The Vengeful Legacy

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Shadow Slayer's inc. has one of he best supernatural hunters in the world. Once one of their best members is killed the brother of the dead member goes to his nephews and sister in law's house to turn him into the vengeful legacy of his deceased brother.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Vengeful Legacy

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



"Give it up already.  Just face death and embrace Hell," Carter demanded.  The vampire slowly looked up at Carter with hatred and took a shaky breath.  "Y-you don't understand.  If you kill me I'll just come back twice as stronger than before, hunt you down, and kill you mercilessly," the vampire warned.  Carter stood up from his crouched position and slowly slung his sword back and forth by the hilt.  "I decide if you come back or not."  Carter grabbed the hilt with both hands and dug it into the vampre's skull.  Carter then, slowly pulled the sword out and spat.  "Damn all of you blood sucking demons." Next, a strange thing happened.  The wound at the scalp of the dead vampire mended together froming a bald spot.  Carter's eyes widened in terror.  Never in all his thirty years of being a Shadow Slayer had this happened.Hair sprouted from the bald spot and the vampire stood.  As he did so all the cuts and scars Carter had given him begun to heal.  The vamire's eyes flashed an evil red and his fangs elongated.  "Now what were you saying before?Was it you were the one who decided if I came back or not?"  The vampire laughed and his fangs elongated.  "Ignorant human." 

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