Chapter 1: Untitiled. ( Popcorn66 's Challenge.)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Stupidity is like an epidemic and I can only hope it isn't air bourne. I stand in an unfamiliar bathroom with strangers claming to be family and friends banging on the door. I try to use my nonexsistent telepathic powers to make them go away. To make everyone forget about me, But their just that nonexsistent so Igrit my teeth ,adjust my dress and head for the door.

"Excuse me," I say moving through the hall. I keep my head down, but it isn't out of shame as it should be, but because I want no one to see me. I want to be invisible, I want to go home to my mom. Dad want's me to move in with he and Christine and their daughter. I can't do that to my mom, and besides I don't like Chritsine, and it isn't because she's old enough to be my older sister, she has no control over that, but because she has a five year old daughter with my dad and he was clearly married to my mother until 3 months ago. I don't even want to consider David my dad anymore. I told Mom, I'd throw her a party later tonight, just to say good riddens to this bastard.

David's family doesn't even like My mother, they only deal with me because I'm his daughter.

Step-mom. Christine told me before the wedding that she would like it if I called her Step-mom. Is the bitch brain dead? i don't call my Dad, dad anymore, why in the hell would I even consider calling the slut my stepmom? Like I said, Stupidity seems to be spreading like wild fire.

"Selena?" My grandmother, excuse me, So called Grandmother asks. I come back to this moment, thinking that if I just pretend to be busy, people'll leave me alone, so I take out my phone and pretend to have a life. "Yes?" I asked while playing tetris.

"Why don't you go congratulate Christine?" She asked. I push pause on my game and look at her. At 60 something she only looks 40 something but that's because David spends thousands so his mother can defy gravity and time. I really look at her, willing her to look at the situation and see that Christine and David do not deserve any Congraulations or parties. They deserve each other, and a really good and patienttherapist .

"What are you on?" I asked. Grandma Sylvia is one to try and stay young, so maybe to fit in with her old people buddies she sniffed some coke or smoked some pot, Because she's got to be high to ask me to do something like that.

"Excuse me? Do not talk to me like that, I am your grandmother!" She shouts at me. I look up at her and frown, because no matter how angry she is, the expression won't show up on her perfectly over botoxed face.

"Maybe if you kiss Christine's ass good enough she won't put you in a home, You know since David has to pay child support you might not be able to get those injections anymore," I muse. All this pent up anger toward this broken dysfuctional family finally releasing.

Submitted: August 18, 2009

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