Mio's Magical Antique Shop (Work In Progress)

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After Casey's grandfather passes away, she inherits his antique shop. What she does not know is that the antique shop is anything but ordinary. She discovers that all of the items contain some kind of magic. To her surprise, her grandfather's cat, Mio, is not the average cat. He is the guardian of the Antique shop who makes sure that magical items do not get in the wrong hands. When Casey starts her training as the new shop keeper, she accidentally finds a book with teeth that attacks her. As she tries to escape within the cluttered rows, she bumps into a shelf filled with items that falls on her. She wakes up in another world, and before she can thank the "boy" who saved her. She finds herself on the floor of the Antique shop trapped by a bookcase with Mio. She relates her story to Mio who tells her that she must be more careful, and she is forbidden to ever visit that part of the shop again. Casey is filled with even more questions than before, and desperately longs to thank the boy who saved her. However, Casey has no idea what lurks within that "boy's" world, or the consequences she must face due to the choices she makes and the actions she takes.

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



THIS NEEDS WORK, BUT I will do my best to make this story the best. Please give me any ideas or comments to help me make this story even better. (This story is a work of progress, not finalized)

Thanks NRHAAL :D

Chapter 1



The old musty bells chimed as a I forcefully fought with the heavy creaking door to enter my grandfathers’ old antique shop. Nothing had changed from when I was a little girl. The shop was quite large with unusal items sprawled out in random places. On shelves there were bottles filled with liquids, spoons, forks, vases, necklaces, swords, and much more; I was absolutely positive that my grandfather collected almost anything and everything. I placed my hand on the glass counter top, next to the entrance of the shop, while taking in a deep nostalgic breath. The musty smell had not disappeared after all of the years that had passed by. The glass on the counter top still had that tiny chip shaped like a skinny banana. As I removed my hand, a large layer of dust went missing on the counter top.

“YUCK, when was the last time anyone cleaned this place!” I wiped the dusty hand on my pants. I looked around for a duster or an old rag to try to remove as much dust as possible.

"I would say at least 100 years ago," laughed a smooth deep voice. "You're just wasting energy and time."

"Wow that is an awfully long time," I laughed back while using my finger to draw random shapes in the dust. Then I realized that the only person in the shop should have been me. Wait, who just spoke to me! My grandfather gave to me only an extra set of keys to his shop.

I looked around frantically to see who it could have been. I felt somthing rub between my legs with a soft purr. Below me was a sleet black cat with white boots, and white tips on his ears and tail. "Meow!!" he yawned as he jumped on top of the counter top and mewed several more times to be petted. I scratched his soft black fur. "Well Mio, it looks like it is just going to be the two of us from now on."

"It does seem that way doesn't it," yawned the cat.

My mouth dropped to the floor, I was completely in shock. Did Mio just speak to me. I just laughed and shook my head. This was completely impossible. I couldn't help, but laugh at myself and my ridiculous imagination.

"Do you mind if I ask, what is so funny," Mio sat on the counter cleaning his paws with his golden eyes looking directly into mine. His eyes seemed different, they sparkled and glimmered as the light hit them. I ignored the comments he made, knowing that all of this was impossible and 100 % improbable to begin with. My conclusion was that, I must be having a dream. The cat gave me one last glance before what looked like rolling his eyes, and then he gracefully hopped off of the counter top and onto the floor. "It figures, your grandfather must have forgotten to explain to you about me or the shop. Come Casey, there are many things that we need to discuss."

How did Mio, know my name, she thought to herself. Surely, this all had to be a dream.

"Look it's okay, I will wake up soon enough. So let's not bother with these kinds of things." I laughed.

"Whatever gave you the impression that this was a dream to begin with Casey?" He sat idly flickering his tail back and forth. "Surely, your grandfather must have told you at least one thing?"

I ignored the cat, pretending not to hear what he was spewing on about. "Some stupid cat you are trying to make me believe in such nonsense. There is no way in hell that cats can talk!!"

The hair on the back of the cat rose, and Mio let out a loud growl like hiss. With his claws exposed, Mio swiped at Casey leaving a scratch mark on her exposed arm.

"Ouch," she yelled. "What was that for you stupid cat!!" She could feel pain searing in her arm, and as she looked down, she was surprised to see blood gushing out of her arm. "No, this can't be real. I will wake up sooner or later."

"Foolish girl. Why can't you accept the fact that there are somethings in life that are impossible to explain or to apply reason to? You girl are no ordinary human. You and your grandfather are the chosen ones to protect this shop at all costs. You may not believe it now, but sooner or later you will come to realize that what I speak is the truth."

"I can't take this," I stood up and marched to the door. "I am going to wake up now."

"Girl, it wouldn't be wise to open that door," hissed the cat.

"What would a stupid cat like you know," Casey wisked open the door and as she walked out her foot missed the ground. Casey fell and she found herself holding onto the door knob for her life. Surrounding her was a dark abyss, and no floor beneath her. Just moments before she had walked into the shop, there were green trees and a concrete path leading to the shop. Now before her was pitch black nothingness: no concrete path, no trees, no sun. She could feel the wind push and pull at her, as if the wind were trying to make her fall down into the endless abyss. She screamed afraid of what to do next. "Mio, what's going on!!"

"How would I know" mocked the cat. "I am a stupid cat afterall."

"Mio!!" I barked. "I am so going to kick your ass!!!"

Mio just sat there idly waiting without saying a word.

I could feel my hands starting to slip off of the handle. "MIO!!!!"

He let out a long annoying yawn. I knew exactly what he wanted, but I didn't want to die here, whether it was a dream or not.

"I am sorry!!"

No reponse. He curled up into a ball, as if he was getting ready for a nap. My hands were barely on the handle, then like butter my hands slid off of the handle and I was falling.

"You are not a stupid cat!!!" I cried as I fell into the abyss.

"Good girl" he snickered. Before I lost sight of him, I caught a glimpse of his tail swaying back and forth while he still remained in a curled up ball.

Everything went dark, and I could no longer see Mio. The last thing that I could remember before I blacked out was maybe this was nothing but a dream afterall.

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