Chapter 3: Discipline

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Visiting Bodie’s home, Noel spied yet another pair of women’s underwear lying around. “You had another sex date last night?”

“Well, sorta. Haha, I managed to sneak her out before mom even suspected!”

“You lack self-control…” he grimaced, kicking the garments away. “Don’t you plan on throwing these out?”

“She’ll come back for ‘em.”

“I should have thought so.” Noel sat down and still was amazed by how he purposely neglected cleaning his room. Bodie had a photographic memory, but he was a lazy bloke through and through. “Say Snow, why don’t you ever clean up?”

“Too tiring.” By the way, Bodie’s real name is Snow, but his last name is White, so his real full name is that of some pansy, whiney little bitch who falls asleep and married a prince with necrophilia. Moving on… “How about we visit your house sometime, since you’re so grossed out here?”

“Don’t be absurd. My house is hardly ideal for hanging out.”

“It looks great from here,” Snow remarked, looking out through the window. “We sometimes even hold signs up to each other, and your room looks pretty clean.”

“I’m glad you don’t have a telescope. At any rate, my home is mostly an adult place, save the PS3 and the Xbox and the home computer.”

“C’mon, it’s not like anyone’s going to die, right?”

Actually, someone nearly died on Noel’s doorstep before for coming in without knocking. Chris was cleaning his shotgun and pulled the trigger on the intruder, who was just one of his own newbies in the information sector of the company. Injuries weren’t that bad, but boy, was he a bleeder. Pushing that thought aside, Noel considered the likeliness of that, or lack thereof, since he’d knock. “Alright, maybe I’ll show you to my house just this once.”



Standing by the doorstep of his own home, Noel had never been more anxious. Carefully, he knocked on the door, and he didn’t hear a quip from Chris. This was unorthodox, since Chris would always tell visitors to come in, if they knocked. And he knew he was inside, drinking tea a while ago before he visited Snow. Something was wrong. “Chris, it’s me, Noel.”

Noel opened the door and urged Snow to follow him. It was strange how quiet it was. Chris left his laptop on, and his cup of Jasmine tea was still warm. “Noel, where’s your godfather?”

“I’d like to know that, too.” Noel then heard the sound of something revving, like a motor. “What’s that? A motorcycle?”

They looked around, and the two saw someone shirtless and masked run down the stairs with a chainsaw in their hands, ready to tear them into shreds. “Holy fucking shit!” When the deranged lunatic roared, Snow screamed for his life. “SHIIIT! Run for your life!”

“Don’t, I know those washboard abs anywhere.”

“What bullshit are you saying?! It’s a guy with a chainsaw!”

Noel shook his head and walked over. The man stood still as Noel shut the chainsaw off. The man took off the mask, revealing his chiseled face, unusually handsome and natural. He pouted at Noel and said, “Did you have to spoil the fun?”

“That’s far too much trouble, wouldn’t you agree? Honestly, sometimes you lack reserve.”

“It’s not healthy to keep yourself restrained all the time, Noel. Too much discipline is bad for your health.” He smiled and ruffled his hair as he looked on at Snow. “Sorry, Snow. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Geez you old bastard, are you some fucking nutjob?!” Snow yelled. Well, who wouldn’t after having the shit scared out of them? “Your sense of humor is twisted!”

“Anyone who’s played horror videogames a lot wouldn’t be so scared.”

“That’s what you think, you deranged asshole!”

Chris gave a hearty laugh, and at this, Snow charged at him and tackled him, forcing him to drop the chainsaw. Noel sighed as the two wrestled. Used to this sort of thing, he took the chainsaw and brought it back to the garage. “…I’ll let them be for now.”


After the two hardy men finished wrestling, Noel prepared them tea to help calm their nerves, even though tea is more like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. “Here, I made Earl Grey for us all. I’m glad to see you two calmed yourselves down.”

“Well, since we just used up most of our energy, naturally we’d be a bit tired out to continue. Besides, it’s tough work holding back.”

“Holding back?” Snow wondered, sure enough he was putting in a lot of effort.

“Chris can knock a man out with one blow to the face,” Noel answered. “It even happened to me once, though it was because he was suddenly so happy he punched the air, and me by accident.”

“Hey, that’s exactly what happened back when you were helping me with studying for the first long exam.”

“Y-Yeah…” The memory was too vivid for comfort. Chris couldn’t help but chuckle. “You guys really give your all in stuff.”

“Always give 140%!” Chris bellowed. He sipped his cup and savored the flavor before recalling something. “Oh yeah, Aeolos is here, but he fell asleep on the balcony. Want to go wake him?”

“I’ll just go check on him. He likes sleeping, though it’s a bit much.”

Noel headed upstairs, and Snow looked at Chris. “What is it?”

“Noel’s a real bondage freak.”

Chris was a little shocked, because he realized he wasn’t the only one who thought so. “You think so, too? Eh, he’s got his kinks, too. His denial’s even cuter. I just love spoiling him.”

“So him being responsible is his way of being rebellious?”

“Guess so.”

“That’s funny. …Man, tea sucks.”

“I got some six-packs in the fridge. Want some?”

“Beats this shit.”

“It isn’t so bad.”

Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2022 noelburgundy27. All rights reserved.


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I must say, I really liked it. The guys are funny to me. I hope you're continuing it. If not...oh well.

Tue, May 15th, 2012 1:46am


I love it! Kmu please

Sat, June 9th, 2012 2:00pm

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