Legend of the Nobodies

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Jake is a fifteen-year-old boy who can't recollect the first five years of his life. Six years ago he escapes from a facility that calls itself "The Orphanage" in an attempt to live a freely. Only now, does he regret that very decision. Soon, after narrowly escaping another failed attempt at his capture by the authorities, Jake finds himself caught in an epic battle of light and darkness. Forces of unimaginable power seek his destruction. Angels and demons alike hunt him from the shadows. The world itself seems to have turned against him. All the while he and his new found companions search for the reason behind their existence. Little do they know that he is humanity's greatest threat, as well as their best chance of survival? A choice has to be made: Will they continue on their quest for answers? Or will they save the very people who despise them?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The plan

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013



Chapter one

The plan

I remember the day I started living. The day it all began. I can't seem to remember what happened before then, only that I wanted a way out. A way to escape all of the suffering and pain. To run away from the misery and fear. Nothing else really mattered at the time. Of course nothing mattered to any of us back then. All we cared about was getting stronger, suviving training, and protecting each other. We've gone through so much hell that I thought nothing could be worse then staying. Only now do I realise I was wrong. Only now do I bombard myself with endless questions. If I had stopped and thought about it more, if I gone back, would anything have changed? Would anything be better if I had disappeared? If I had the will, could I have saved them from the pain? If I had realised my abilities sooner, could I have stopped it? Would anything be better if I had never existed? But by the time I realised what was happening, it was already too late. The wheels of fate have unleashed a force that cannot be stopped. The battle to decide humanities fate had already started. The War had begun, and it all started... with a dream.


I was falling, more like floating, down into the darkness. It was as if I were sinking in water, simply descending slowly. I didn't know where I was, but I wasn't scared. In fact, it was peaceful. That in itself made me curious as to where I was. I had experienced many emotions in my 12 year old life, but never peace. It was a feeling that always seemed to escape me. There was some thing else that seemed to confuse me. Something felt off about the dark abyss that seems to have swallowed me, as if there was something there that shouldn't be. A strange sensation filled me as I focused on the feeling. Warmth, that's what didn't belong. As this realization dawned on me I looked off into the darkness as a small flash of light was created. It seemed to grow with each passing second and before long my eyes burned as the light filled my vision. As my eyes adjusted to the light I found myself staring at a woman with glowing blond hair and sky blue eyes. She looked to be in her mid twenties. She was wearing a simple white dress and brass sandles. Two white wings sprouted from her back and held us in a cocoon like state. She looked down at me and smiled, seeming delighted to see that I had awoken. Who are you?

At that very moment the world around us seemed to crumble to dust and get carried away by the nonexistant wind. The figure before me vanished and I once again found myself in the inescapable clutches of the black abyss. A faint noise cuts through the darkness like a knife, reaching my ears in a matter of seconds. It seemed far away yet at the same time it felt as if it originated right next to me. The sound grew louder as I slowly clawed my way back into consciousness. The sound came from everywhere, yet I could not find a point of origin. I slightly opened my eyes, only to close them due to the strange flash that blinded me. I waited for a few minutes before trying again, allowing my eyes to adjust to the burning light. Minutes later I found myself staring at the smooth, white, sterylized ceiling of my room in the Orphanage. The light shining briliantly in the center of the ceiling. That's how everything was here. The walls along the corridoors are either white or grey. The rooms were void of any color and only carried the basics such as a desk, a chair and a bed. All of which were white. The clothes were no different. The staff and the soldiers all wear white, skin-tight battle suits while the experiments wear black jump suits with protective padding used for training.

I shifted my head slightly to find my best friend Allen looking down at me with fierce determination. He was fair-skinned and had broad shoulders as well as a slightly narrow face. He had dark brown eyes and his short black hair was as spiky as ever.We met after my first year here and ever since he's been like a brother to me. He was twelve at the time and seeing that I had no friends in this place he gladly stepped in. He's was very protective of me and always stood up for me when the scientists got too close for comfort with their tools and harsh words. At first I always tried to ignore him and get on with training. I was only 8 and I often avoided being close to anyone. I thought they would only hold me back and I wanted to get stronger. Soon enough though I found myself enjoying his company and later considered him as my friend.

He spoke to me in an urgent manner, but my brain was still groggy from sleep so I couldn't make out the words. I sat up slowly and shook my head a couple of times to clear it. Sound slowly made it's way to my ear as the fog around my mind began to clear. Soon enough I heard sirens blasting from all directions and gunfire in the distance. An explosion suddenly shook the building and I found myself looking to my friend for answers.

"What's going on?" I asked. I was well awake now and as I jumped out of bed another explosion shook the room slightly, causing anxiety to build within the pit of my stomach.

"We have to move." he stated. Although his voice remained calm his face seemed rigid with anticipation.

"I'll explain everything on the way." I nodded and as I made my way over to him he dragged a small cylinder from one of his pockets. On the way to the door he spoke into the device with growing urgency.

"Z-78 requesting a point 45 magnum with a strong fitted katana." A small light potruded from the top of the object as the device hummed to life and registered his request. Not a second later he threw the object into the air. There was a flash of light that vanished as soon as it had come as the object with the requested weapons landed in his hands. This was one of the few things I liked about this facility. The weapons and equipment were packed into small, hand-held devices called "Voids". The amount each Void can hold is limitless and each experiment is assigned at least one. The only way to activate it is to make a request with an identification code. Numbers and letters are how they see us. After all, a nobody doesn't need a name.

With swift movements, he pocketed the item and loaded the gun, letting the sword rest on the wall. He the picked up the strap that held the sheath with the sword over his shoulder and brought the gun up to his elbow before opening the door. He looked to both ends of the hall before signaling me to follow and disappearing around the corner. As we made our way through the intricate maze of hallways and corridors I noticed fretful scientists and bewildered soldiers running about frantically as they tried to get a grasp on the situation. Sometimes we would pass by some medics carting off wounded soldiers while they were escorted by guards. A look of terror was etched into their faces. I turned to look at my friend as he began to explain the situation.

"Something is attacking the facility, throwing everything into chaos. Some of the other's are using this opertunity to either escape or fight for control. Those gunshots we heard earlier was probably them. The rest of us are held up in a safe place to come up with a plan of action. We're headed there now." As he finished that sentence a squad of about six guards rushed in from around the corner and charged at us. With out skipping a beat, Allen fired two shots at the first one before slicing through the next two. As the last three moved in on him I felt a slight shift in the air and knew what would happen next. Time itself seemed to slow down as he took down the guards with swift movements only I could follow. That was his power. He has the ability to vastly enhance the speed and power of himself as well as the experiments around him. This enabled us to move so fast that time itself had slowed to the point of stopping while the strength of our abilities increased ten fold. He is a Z-class Nobody, making him one of the deadliest. When the fight was over I couldn't help but look at the guards with a mixture of confusion and disappointment.

"I thought they would be tougher than this. Aren't they trained to fight against people like us?"

"They weren't trained for a situation like this. They were caght off guard by the attack. I wouldn't be surprized if most of them were in disarray right now. After all, none of them had any training prior to this facility." Allen explained. "C'mon, we're almost there."

The staff and soldiers consist of volunteers. People who were either delighted by the opertunity to work with new subjects such as the scientists, or had no where else to go such as the homeless. The experiments cosisted of children with abnormal abilities who were rejected by society. These children are called Nobodies. The government discovered children who were different a few years back. When a few of powerful Nobodies planed to get revenge on the people who mistreated them. I can't really blame them. Everyone who knows about the Nobodies despise us because of what we are. They call us demons and ask for our extinction. They fear us because we have power, power they don't understand. Now, the government demands that if anyone like us is descovered, they are to report their findings. Then soldiers who equiped with the latest machinery hunt us down and take us here, where we are then put through training. The porpose of which is to carefully destroy our spirits and at the same time make us stronger so that we will become powerful and loyal supersoldiers. I guess they didn't think it would all work so well. Other wise they would have been better prepared for the revolt.

As we made our way down another corridor we stopped as Allen examined the wall. I was going to ask why we stopped when I saw him press his hand to the wall. A green light no more than six inches square pulsed from the touch and I realised that he was being scanned. A door suddenly appeared in a flash and he opened it before signaling for me to enter. Once I was in he entered and looked to both ends of the hall before closing it behind him.

We seem to have entered an old briefing room. The grey walls were stained and dusty. The white tiled floor was riddled with grime and moss. The room held an obsidian table in the center with a few chairs and little else. Above the table was a holographic projection of the facility. There were eleven other teens of varius ages in the room and when we entered all eyes fell upon us. As I looked around the room I noticed that I only recognized three of them.

There was Marcus, a sixteen year old boy with short, brown hair and blue eyes. He was average in hight, about 5'7, with a narrow face and a slight build. He had the ability to see the future for a short period of time and read into other's thoughts. He's an N-class Nobody.

Then there's Derrek, an eighteen year old with short, black hair and brown eyes. He was tall, about 5'11, with a narrow face and a noticeable build. He had the ability to teleport as well as create wormholes to travel great distances or trap enemies in another void. He is a T-class Nobody.

Finally, there was Zorra. Her real name is Anna but she only allows her friends the privelige to call her that. She was seventeen years old with long, brown hair and gentle, brown eyes. She was average in hight, about 5'6, with a slightly round face and an adult figure. She has the ability to gather the energy around her and use it as a deadly weapon or a powerful force. She is a  Z-class Nobody and, by far, the deadliest among us.

When she saw us she gave us a small smile. She, Marcus, Derrek and Allen were part of a small group of friends that didn't hesitate to treat me like family. Anna was like an older sister to all of us as well as Allen's closest friend. They grew up together and were brought here after they had discovered their abilities. The two of them are very close. Anna always put us and training above all else so that she could be strong enough to get us out. She didn't show any weakness or mercy and was soon feared by the other Nobodies. She would always enter the training room and leave it in pieces. She only showed any kindness when she was with us.

"Alright then." she began. "Now that everyone has arrived we shall begin. As you all know, the attack on the Orphanage has caused nothing short of chaos. The guards and soldiers are in disarray as they try to fight off the threat while the scientists evacuate. Some of the other Nobodies have taken this opertunity to fight for their freedom. We will use the chaos from the fighting to escape. Marcus?" When he heard his name he tapped a few glowing keys on the table and the projection flicked to a view of the briefing room we're in.

"We are here." he stated, pointing to the room. "The attackers are fighting their way through the lower levels of the facility, drawing off most of the soldiers." The projection then scrolled down to the lower levels where red, flashing becons indicated the conflict.

"The other Nobodies are holding off the guards a few levels higher." The screen then scrolled up until blue flashing beacons could be seen representing the struggle before reverting back to the briefing room.

"The plan is this. We will make our way to the armory on the higher levels, defeating any remaining squads along the way. Once we have what we need we will then head to the top floor where we will activate the teleports and escape the facility." A green line projected the route before the hologram shut down. Anna thanked him before turning to us.

"Now you know what to do, but stay alert. Though there might not be many guards I over heard the scientists speaking of the development of bio-weapons. Don't let your guard down. That is all." With that everyone dispersed and went off to grab their voids. Anna made her way over to us and asked me to open my hands. I did as I was told and she placed two voids into them. One was a sphere and the other was a cube.

"I managed to swipe them from weapons development before coming here." she explained. "Just think of a weapon of choice and say 'Revive' to activate them. Once they are active they will only listen to your commands." I looked to her in pusslement before looking to the voids in my hands. I placed the cube in my pocket and focused on the sphere before throwing it in the air.

"Revive." At the sound of my voice the device sprang to life as it became shrouded in a flash of light. When the light faded I opened my hands, expecting to feel the cool surfices of the void and the weapon. Instead I felt something much bigger. I look down to find a massive blade that was twice my size sprawled across my arms. It was a double edged sword that was two and a half feet wide and over six feet long. The shaft was obsidian while the blade itself was a silver material stronger than steal. The guard was separated into two parts that seemed to be part of the blade. One half strongly resembled and angel wing while the other looked like a demon wing. There were two handles that was made of some sort of strong fabric. The blade curved slightly from the guard until both ends slanted straight to the tip.

There was an indentation that began at the tip of the blade and cut through the middle until it ended between the handles. Deciding to experiment, I gripped the other handle with my left hand and willed the blade to separate. With a 'click' it did just that and I found myself holding two blades instead of one. Blue and red veins appeard on the separate halfs of the blade and were pulsing with power. I could barely hold my excitement as I twirled and swung the blades to get a feel of them. Though they were massive they held little to no wieght and I maneuvered them with ease. Afterwards I willed the halfs to join again before willing the sword to go away. The blade complied and I soon found myself holding the sphere once agian.

It was then that I noticed the others have returned with weapons of varius shapes and sizes. Anna noticed as well and moved to the door once she saw that they were ready. She opened the door and checked for any wtinesses before giving us the signal to move out. Within moments, we were on the move.

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