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Inspired by recent embroyonic stem cell human clinical tests (Shut down in horror).

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Usurpious

Submitted: February 16, 2012

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Submitted: February 16, 2012



UsurpiousNorman DeArmond copyright 8/3/2010

"Hey, it is starting to get way overcrowded here, how are we supposed to concentrate?" Said the headmaster demon to no one in particular.

We were rooted out of sensitivity training to take these "Mastery and domination" classes since the "Gene-on! Corporation" put our stem cells into the "human trial batch."

Usurpious the wise told us we have "a new mission in life, one no unclean denizen of the deep ever had before." We "are going to be injected as serum, not into a mouse, nor monkey, nor plate of growing human graftable skin," we "will be thrust right into neural spinal tissue with a direct conduit to the brain."

Professor Usurpious continued excitedly.  "From the moment you are emplaced you will be able to curse and command and cow the spirit and soul of your host's body directly into an autistic coma like state, just as your cohorts have done when their embryonic stem cells were injected with the vaccines manufactured through their stem cells, but, you will be in the neural tissue.  It is possible to take over instantly from there, and use the body as its master, without the coma or autistic break. You are learning harsh commands that will drive the soul out of the body or into deep reticence."

Even Christians stand no chance because the physical person you once were and shall be again is inserted directly into the neural matter, inserted rapaciously by dimwitted state sponsored pseudoscientists without spiritual understanding.  As you control more and more of your subject's being, your personhood here in pain and torments will transfer to your new existence. Though the growing embryonic tumors in your new shared body will cause pain and suffering, that pain shall not compare at all with the pain and suffering you experience each day here in torments.  As you strive to become complete in the body of the guinea pig human, who gladly received you, the ecstasy of life without torment in sheoul will hasten your birthing throws to cancel the effect of the soul formerly sharing control of the body you now infect."

So learn your lessons well, my little tormented souls, for your microbial stems are on the way to meet your slackjawed unsuspecting victim now."

"Remember, you will be going in as a group, so don't hinder your hellbound brothers and sisters from entry. The body has room for many foredamned souls. It will help you take over to work together against the host, add to the shock and perplexity he or she will feel."

"Repeat after me the lullaby." Usurpious taught us. "Rest, sleep, let the healing spirits work. Be at peace.  Don't move or respond.Let yourself float away on spirit breezes while the embryos do their work in you. Relax. Sleep. Be at peace." Successive harsher and hopefully less used verbiage was taught us as backup. We are almost ready now. The tests at Gene-on! Corp. are about to begin.

Meanwhile, on the14th floor of the New Millenium Building in Miami, Professor Mike Yopic, President of Gene On! and newly elected director of Gene On!'s marketing partner, Admiral Heat, was telling his vice presidents and test project managers, "No, I don't give a rodent's posterior that all the animal testing has been murderously bad. We can't waste effort limiting the tumors and psychotic breaks in rats, cats, monkeys and pooches. It won't apply to humans. The top brass funding our adventure want a fountain of youth, and, they want it yesterday. We are convinced that embryonic stem cells are our ticket to everlasting life and untold riches.  Your job is to make it happen.  The Chinese will supply unwilling test Laogai falun gong and Christian subjects who are perfectly healthy, as will the muslim slavers in Sudan, Kosovo and Malay. The unwitting spinal paralytics here and the duped control volunteers here should all be used in a placebo capacity or they will be after us with teams of shysters when the tumors and psychoses occur. The key will be trying to keep the monstrous and psychotic effects down to side effect levels.

Bing Wup was happy to be leaving Lao Gai #2,326 no matter what the reason.  The back of the military truck is far from comfortable.  Yet to one sleep deprived, tortured, underfed, unbathed and overworked, like Bing and his fellow travellers, the fresh air, room to stretch out and reduced supervision, was rejuvenating and refreshing.  The tension of the Laogai labor union busting camp had put Bing and the rest into a prematurely aging stress pattern that had not yet become visible, so they were selected for special Gene On! testing. He had made one acquaintance, friend perhaps, Kai Snee. The two had chanted together, Bing teaching Kai the "Our Father" and Kai teaching Bing the breathing motion dance of Falun Gong.  Kai said, "Bing, we look too nice, we are probably going to be harvested for the substitutionary cannibals who take our organs for transplantation.  Most are oriental, but Westerners are looking for the fountain of youth.  They have expressed interest in new subjects in expanded numbers.  Usually only falun gong are dissected for cannibal harvest. We, Falun Gong are in China only, we leave no trace. You are worldwide as Christians, and a big fuss may be made about you."  Revd. Bing was pale and lifeless, as if in shock.No scare from Laogai compared with this.  His wife's forced abortion and the burning of his church were insignificant by comparison, morally and to his morale.  He felt certain death was on the way.

San Juan Capistrano's gravesite rumbled and jerked as the beautiful European figures were prepped by Gene On! research scientists for their spinal injections. They quickly gave the painful injections to the Serbian slaves of their Kosovian Muslim captors, impervious to their cries for help to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Sedation was not for slaves such as these. The muslim slavemasters had stolen all but the embryonic stem cell injections themselves. The senior Gene On! scientist went on with the experiment only because the muslim mullah in charge of the region blackmailed him with the lives of the experimentation subjects.

Dr. Natal Mangerly's faith in the embryonic stem cell as part of his overall politically correct worldview led him to this predicament. He thought, "My zeal for embryonic stem cell success led me to do Mike Yopic's will, even performing experiments on captive catholic Serbs. But now I am under the power of an oppressive religious criminal zealot. Is this what they call making a deal with the Devil? I belong to Satan now." Dr. Natal Mangerly, America's foremost research scientist, collapsed in a pool of his own tears as his staff toasted the successful commencement of the first human embryonic stem cell human spinal trials. They gathered around him and sang "We shall overcome, someday," cooing about how he cried for joy, having finally overcome backward prolife religious prejudice.

They felt the project would be a sure success as they heard different victims saying the same thing, "Rest, sleep, let the healing spirits work. Be at peace. Don't move or respond. Let yourself float away on spirit breezes while the embryos do their work in you. Relax. Sleep. Be at peace."

Dr. Krul Von Dismarck relaxed in the limousine taking him to the Wazir's palace in Khartoum, Sudan. The cognac he let flow back and forth about his tongue stimulated his memories. His current position is CEO of Sahr Medi Kraut contracted to do embryonic stem cell research for Admiral Heat partner, Gene On! As an industrial psychiatrist Krul's previous position with a luxury car maker allowed him to scrutinize the effect of electric shock torture to make the imprisoned Christian pastors work harder at re-education Jeep manufacturing facilities. Now he was considering using the same tactics again if he could only find a gullible patsy to do it for him.

Wazir Azuli of Khartoum shooed away his abid sex slaves Lucas and Mark. He enjoyed abusing the teen boys now nearly adults, captured in their early youth in Southern Sudan by Bedouin Mujahadeen happily following orders from the murderous mullahs of Khartoum. He bought them at the black slave auctions as had his partly Arabic Muslim forbears before him. Generations of household sex slaves had turned the muslim ruling class of Khartoum into bisexual pederasts. His guest had cavorted with Lucas, Mark and himself before. The nature of their talks today did not mix well with such a spree.

Abid servants Paul and Joseph greeted Dr. Krul Von Dismarck, and escorted him in to see the Wazir of Khartoum. The Wazir had just finished dressing when Krul came in to the smell of the sugary green tea and delectable Arabic dainties.

After tea and pleasantries Krul got to the point of his visit. "Our Experimentation subjects are becoming a threat, we believe. They conspire together. They have even excluded us from their communications which, unbelievably, are in ancient an Sumerian language." Said Krul.

The wicked Wazir Azuli responded, "This is an anomaly of your experiment. My subjects we captured for you are Nubi tribals freshly gathered for the purpose."

Here is the video. You will have to explain this to the board at Sahr Medi Kraut to continue experiment funding here in Khartoum. Azuli was amazed as Simple Nubian herders such as his Arabic muslim forebears have always enslaved were speaking unintelligible languages wearing priestly robes and wearing symbols of differing rank. They spoke English or Arabic only to Sahr Medi Kraut staff who obeyed them. Armored car personnel were delivering them a horde of local currencies and negotiable instruments. The experimental subjects were not only in control but were even seen bribing one of the mullahs who kept Wazir Azuli in power. He was fascinated when their clerical robes were removed for bathing. White infants were growing right out of them, some a trunk, head and arms, some just a head, and one clinging onto the host was complete with only ancillary flesh connectivity.

Krull commented, "The American pseudoscience has not found the fountain of youth, but of youths. One of the more horrific appendages is in control of our facility. Your armed forces should be able to take it back and help us regain control."

The phone rang and the Wazir conversed with a superior, and the Wazir looked ashen faced. "That was mullah Abis, He has placed Khartoum under martial law, the generals are reporting directly to him. I am sorry Dr. Krul, I must ignore your request that I help you regain control of the experiment. It is the will of Allah. There are officers waiting for you in your limousine. Your movements and activities are being curtailed."

The loss of control had not escaped the watchful eye of Professor Mike Yopic at Gene On! headquarters. But the increased expenditures to cover up, bribe and re-supply left his fledgling company cash strapped and at the mercy of one creditor who had bought up the outstanding debt and salable shares of stock as well. The politically correct  administration put together a government funded bailout from unused stimulus funds giving the control to operational staff at the experiment sites. These staff executives were under control of the now deformed experimental subjects.

The congressional calls for investigations into the twenty five billion dollar stimulus fund injection into the newly re-organized Gene On! resulted in the big reception about to begin in the Country Club like research facility near Washington D.C. The White House kitchen staff supervised the banquet preparations so that with the finest ingredients the best chefs would prepare a meal that appeared to be modest fare. The President's attendance allowed secret service staff to interface with the two hundred congressional limousine drivers, so that no more than one limousine would be seen on the grounds at one time, so preventing the appearance that the grant was given to increase already ostentatious wealth. There had been already three "miraculous" recoveries among the U.S. placebo injected, control group. They were naturally and slowly responding to the occupational therapy given freely and copiously to all subjects. Since the study was still underway, no one knew control group from test group, and these could be paraded as slowly progressing without side effect, thus representing the first progress ever from embryonic stem cell insertion into man or beast. The president held a tablet for a military hero quadriplegic who had just gained ability to grip a pen and jerk it about a bit. Mike Yopic, now a figurehead, applauded the president and the quadriplegic, along with the congressmen and media filling the theatre. The diminutive movie superstar included in the test group had been practicing all week for his moment. Made up for the cameras and drugged to avoid shaking they wheeled him out on the sit up gurney to rousing applause as he waved in return.

Bing Wup enjoyed his many conversations with his child Fau Sey Ken. Fau had a painful beginning. He sprang from Bing's neck vertebrae growing under the collar bone and shoulder emerging from Bing's right armpit. Over a few years he fully disassociated from Bing's upper torso and miniatured with feet and buttocks attached to Bing's upper arm and forearm respectively as if Bing alternatively both presented his "child" to the world and held him seated or reclined on side toward himself. Bing exorcised the demon's from Fau and successfully evangelized him. Fau's training in Torments allowed him to summon the power and ruthlessness to take command of the experimental site and deal with the Satanic principalities in charge. Fau agreed to run the site according to Usurpious plan. All of 'objectives would be accomplished. Bing would preside over the test site as a Christian monastery. Fau would guarantee a rulership interest in the People's Republic to Usurpious the Wise. All the monstrous embryonic unions would worship Christ, each union as a mini family. The billions of dollars flowing to the site from Gene On! headquarters allowed the importation of the test subject's families to join them at the monastery.

The American president had invited the other nations of the world to join in the quest for the fountain of youth. After the worldwide telecast of the American test subjects, the heads of all states voted themselves into the great adventure with hordes of wealth, debt and natural resources. The shares of Gene On! were thought of as similar to United Nations voting rights. Atop this pile of wealth and power was a chartered control structure empowering research site leadership which now rested in the Chinese Monastarial experiment in charge of Bing Wup's new son, Fau Sey Ken. Usurpious communicated with Fau through now demon possessed site scientific and medical staff and through the demon possessed Chinese ministeriate of commissars and generals. Fau used their business interests to transact Gene on! business bribing and enlisting the amenable leaders the world over who gave their nations', their corporations', their union retirement funds' wealth into the quest for eternal life on Earth via an embryonic stem cellular fountain of youth. Everyone who contributed their firm, country, city, or state’s resources was thought to be in line for the life extending Gene On! treatments believed soon to come. They themselves were filled with bribes and favors by those looking to live forever. The graft and bribery connected with the climate change hoax paled to insignificance.

The high communist party official appeared to grovel before little Fau Sey Ken, The power behind the Chinese figurehead of state abandoned all decorum and lay on the floor in front of pastor Bing and Fau.  He twitched a bit and convulsed while from his mouth came the ancient Sumerian language which Abraham, and his fathers, Terah, Nahor and Eberu the father of the Hebrews, were all well acquainted with. Bing had learned some, a neural conduit between him and his son Fau allowed Fau to translate to Bing Sumerian and other languages Fau had learned in Hell. Groveling was the natural reaction of the hell sent and hell bound in the presence of Christians because Christ, the Father, and the Spirit all indwell Christians. This groveling was different. The demon possessing the Chinese potentate wanted to speak as a demon and without interference from the body he haunted. So he wanted only the mouth lungs and vocal cords of the wretch in his power. The translation Bing received was in part a report of the successes and failures of Fau's various initiatives to consolidate Gene On's world rule and in part a report on the opening up of China to the growing church inside her and the assistance being given to build churches and import temporary priests from Rome while  new Chinese monastic seminaries  prepared Chinese priests.

Reverting back to Chinese language and recovering his decorum, the Party leader thanked Fau for the new instructions he had received, not translated to Bing. As the party leader left flash bulbs went off in respect of the better known Chinese politicians, generals, commissars and industrialists in party leaders entourage. That suited party leader just fine in light of severely lost face and difficulty regaining control after his bout of demonic spasms and fits.

Party Leader was an informal unused descriptive title Fau used for Mao Chi who had pulled strings in the communist party background until Usurpious needed a direct demonic subordinate to Fau Sey Ken. The extreme productivity of the enslaved Chinese workforce was Mao Chi's life's work. All the demonic incentives, from beatings to promotions, Satan's entire bag of tricks, they were all in use in Mao Chi's China. Mao Chi had gone even further, discovering new kinds of electroshock and deprivation methods to use advancing Satan's slavemastery skill into the postindustrial age. Mao Chi had this role in other bodies throughout history, but the scope and grandeur of the Chinese economy was grander than any Satanic domain save Hell itself.

After the Chinese dignities had settled into their limousines Mao Chi fell into a trance and communed with the councils of Hell.

Usurpious spoke to the entranced Mao Chi, "We foresaw an energetic mastermind would rise to lead our enterprise and we knew he might ally with our adversary Jesus the Meshiach to save his soul and his fellow's souls. We set these deals we've made with him in advance, giving away some Chinese freedom to worship in exchange for enslaving the world to the promise of an embryonic tree of life!" Satan's thunderous laughter punctuated Usurpious in Mao Chi's spiritual ears.

Dr. Krull Von Dismarck was escorted to the airport and given a ticket to a beautiful Chinese seaport city. A letter of transfer with pay scale increase arrived with the ticket. Dr. Krull would consult with someone named Mao Chi before reporting for duty under Gene On! Independent Executive Officer for human embryonic stem cell trials, Fau Sey Ken. Fau also carried the Red Chinese titles: Plenipotentiary High Commissar and Director of Embryonic Stem Cell Human Testing Affairs. Krull was used to assignments he had no choice about as part of his ladder climbing efforts. This assignment seemed heavy handed because the Sudanese mullah just placed him under a sort of arrest. Krull knew China. He would feel more at home there than under these Mohammedans from the dark ages. First class airline service included narcotics in this backwards place on Earth. Krull felt relieved as he indulged in them. More were administered before he recovered from the last. He arrived before Mao Chi very drugged and susceptible to demonic command and influence. Even though he was strong and disciplined, Krull could not fend off Mao Chi's intrusion into his body. He felt his soul pushed into a corner until it simply left his body and peacefully accompanied his body now under the control of powerful high ranking demons formerly residing with others in Mao Chi. He heard and watched as his body spoke animatedly in the ancient Sumerian with Mao Chi.

Dr. Krull Von Dismarck bowed low in the presence of the little person extended to him by the attached right arm of the reverend Bing Wup. Even though they would have bowed before Fau Sey Ken as Commissar, the demonic personages were forced to bow and grovel at the presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit not only present inside Fau and Bing, but glowing from the Holy Spirit now in full charge of these two curious men. Fau asked the demonic majesties possessing Dr. Krull to let Krull commune with them, because the human also had the expertise they did about motivating human production.

Fau and Krull fumbled through the languages they knew in common until Fau settled on English. Fau said, "Dr. Krull, my father worked in the Jeep factory where you studied the benefit of electric shocks to stimulate productivity in the workforce. I realize you may enjoy Sadistic pleasure in Laogai camps and torture practices. My father and I want to know if you are open to a different far better way to achieve productivity maximization."

Krull replied, "I want maximum efficiency and I'm open to developing an operational motivational plan to accomplish your objectives. That is my area of expertise. The embryo originated symbiotic creation of our experimental testing don't appear to be the ideal workforce."

"No, Dr. Krull, we will remain in experiment observation status. This present world and the people inhabiting it are the workforce. The incentive will be Embryonic stem cell treatments that they believe will rejuvenate and extend their lives perhaps eternally. There is no chance this will work. But the political left and most moderates already believe in it. The moneyed and elite class of the political right have fully invested in it thinking they have bought their way into certain eternal life. Only the religious class of Christians have reservations. We can arrange a workaround." Fau explained.

Krull was flabbergasted, “Gotterdamerung , I too was counting on eternal life through embryonic stem cell treatment!  Instead all I will get is a little monster growing out of me who is my master.  Indeed, you are the world’s master now, Comrade Fau Sey Ken.  My choice is serve you loyally, Director.”
Krull and Fau both knew Krull’s only other option was to be subordinated forever to the demonic majesties sharing his physical existence with him.  Fau spoke loudly in ancient Sumerian,  there was a mumbling response from the many beings growing from Gene On! test subject bodies throughout the room.  Soon the labor ministers of India, China, Indonesia Brazil, and the U.S.A. all converged on Dr. Krull.  They bowed low before Krull, then they excitedly asked how their nation’s workforces could support Dr. Krull in the cause.  As Dr. Krull thought about his answer a Gene On! check for five million euros was handed to him by Fau’s assistant.
He began a speech as video cameras sprang into action.  “Before now there was no motivation for selfless commitment to labor and productivity.  Now that the miracle of the embryo has us on the verge of eating from the long forbidden tree of eternal life, there are no longer hindrances to heroic efforts at our assigned tasks.  As we struggle to bring heaven on Earth into being, no slacking and no sloth will be tolerated.  We will insist that the rest of the work force keep pace with the honorable heroes. Hard work is bringing in the courageous improved society in expectation of a share of the additional years of life to come.”

There were quotas to be met. LeNovo Jouvenale was having a devil of a time meeting them. To receive back even a modicum of embryonic rejuvenation from Gene On! Lenovo's parrish had to supply Admiral Heat with more charcoal than his work force could ever produce. Worse yet, the crazy creole preacher, Hayseed DeRiper, kept luring away his labor force. Gene On! exempted Christians from working on the Admiral Heat/Gene On! partnership. Neither would the Christians receive the life extending rejuvenating products when they finally would become available.

LeNovo was party chairman for this parrish, so Admiral Heat came first to him about their charcoal scraping grant from the USDA. He received a ten percent stake in the new enterprize. The proceeds from sales went Ten per cent to parrish citizens, thirty to the workforce, fifty to Gene On! research, per the USDA grant specifications. The ten per cent remaining covered the profit and shipping cost of the charcoal. Admiral Heat (AH) agreed only because it aided Gene On! and the fabulous wealth promised by embryo rejuvenation treatment would be shared by the marketing distribution partner, AH.

In this part of Louisiana the forest floor glowed at night. The eerie glow scared the armadillos out into the roads where they met the cars and trucks that littered their carcasses on the West Central Louisiana roadways. Deftly dodging the armadillo remains, LeNovo's wife Cornelia parked outside Hayseed DeRiper's Pentecost Progeny chapel and sat in the seat made available by a barefoot black teenager clad only in denim overalls, She replied howdy and thank you young man to his hearty bounjour. They did not consider each other further, for Hayseed knew how to stay in control of a Holy Assembly.

Hayseed greeted Cornelia and thanked the courteous young man who gave her a seat. Then he continued, (translated from Louisiana Creole) "Eternal life goes two ways, resurrection life goes only one way, forward. If you live a thousand years in this fleshly body you still haven't been forgiven one sin. As Einstein taught us, the universe itself is finite, so even if the Devil's own embryonic stem cell treatment is a fountain of youth, you will still eventually face your mortality. What will you then say to God. Einstein's theories prove both a beginning and an end. So at the end what will you say to your Creator. Admiral Heat, Gene On! and their cronies can not sanctify you. Through Christ, God will sanctify you. Forgiveness is the goal, not extending your life in condemnation. If hell is your future, then Earthly existence is a cruel heaven especially when enslaved to hard taskmasters. If heaven is on your horizon, why prolong the journey in this vale of tears, by working yourself half to death just to get more time to work even more. Jesus Christ said all authority is given to him over us. He asked to be glorified in heaven with the Father so that He could give us the same resurrection life that He has. Resurrection life means knowing God the Father and the Son in communion with the Holy Spirit. The life GO and AH want us to pursue is life without God. The Bible says eternal life is knowing God. How can you know God when every waking hour is spent in rigorous labor to the pharaoh of forever physical life. You don't have to be a New York Banker to see through this lie.

Jesus wants us to have abundant life. We are absent from Christ at home in these bodies, though we love him, and though we have a job to do for Jesus here. When we are absent from these bodies we will be at home with Christ, if we know him. Then one day we will be rewarded and glorified for our deeds at home in the body. What deeds will you do for God if you shovel manure in craven lust for more years of life relinquishing even the moment to spend in church and prayer with your wife and children? You will be destitute of rewards and shamed by the absence of your children and their children froim heaven itself. No my children, choose life. Spurn the darkness of death masquerading as an elusive and furtive ghostly life. Choose the real life in Jesus and get peace and joy in this life as well."

At West Analia University Sr. research analysts busied themselves with reporting the Gene On! success stories. Gene On! in China reports that one of their test subjects has so transformed that he now is a high Chinese Party official. Gene On! reports from Kosovo are that the transformations are so impressive that the whole muslim community in Albania and Kosovo are working for Admiral Heat 16 hours a day to earn their beloved local mullah one of the first rejuvenating embryonic stem cell injections. According to East Analia University the Christian populations the world over are being spared the waves of persecution so ubiquitous before the embryonic stem cell trials began. In return for rejection of the life extending results the Christians are ignoring the Admiral Heat work brigades competing for healing and rejuvenating embryonic injections.

Shem Hoxer, professor in charge of stem cell trial reporting was sorting and analyzing all the promising reports in a complete vacuum of scientific evidence. Gene On! still held all results back until the tests would be complete. Shem made the reports from his university sound and looked so convincing that the Gene On! funding was off all charts.

Admiral Heat was collecting credits it issued for labor and/or monetary exchange. All credits were exchangeable only for eventual Gene On! products. No Gene On! products were on the near horizon. No preliminary test releases had yet been announced.

Professor Shem excluded all anecdotal gossip said to have come from test subject relatives now living with the subjects at all the test sites.  The original test staff was secluded incommunicado due to pre-bailout stock market swings caused by test trial leaks.

Other studies monitored by Prof. Hoxer were on the psychological wellbeing of the divergent groups, the Christians and the Admiral Heat workers in line for Gene On! products. The Christians were asked mainly questions about how they will feel when due to accident or illness they or a dearly loved one needs a future Gene On product to recover or survive and they are ruled out for their Christianity. The AH drones were asked how they stack up in the relative rankings queue versus newer or less skilled AH Drones. This line of questioning allowed the media to report about happy AH drones and worried Christians who felt left out.

Shem had a new study result to announce today. He had assembled a huge group of social polcy makers, human services bureaucrats and the bleeding heart liberal media in its entirety. After greeting the assembled press and official recognizables, Shem began describing his new study. The study covered how many Christians had family members with incurable diseases and disabilities and how they felt about being shut out of Gene On! product distribution by Admiral Heat policies.

Public Opinion was next! How the public felt about Christians excluding their children from Gene On! curative products widely believed to be on the way. Most believed that they should be treated like any other sect who refuse their children potentially lifegiving or curative treatments or therapies, they should be forced to join the program. A minority believed that is tough luck for Christians, but that the AH drone class entered this believing they wouldn't have to compete with the Christians, and, it should stay that way regardless of any special needs that may exist or arise in that group. A very small minority believed the Christians should be praised for holding onto their beliefs.

The officials present said they would consult Gene On! and Admiral Heat about forcing Christians into the program. And everyone gave Shem Hoxer and West Analia University kudos for their impressive new scientific study further accenting the value of Gene On!'s Embryonic stem cell human trials and research.


Cornelia Juvenale gathered her three children together in the parlor to sing and pray. The children took turns playing a gospel song while the rest sang along. Her husband, LeNovo, was out helping the after work AH volunteer labor party along with most of the town. She would have to raise the children herself she thought as she graced a well known hymn with her beautiful singing voice. Then she had the three of them hold hands in a circle to pray. She led them "Father God, please in Jesus name bring down the counsel of Evil men trying to take away our Christian liberty and make us join the labor party, then I'll have to work at charcoal scraping like LeNovo does until midnight, and get someone to care for my three dear ones and get them into bed without a parent to care for them here at our home."

"Thank you for my teaching position at Poor Clair school and for my after school piano teaching business. I pray any new laws will allow us working two jobs to report for coal scraping after our jobs are done. Give me the spirit of prayer, Father God, in Jesus name." She prayed unintelligibly to the childrens' English, Creole and French speaking ears.

After that, she announced, "We are going to the Pentecostal church tonight children. Father Hayseed will help us. It's going to be packed there tonight."

Clay DeMayem was in charge of the local RECON (Really Electable County Organizers Network) and a steward with the parish local NWNU (Nonskilled Workers National Union). He looked soft but he made up for that at six foot six and 320 pounds. He was inquiring which of his peers wanted to help him start a New Black Panthers when his cellphone rang.

"Clayton," said the toeheaded white leader of the NWNU, "We have a problem with scalawags and loafers not pulling their wait for the embryonic rejuvenation. If we send you tents to house the Christians from Poor Clair and Pentecost Progeny at the charcoal scrapingbsite, perhaps some natural calamity will befall their homes."

"Yessuh I thought thos hip crits oughta be about the juvenation all along. You can count on me." "Great, tents are leaving New Orleans now."


We are in danger now that West Analia University's ridiculous biased polling questions, spun as research, have further whipped up the world's deep-seated animosity toward Christians." Hayseed began. "So let us pray. Father, we, who have trusted in your Son Jesus, and are called by His name, we are one together with each other, with You and Christ, we are called out of this world we are not of this world. We are hated by this world. Yet we are sent into this world. Now we find the world once again confronting us because we believe a different, oppositional, way to this world. Jesus prayed in John 17 that you would keep us meaning to guard us. Protect us Lord by thy might in Jesus name, Amen."

"Children, The world's belief systems are murdering Christians in China, the whole muslim world, the hindi nation of India: Four billions of people murderously opposing God as Christ appears right in the heart of every man. Yet we are told go to them and call them out of this world. The spirit within us, by our very lifestyle, is crying in Christ's stead, "Be reconciled to God." All Satan can bring against us as our nation to follows this hoax fountain of youth to the logical end of it. They think we Christians stand in the way of what they mistakenly call progress. They take us to task for not braying like a donkey at every new lie they dream up and run after like lemmings to the cliff! When persecution breaks loose against us don't be afraid. Go out and confront them, disputing in the name of the Lord. Bear up faithfully under torture. Don't run and hide. Confront them when they come for you.

In Kenya when the OPM burnt the Christians in their churches, rumored to have been suggested by the next American President, those who hid and did not confront either burnt in their churches or ran out from the flames to be hacked by machetes. We must confront these lies and liars and dispute and resist even when tortured. In your patience you hang on to your souls.

May we all sing "We shall overcome, someday!" As they sang they heard the rumbling of boomboxes chanting the great lyrical chant of our day "F**k, F**k," ad infinitum, ad nauseum." "It has begun, my courageous flock. Continue singing 'We shall overcome,' as we march out of our church to meet them." There were the Escalades of the RECON and NWNU. The church assemblage was already out. No hope of burning the Christians or their church in secret remained. The leader, Clayton, tried to tell them they had to go to the charcoal scraping pits, but the congregation just kept singing. They joined hands together in united defiance, as if their comraderie and song insulated them from the evil mischief afoot.

This standoff lasted two hours and formed the basis for memories and inspirations that would enervate free Christians worldwide. A steel heart was formed from youngest to oldest as God the Holy Spirit dug in to the nest being formed for him in these Christians and in many RECON and NWNU opposite them, persecutors now, but Christians in the making, fired by the presence of the determined Lord and his people.


Officer Knobalski, was new here, but was a veteran of 15 years on South Side of Chicago. He had his orders. Back up the administration's team enforcing the new rules adding the Christians to the Admiral Heat volunteer force. As the church assemblage sang in the dirt parking lot Clay DeMayem could stand it no more. "F**K dis races "We Shall Overcome" S**T, Start lodin' dese M****F*****S on the trucks!" NWNU thugs came and took Cornelia Juvenale by the arm. A young black Christian said, "Take your hands off her." Officer Knobalski tased the chivalrous young black man long, until he threw up and bled from the ears, yelling as he tased, "Get on those trucks, like Clay says, or your next!" Pastor Hayseed DeRiper was like Stonewall Jackson, "Keep on singing." "Don't let the Devil Knock you off the promises." "Sing children. Don't let them steal your crowns." "The highest honor is to share in Jesus suffering."

Police lieutenant Martinet Hossen was transfixed. His eyes lept from the party leader's wife. being manhandled to the camera with antennae registering the proceedings atop the church steeple then to the racially provocative tasing and back to Cornelia again, now joined by her children just back from their "Creation of Nature" walk. Lieutenant Hossen told the rest of his men to use their nightsticks and get them aboard quickly. He was hoping to torch the church and get rid of the camera evidence. He didn't know Hayseed was a budding televangelist. Wherever Hayseed DeRiper's microphone went, there the cameras activated and were broadcast into three medium sized metropolitan areas two of which had suspended regular programming to show the standoff. Clayton was not supposed to take Hayseed as a martyr, but Lieutenant Hossen made sure he was hammered to the ground by the billyclub and tossed into the overfilled pickup truck bed and spirited away. The Escalade pickup truck'sdeep low loud boom boxes tortured the ears of anyone within a hundred yards rapping, "F**K, F**K,..." rythmatically and into two medium szed metropolitan areas until Hayseed's wireless microphone was out of range.

Lieutenant Hossen told the NWNU and RECON thugs to throw their firebombs, hoping to destroy the camera evidence of what had happened. As the flames poured out the church windows and the screen door's vinyl screen exploded into flames, a television media truck came through the lash woods around the church to interview and report. After Martinet Hossen saw what had been broadcast live on the channel 61 screens he slipped into the woods and ended his own life with his service revolver.

Lenovo Juvenale was surprised to see the trucks driving into the Scraping compound. He quickly recognized his own wife and children. He sped over there in his Party required Escalade and told his wife and children to get in and come home. "No way!" said LeNovo, Jr., "We are sharing in Jesus suffering! It's a high honor!" "You wouldn't want to steal my crowns would you?" Cornelia's face flushed with pride. LeNovo, in his heart, agreed with her. Then Cornelia went ashen white. Pastor DeRipper was laid out on the ground next to Malcolm Cleaver, the young man who had tried to help Cornelia Juvanale at the now razed church. She ran to their aid. "He tried to protect me, LeNovo. That New Yankee officer from former president Obama's precinct, he tortured him with a tazer. The police just pounded Pastor DeRiper with their nightsticks. I guess you'll have to disown the children and I, now that Admiral Heat has turned against the Christians."

Admiral Heat President and CEO Gordon L. Gatto was white with fear as he spoke to the Sino-Sumerian accented Fau Sey Ken. The worldwide antiChristian political upheavals resulting from Admiral Heat sponsored polling research was a violation of Gene-On's contract with AH. AH would have to renegotiate it's rejuvenation product contract with Gene-On without the formerly cherished marketing exclusivity. All the churches that were destroyed must be rebuilt into cathedrals at AH expense. "Yes, comrade Fau, as you wish" Further, a confession from Gordon L. Gatto, from the Chairman of Admiral Heat and the entire top brass how they had promoted the misleading hoax studies, and confessions from West Analia University professors, must be tendered before new contract negotiations could begin. "Your terms are most generous comrade Fau." Said Gordon. Fau wanted to know what AH had done to bring all the perpetrators of worldwide attrocities to justice? "We will use all our political muscle, Comrade Fau, and fill the world with the best private investigation talent." Fau wondered how Gordon got to be promoted so high yet was so unable to think through these nescessary measures for himself. Gordon expressed his mortification that he had helped foster the intense furor and his dedication to making amends to the utmost including guaranteeing freedom of thought and belief wherever GeneOn! products will be distributed by Admiral Heat. Fau Sey Ken was pleased to hear it. He doubted AH ability to live up to their promises. He will send Comrade Mao Chi to conduct private sensitivity training at West Analia University and Admiral Heat Headquarters.


Cornelia and LeNovo Jouvenale and her pastor, Hayseed DeRiper and her Roman Catholic father confessor were escorted by a minor Admiral Heat vice president. They entered an elegant boardroom and were offered seats near Bing Wup and Fau Sey Ken who each bowed low introducing themselves. As they bowed, the rest of the room, some heavy Americans with difficulty, bowed a little lower. These were the only three present who weren't interrogated and instructed by Bing's and Fao's administrative assistant, Comrade Mao Chi. Among the demonic majesties Mao Chi was possessed by now was Satan himself, Mao inserted into the attendees of this corrective summit  Usurpious the Wise among others.

Monsignor Palor prayed God’s will and blessing over the meeting.  The meeting began when American ex-president Mbutou, now President of the new North Kenya/Somalia/ Eretria Islamic Peoples Republic, empowered here to negotiate for the Non-Russian world, asked if there were a simple set of reparations the isolated Christians would agree to. Comrade Fau was given the nod by Comrade Mao Chi. Fau Sey Ken deferred to Pastor Bing Wup.

Bing asked if the Jouvenales and Cornelia's spiritual advisers would allow him to speak first. Then he continued, "It is no anomaly when Christians are persecuted. It is probably a sign of a healthy faith for us. Great strides are already being made the world over to rebuild homes and churches and heal wounds." Bing paused a moment and gazed on Pastor DeRiper's injuries, bandages and casts. "I am sure these are badges of honor to him to have shared in the Lord's sufferings for the cause of Christ. So, you see, there is no harm you can truly do to us Christians. Comrade Fau and I do ask that we may be free to walk among those lost to the false religion of ESCR, of which Fau and I are poster children, and that we may call as many as will leave out of it into the true light of Christ."

The American expresident and Muslim East African president Mbutou responded, "I am sure we will do whatever you ask to pay you Christians back for our misguided failure to honor our agreement in the zeal created by West Analia University pro-agenda propaganda. Don't you agree it is the least we can do, Professor Hoxer?"

Shem Hoxer responded quickly, "Why, yes. We are prepared to advance Christian freedoms and will explore the bias in our studies.  We will reverse that bias by designing implementing and publicizing studies with opposite questions.  That will assure respect for Christians worldwide.  We will not repeat our mistake when we continued to promote the climate change hoax long after it was exposed and laughed at, along with all the supposed freedoms in the West, by Russians and the muslim world.  This time we have already retracted our conclusions and are putting together real and offsetting studies."Shem looked hopeful he had addressed all the issues Mao Chi had asked him to. The new demon Mao Chi placed insid

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