On and After Ashes

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Claire is loosing touch of truth and lie. What can she do when she descovers the truth of her pendent. What could she do when all she loved was lost... forever. And now she's slowly loosing herself to the god of Death and her own sorrow. Will Lucinda help her before it's too late or will she sucumb to a dark fate...

(This is a spin off from the novel Mistiko Lupain which was written by my sister Imagine Words. On and After Ashes is a spin off from the original.) Thank you for reading I hope you like it. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - On and After Ashes

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




On and After Ashes


The Seven Charms of Mistiko Lupain, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Shadow and Glass.

Who would Guard and Treasure them?

'...Not I...'

What was my name again?

Where am I?

Who am I?

When did I become this...Creature?

'When did you...'

Who said that!

'Does it even matter?'


Where am I?


Looking around blood coated every surface, an image of a monster with raven wings looked back at me, smiling an eerie sort of smile.

I couldn't move, all I could do was stare... My throat burned with icy chills that trembled under my skin...

Was I dying? Not quite. Looking down at trembling hands I found that my fingers still moved to my command. Attempting to stand was a bad idea as vertigo suddenly knocked me back onto the floor, the trembling shaking my whole body as I sat there in complete quiet. A disembodied siren rang in the distance. Where was the monster? Looking around all I could see was the crimson splashes then the corpses of my family that lay in the overturned and trashed car... a severed head lay near my feet, the soulless eyes looking up at me, the mouth open in a soundless scream. Slowly a pair of hands wrapped around my waist from behind before I had the chance to scream. A cold chill shivering down my spine as the creature came closer, it's hands latched tightly onto my bracelet. "Miss!" A voice hissed out.


Looking up, all my ghosts vanished. My families faces still lingered deep within my mind though despite my helpless struggle against reality and the people who strived to keep me rooted into it. Helpful hands reached out for me, some kind others familiar, and many more too scary for any comfort.

During my struggle against them I pulled away from the hands that reached out for me as they became skeletal and pale. “Leave me alone!” I screamed at the creatures as they moved in for another attack. Pulling further away a beeping sound stretched on and one, my ears popped with the wicked sound. Opening my eyes suddenly I expected the face of death to appear before me instead a man stood there searching my eyes for any sign of life, his white coat sterile, blank. "She's unconscious. Bring the..." Everything faded away from me... If only everything remained the way it was... it was better being swallowed by the dark than it was to look through the light, it was never warm. I didn't want to see anything... I couldn't take anymore... What would I see if I opened my eyes?

'...A false reality... '

The strange voice littered my mind again, horrible words it uttered that I didn't want to hear. 'Nothings real anymore.' Again it resurfaced just as I hoped it had dispersed into a veil of vapour.

"Clear..." Beeping sounds erupted around me as a painful light filtered through my stubborn eyes. "Clear..." A male voice echoed in the distance.

'...Your not dead...'


'He forbade it.'




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