Chapter 3: Comfort Food.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"I can't believe you said that!" Adriania laughs. I nod and laugh too. "Yeah, you should have seen her face and then David had the nerve to get mad at me," I say altrolling my eyes. We were inside the grocery store, I was still dressed for the wedding reception, Adriania looked more confortable in her cute summery dress and

heels. Her boyfriend Mark trailed behind us, engrossed in a phone conversation about the football game he was missing.

"So, your Is Sandra alright?" Adriania asked. I shrugged. " I think she's okay, I hope she isn't broken up about it, David's an idiot," I say throwing some ice cream and chocolate into our full cart.

"Why didn't you just have a maid do this?" She asked me.

"Because, our maid has two weeks off," I said. Adriania nodded. My mom and I were staying in a condo in David's hotel until we could find a new place.

"I hope I didn't mess up you guy's plans for tonight," I say while we are in the check out line. Adriania shakes her head and smiles. "We thought we'd help you out," She says. I smile and turn to the cashier.

"Mom, I'm home!" I shout while taking my jacket off and tossing it on a couch as i walk pass it. I take the bags into the kitchen and began putting some of the items away.

"Lena," My mom calls entering the kitchen. "Waht's this?" She asks picking up a box of cookie's and cream ice cream.

"Comfort food, We are throwing you a party,"

"No,I'm not in the mood tonight. I thought I'd just rest," She says. I look at her.

"Are you okay, you know with the wedding?" I ask. She looks tired, her eyes red and puffy.

"Yeah, it's just a little sad,"

"Mom, really he isn't worth it," I say.

"He was at one point," She says and sighs. "So, you mouthing off to Sylvia?" She asked. She wasn't nearly as mad as I thought she'd be but she is a little upset.

"Mom, she told me to go congratulate Christine," I say shuddering.

"Lena, no matter how mad you are at your father and no matter how ignorant his family, you still have to deal with them,"

"Mom, What dad did is unforgivable,"

"No, I have already forgiven him, he just isn't thinking right," She says.


"Forgive and forget,, Don't hold onto this anger it's only going to wiegh you down," She says.

"What's with the therapist talk?" I asked.

"I've been reading,"She says.

"Cosmopolitain has stuff like that in it?"I asked scrunching up my face. She smiles.

" Watch it," She says smiling.

"But mom, really, your going to skip out on a movie with me?" I asked.

"I told you , I'm tired, maybe tommorrow we can go shopping," she says. I smile.

"Alright. 'Night," I say as she leaves the kitchen.

"Hi, Adriana, Mark," My mother says as they enter the kitchen.

"So?" Adriania asked.

"She's great, she's already forgiven him for being stupid, I guess she thinks he's missing out," I say happily.

"That's good then,"

"Yeah, so do you guys want to watch a movie with me?"

Adriania is a good friend and so is Mark but apparently a movie with me isn't what they had up for tonight. And from the look of Mark's huge grin and Adriana's jitzay movements, I know what's up. I narrow my eyes at her and she smiles. "Mark can you get my coat, "She says

"Oh, you dirty girl," I accuse. She laughs. "You two just can't stop, can't keep yuor hands off each other," I say. She turns a violent shade of red.

"I love him so much," She says and sighs.

"Good for you," I say hugging her.

"Call me tommorrow, Maybe we can get lunch," I suggest. "That is if you wake up before noon," I say. She laughs hitting me playfully.

"I'll talk to you tommorrow, Bye," She says walking out. Mark calls out a goodbye from the foyer.

I put the rest of the food away and grab a thing of ice cream for myself. I change into some old pajama pants and a Tank. I relax on the sofa with a blanket and watch my favorite move The Breakfast club.

I wake up in my room around 2am. the walls aren't that thin but I can hear my mother in her room next door. She sounds like she's crying and I want to comfort her but she put on this I'm okay facade earlier for a reason. Maybe she doesn't want me to know that even though what the bastard for a father did was wrong, she still had some love for him. I stare up at mu cieling wondering how long she's been up crying.

Submitted: August 18, 2009

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