Chapter 5: Bad Luck

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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  What the hell is wrong with my life?  Why can't anything be normal?  It's two weeks after mom left for London which was rather abruptly and with a very bad goodbye. we said I'll miss you, I love you and Can't wait unti we see each other again as if we were young lovers. I love my mother dearly but I can't help but feel betrayed. I feel as if she just tossed me to the dogs. I am in my room at David and Christine's apartment and since I've been back things haven't been all bad.

"Selena, dinner's ready!" Christine calls. Things weren't all bad until today before I left to go see a movie when My dad told me, he'd like me home around 7 for a family dinner. I held back from asking him what family was taking their place tonight. I sighed and stood ,tossing my book back on my bed and  heading to the  dining room. When I get there, I see the only seat available is by Christine and  Chelsea her daughter. I take my seat.

  "Thank you," My dad says and he is truly happy that i decided to not rebel against him for the first time in three weeks and o as he said. And that is only because Mom asked me to. She told me that things wouldn't be that bad if I just tried to get along. And then she repeated her newest mantra Forgive and Forget before telling me goodbye because she had to go see this house.

"So, How was everyone's day?" Christine asked. I still didn't like her but I decided that the only thing I could do was try to get along for Mom's sake, my sake and Chelsea's sake. The child isn't at fault for anything.

I shrug. "Pretty  usual. I  saw a movie," I said.

"Was it any good?" Christine asked and I want to say What is it to you but I don't.

"It was okay, I wouldn't pay to see it again though," I answer honestly.

"And you David?" She asked.

I ignore the conversation from then on, picking at the food on my plate.

"Selena? Hello?" My dad says.

"I'm sorry, yes?" I ask.

"Did you hear me?"

"No, can you repeat that?" I ask.

"Have you spoken to your mother?"


"How is she?" He asked. What do you care? none of your business. I could think up about a thousand things to say to him.

"She's fine. Great, actually, she sounds happy," I say instead. And I think that Forgive and forget crap is working. It's been a total of three weeks since the wedding, two since Mom left for London and I think I'm finally getting over it. If all I have to deal with is a  "family " dinner everyone few weeks, then this isn't half as bad as I intially thought.

Submitted: August 18, 2009

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