Royal Pain

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A plain college student, Anabelle Courtney, is involved as a voluteer in a hospital. As sweet and lovable she is no seems to see her inner self not until one day an accident will change her life and say otherwise. A young mysterious man was in a car accident when that same day his own family abandoned him. As much as irrisistable the man appears with his good looking face, Anabelle would not give up on him even when he try's to ignore everyone. What Anabelle doesn't know is that is she willing to face what this mysterious man is hiding from?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Royal Pain

Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



Chapter One: My Plain Life

This story is as plain as I am. I who people always seem to be picking on me all the time. Bullies would pull my curly short hair, point out my ugly freckles, braces, and nerdy glasses. Every single person I knew would keep their distance because they would think I carry a disease but what hurt me the most was that my parents, my own biological parents, would keep me away as well. My parents are one of those couples who constantly go to parties, come home drunk, fight later, and lash it on their daughters. My eldest sister is more like a parent to me if I do say so myself. She would take the strike my parents would lash at me and put the blame on her when I would accidently brake a dish. Things weren't getting pretty each day until one day our neighbor called a social worker.

The day the social worker came to our house she instantly took us away from our parents. I didn't know what was going on but when we were in her car I looked back to see if my parents were running behind the car or at least standing outside the street while the car was on it's leave. As dissappointed I was they were not there, they didn't care. I was just seven years old.Wondering what would come of us, lost in a world I don't know, and scared what the world would offer us. As the weeks gone by the social worker told me I was to pack up my suit case becasue a couple was going to adopt me. I was excited to hear the news that I asked her if I should tell my sister  to pack as well. She shook her head and explained to me that she was going to be in foster care since she is fifteen. The minute she said that I ran to my sister and held her by the waist begging her to not let them take me. She didn't move but instead she said in a harsh voice to take me away.

I didn't understood than but now that I come to think of it she did it for the best of me. I thank her for it what she really doesn't know is that because what she did I will never forget her, never ever. As the years gone by I dedicated myself on my studies to make my adopted parents proud of me. Middle school was a success, high school was a nightmare. The bullies who bullied me in elementary school transferred to the school I was currently in. They made my high school years a misery. They would hit me, push me, through my books in the ground, throw stuffs at me and all the things you can think of. My parents had enough of it that they went to the principal's office and declared to have those who hurt me to be expelled. As always there weren't any proofs that they did what they did to me. And my day’s couldn’t get any worse everyone would look at me with accusing eyes that I was such a tattle taler. In truth I didn’t even say anthing.

What really hurt the most was that wherever I walked I would see couples of teenagers with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Something that I came used to that I will never find the one true person who will love me for who I am and not for how I look. To make matters worse I have never been kissed before and never been asked out in a date. When graduation came close prom was up. Some person made a plan just for the fun of it to make me a prank by asking me to be his date on prom. As stupid as I was I accepted and never saw what was coming. When the prince charming came up to pick me and take me to prom the school elected me as queen, what really surprised me was that they were all nice to me. I saw everyone holding a book of eggs and to my surprise they all called out “The Egg Queen”. Eh, life is how it is and I was destined to suffer at all cause. Getting used to the insults, mistreatment, and pranks, I came to be prepared what life offered me. Until one day this whole miserable life would turn upside down when I met a mysterious man who would change my life for ever.

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