What I Learned At Theale Green School

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Here is the heartbreaking reason why I had to move from my previous school to Theale Green Community School. Despite it being really upsetting I'm thankful for it as I now feel so much happier and content with myself. This Chapter is all about bullying and how cruel it is. I still have had no apology from those who made my life a misery and the Teachers who I thought I'd grown fond off simply don't even remember me especially after I remember them so clearly. However Im not really bothered now I'm in a better place and I bet the Teachers will remember my name for years to come as I am the one who causes havoc everywhere I go.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Before Theale

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



Chapter 1: Before Theale Green

It’s funny really how my time at Theale Green began. Sad to say it started in misery but without those horrific feelings of loneliness and self pity this novel wouldn’t be here today.

It all started at Little Heath, the biggest pile of shit Berkshire has ever seen! The students have poles up there arses and the teachers really don’t care about how a sad, miserable person like me would feel. I was a tiny fish in a big school of sharks and believe me, I was chewed up and spat out many a time. Bullying is a nasty thing to go to especially when you’re tormented every day for being yourself. I know I’m a little shit but did I really deserve the violence and the abuse? The constant name calling and being pushed everywhere and hurt on a regular basis? I felt it was my entire fault for being a happy bubbly person but it took me a long time to realise that. The teachers barely helped me as I got a bloody detention for saying Bungalow! How stupid is that?

Tutor time was just as bad as the lessons themselves. Miss Cork my small Australian tutor would often ask me whilst smiling constantly “Hi James how is your day?” Most of the time I replied “I’m ok thanks” but there was that one day when I finally cried out that I weren’t okay I was then referred to this Smile Club bollocks but that only made me more miserable. However there was one happy memory it was drama and I had Miss Hunter. She had long blonde curly hair with brown roots kind of like Jade Vincent but Miss Hunter would be slightly insulted by that comparison. So as I was saying we were playing the don’t smile game and Miss Hunter had 3 of us do the can-can I lost because it was ridiculously funny then again year 7’s find everything funny. However in the next round before Miss Hunter had a chance to open her mouth, Matthew Painter, this absolute cretin, let out the most disgusting, wet fart and the whole class erupted with laughter so in some way there was no winner for that game.

Sadly, one happy memory was overshadowed by the bad and stupidly, despite my innermost hatred for that school, I tried to stick it out. Who else would want me? Who else would talk to me? Who would even like me especially since I was practically in la-la land? Creeping back into my little whole, I withdrew myself from everyone and everything. I couldn’t care for dancing or anything else for that matter. I just existed without even living until it became too much to bear and then I knew had to escape and Theale was the only place where I could start afresh.

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