Heart of the Empire

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In 1899, as a young English woman of 20, Charlotte Carter finds herself in love with a soldier who is sent over to fight in the second Boer War. Desperate not to lose him she secures a job as a nurse in one of the camps. She has been sheltered all of her life from the true cause of the fighting over in South Africa and, in turn, equally unaware of what kind of 'camp' she finds herself working in. Hearts will break and tears will fall but ultimately what will reveal the heart of the empire? How will she try to fix it?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prologue

Submitted: April 10, 2014

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Submitted: April 10, 2014



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9th April 1899
 My darling Charlotte,?
I write to you tonight in great haste and frustration. I have thought for what seems like a eternity in hope that I may be able to put my thoughts into words and compose those sentences onto this page. It has proven to be pain-staking and irrevicably arduous but the time has befallen on me. I know I must write to you now or I should not have the opportnity to do so for an eternity. Charlotte, my dear Charlotte, time has proven to be something more of dreams than reality. Should time not have escaped me so, I should have done the very thing I thought to do long ago, though, we are young, time, in this way, is in our favour. I should be cruel tomorrow, your father has permitted me so. Should I return, my darling, you shall be my hopeful eternity, more so than now. My beloved, time, the blasted thing, has put forth a new challenge. I have been summoned to South Africa, much like father was before me, to fight the dreaded Boers. We depart in two days time. I hope I will lay my eyes upon your angelic face, place my strong hands into your light hair and meet your gracious lips with mine, for which I hope will not be the last time but for the beginning of our eternity, by the ship in two days. My love for you is eternal.?
I am yours, ?
Edward King?

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