that in mind I concentrated the light on our wounds and thought only of healing. I heard gasps come from the women and assumed it was working. I opened my eyes to find Jay and I floating with green light healing our wounds. When the light faded we landed safely back on our beds. I then sat up and looked at Jay to find him sitting up also. He then looked at me and we nodded to each other with determination. Right now we were thinking the same thing, those bastards were going to pay.

We jumped from our beds to find that our clothes were already mended and on us. As we looked ourselves over wondering about the mystery we here Amelia's gasp of surprise. We turned looked at her and were shocked to find that she was holding a Keyblade. It was the Abyssal Tide keyblade. We could only watch speechlessly as she tested the weight of the blade in her hands. only one question was on our minds, how can she use a key blade? I looked to Jay to find him staring back with the same baffled expression I had. We then turned back to find her looking at us with a hopeful . I smiled and nodded at her unasked question and her face instantly lit up and she looked to the keyblade with determination. I then looked to the queen to find her sitting in a chair and looking worriedly at the ground. I walked up to Sophie and placed a hand on her shoulder. She then looked up at me with a hopeful expression on her face and I smiled.

"Don't worry, we'll get her back." I said gently. I gave her a reassuring smile and she smiled in return.


Three years later

The sun's gentle rays engulf me in warmth as I look over the kingdom from a nearby cliff. Jay and Amelia are with me, looking over the world and waiting for any signs of trouble. It's been three years since that day. Three years since those bastards took Katie. We've been training since then. Jay and I have learned how to master our new abilities and at the same time we've been teaching Amelia how to use her keyblade. After that we taught her soldiers how to defend themselves in case of a heartless attack.

As it turned out, after we finished training the soldiers there was a large heartless invasion. While the battle raged we searched for any sign of them, only to find no trace. It's as if they wanted us to become stronger so that we can be some form of a challenge for them when the time came. Well that worked in any case. Jay and I have managed to use new techniques in mastering our powers. We even managed to get Amelia to master her powers of the keyblade. Now all that was left was to wait until they attacked again. What we weren't expecting was for the attack to come so soon.

As the gentle breeze caressed our faces and the smells of the Kingdom wafted up our nostrils, I felt it. The powerful presence I felt three years ago. My deep blue eyes scanned the sky and sure enough, dark clouds began to roll in. I looked to Jay's intimidating brown eyes and saw that he was looking back with a determined expression. I then ran my hand through my gravity-defying silver hair and sighed. I was wearing the same attire that I wore three years ago as was Jay. Our clothes still fit perfectly and their magical attributes haven't really changed much. I looked to Amelia's blue eyes to find no trace of doubt. Good. She was wearing a pair of black jeans with a white tank and a black jacket that hugged her figure. She also had a pair of purple jordans.

"They're here." Jay said darkly.

"Are you ready?" I asked them. Amelia smiled before taking out a small box with a button on it. She pressed the button and threw it into the air. When it came down it became a purple air glider. She hopped on the board and waited for us to do the same. I looked to Jay to find him already on his black board waiting on me. I smiled before following their example and together we sped for the castle. When we got to town we saw that the soldiers were already fighting Heartless and new beings called Hollows. The Hollows showed up a few months ago. They are ten times stronger than heartless, not to mention smarter. We managed to build weapons for the military that were strong enough to beat these new monsters.

We pass through town and entered the Kingdom without incident. After putting away our boards we went directly to the throne room. Once we entered we walked up to the throne and bowed before the king Noctis and Queen Sophie.

"So, the time has finally come?" Noctis asked.

"Yes." was our simple reply. At this he rose from his throne and looked us over with his gentle blue eyes.

"Rise." he said. We did so and he continued.

"Go forth and defeat this menace who has stolen my daughter. Retrieve her at all costs and above all, be careful and come back safely." he said the last part softly.

"We won't let you down. We'll come back a soon as possible with Katie." I said with determination.

"Good luck, to all of you." he said. We simply nodded before getting our boards and heading for the abandoned castle.


When we got to the castle we were attacked by flying Hollows. They launched a barrage of darkness at us and we did our best to avoid the rain of attacks. Amelia then did a back-flip before cutting one in half.

"Leave these guys to me. You two go on ahead to the castle." she said as she swiftly cut down another one. We nodded before going on ahead. I new she had become a lot stronger since she got the keyblade, but I couldn't help but worry. When we got to the abandoned castle we put our boards away and walked into the grand hall, where we saw Grimm and Ulquiorra waiting for us.

"Well well, it looks like you've gotten a lot stronger since the last time we met. I can't wait to test your new found power." Grimm said with a psychotic smile on his face.

"What have you done to Katie you sick bastard?" Jay asked angrily.

"Katie? HAHAHA, my dear boy. I'm afraid I don't know what your talking about." Grimm said before laughing maniacally.

"SHUT UP! I'm sick of your games. Tell me what you've done with her!" Jay said darkly.

"Sorry my dear boy, but the games haven't even started yet. We're still missing one more player before we begin."

"What are you...?" Before Jay could finish his sentence Amelia burst through the double doors.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. What did I miss?" she asked sheepishly. When she saw the two standing before us she got behind us and formed a battle stance.

"Good. Now that the gang's all here, LET THE GAMES BEGIN." As he said this he created an orb of darkness in his hand and threw it to the sky, creating a dark barrier around the castle. He then began to laugh maniacally.

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