In the Tempest of the Storm

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This book is written for those who hunger and thirst for encouragement in this difficult world. The tempest is a combination of the author s personal experiences as she struggles to prove herself in her career and also as she contests with the world that has little or no regards for the truth. The scripture tells us that, as the light of the world, nothing, be it financial, marital, family, occupational or otherwise must dim the light. The book uses scriptural approaches layered on a colorful background to bring to the reader the different but not all-inclusive ways we may be tempted and for us the victims to understand that these experiences are normal. The author reminds the reader that God never forsakes us even when we are wrong. He is always beside us whispering with His still small voice, I am here for you, only if you can listen to me. Rest your cares on the foot of Jesus and enjoy a whole breeze of everlasting peace.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - In the Tempest of the Storm

Submitted: April 12, 2009

Reads: 285

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Submitted: April 12, 2009



Christians and nonbelievers struggle against temptation

every day. It is a worldwide phenomenon that respects

no one. As an obstetrician, gynecologist and a student

of the bible I have studied this all important topic

for close to two decades. This book is a lucid and practical

way of addressing the essential principles and of offering

differing strategies to overcome this struggle.

The materials for this book are based on personal experience,

and observations of close contacts. I have also

developed this epistle to help people combat and overcome

this enemy of mankind. Painstaking perusal of my

presentation of this subject matter and effective translation

of the materials contained therein into practice, will

not only help people lead more meaningful lives but will

help curb the many problems we have in the society today

. “In the Tempest of the Storm,” therefore, approaches

temptation in a practical and logical manner

through the use of scriptural principles. There is a sense

of empowerment one receives by using a scriptural approach

as a prototype to overcome temptation of all

kinds. It is a form of catharsis, or purging and lends credence

to the saying that one who listens to the elders gets

socialized into talking like an elder himself.

The study represents one effort at the true indications

and sounds of temptation, hewing to the line of its differing

dimensions, all the time, with the knowledge that

there is never an end to it.

Nonyelu Iruoma Anyichie, M.D

New York, 2006

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