Just Friends?

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Carly is your averege high school sophomore who happens to be best friends with the hottest guy in school. What happens when guys begin to show interest in her? What happens to Carly when she finds out that Oskar is dating her best girl friend? Will they realize their true feelings for each other, or will they remain just friends?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rude Awakening

Submitted: May 19, 2007

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Submitted: May 19, 2007



Ch.1 Rude Awakening

Was this really happening? No! It wasn’t. It couldn’t! Was I really about to share my first kiss with Obed? He was the most beautiful, most gorgeous guy on the face of the planet Earth! This couldn’t be happening. I thought to myself while my heart thumped faster and faster, as our faces got closer and closer. I heard him whisper something to me just before our lips met. What was it? I couldn’t make out his mumbled words, so I just continued to go towards him. He said it again. What was he mumbling? Then all of a sudden, what he had whispered to me became clear.

“Wake up,” he told me. Wait... wake up? Wake up? Why would he tell me to

Wa-? “WAKE UP CARLY.” What was going on? This wasn’t Obed’s beautiful, angelic voice. It sounded older, more womanly.

“Geez Carly, wake up. You’re going to be late for school!” I finally realized whose voice this was “Mom,” I said “just five more minutes”

“No Carly. Get your butt out of bed NOW”

Ugh... fine” Hesitantly I started to open my eyes only to be blinded by the bright lights of my baby blue room. “Okay, there I’m up” I said in an annoyed voice

“No,” she said with an evil grin as I suddenly felt the cool winter breeze on my already rosy red cheeks. Then, out of nowhere, I feel my blanket get taken away from my warm body. My legs were exposed to the blistering wind of an early January morning.

“Now you’re up”

I screamed and yelled at my mom as I struggled to get my blanket over my bare legs.

“What are you? Crazy?” I asked as I reluctantly got out of bed and shivered over to my window, “I could’ve caught a cold”

“Ha! I’ll tell you something you won’t catch if you don’t get your butt moving”

“Oh, yeah” I asked, “what’s that?”

“The bus,” she stated in a voice that said, “I’m not going to give you a ride if you miss it, you’ll just have to go walking”

“What!? What time is it?”

“Oh, just twenty minutes before the bus arrives”

“WHAT?!” I yelled as I tried to brush my hair, my teeth, and put on my clothes all at the same time. It didn’t work. I ended up putting my shirt inside out, along with two different pairs of shoes. “Shoot!”

“Calm down, calm down” said a cool, collected voice that I didn’t recognize right away. I looked over and saw a tall, semi-muscular figure standing at the door of my bathroom. “Oskar!” I cried with happiness, “Boy am I happy to see you.” I ran over and gave him a huge bear hug. “Oskar, please tell me that you came here to save me from the bus” Oskar and I were the best of friends. We were ever since we were in diapers...well at least since I was in diapers and he was learning to be potty trained. See, he was a year older than me, meaning that he was sixteen, also meaning that he had a car and could drive.

“Of...course” he said while trying to get away from my bear hug. “Oh yay, that means that I could actually have breakfast”

“Well not before you fix your shirt” he said, trying to suppress a chuckle.

“He, right,” I stared at him for a sec.

“Yes?” he asked.

“Ummm, I don’t know how to put this but ummm...get out”

“Oh, right, yeah, sorry. I’ll be right down stairs”

I smiled at him “Okay, you do that” I watched him as he gracefully exited my room and then trotted down the stairs. I smiled, what a goofball, I thought. I then realized that I still had to fix my shirt.

“Ugh, it’s way too cold,” I complained as we walked outside into the snow. Oskar, being the gentleman that he is, opened the passenger door to his luxurious Mustang GT. “Why thank you my good man”

“You’re quite welcome my lady,” we joked.

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