Bryn's Story

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Story I haven't finished yet, would love your feedback, as I'm currently writing this as a proper novel.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bryn's Story

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013



  The sun shone down upon him, as he woke up slowly. As he sat up, Bryn looked around him. The sunshine blinded his eyes for a moment, as he got used to the light. There wasn’t usually this much light in his bedroom, he thought. As his eyes became accustomed to the sunlight, he looked around him. The bleating of sheep in the fields must have woken him.

He could feel the grass underneath him was covered in dew, as if he had arrived there after it had landed. As Bryn realised this, and started to wonder where he was. He must have walked out here in the night, wherever here was. But how? He had never walked in his sleep before! Bryn looked around him, and saw the familiar dark trees that marked the edge of the Eternal Forest. He ran his hand through his damp hair as he sat up.
“How- How did I get here?” he asked, but nobody was around to listen. A few sheep, straying further from the herd turned to look at him, but soon returned to their grazing.
As Bryn slowly stood up, he looked around him, and realised there were no footprints in the dew, but he could see the edge of the town he had lived in his entire life. Bryn walked slowly to the town boundary, where he saw the sign that said ‘Welcome to Dysi’. He had helped paint that sign, when the colour on the old one peeled off. Even now, this sign was starting to fade. It would need a new coat of paint soon, or maybe they would make a new sign, possibly carve the words into it.
He wandered down the path through the small town, watching people who were just starting to rise, beginning the daily routine of farming, or tending gardens. As he neared his home, his neighbour, Deena, waved to him.
“Morning Bryn!” she called to him. “What are you doing up so early? We don’t normally get to see your face this close to sunrise!”
Bryn smiled, and called back to her, “I didn’t exactly wake up at home, Deena. Found myself on the edge of the Eternal Forest!”
“The Eternal Forest?” she replied. “What on earth were you doing out there?”
“I don’t know. I just woke up there. With the sheep!”
“Well, see to it that you get home and tell Hayn about this.”
“I will. See you later!” He said, as he walked through the gate in the small fence, which surrounded his childhood home.
Hayn was sitting at the table, eating some of the home-made bread he was so well known for.
“Morning, Bryn. What gets you out of bed?”
“Did you not notice I walked in through the front door just now, not from my room?”
“Of course I noticed, but I figured if you wanted to talk about it, you would.”
“Naturally I want to talk about it, Hayn; I awoke on the edge of the forest!”
Hayn didn’t reply immediately. He sat and considered his reply, before saying;
“There’s only one reason for you to have woken up out of your bed. Were there footprints, or was it like you were just dropped there, where you lay?”
“Uh, the second one,” he responded. “The ground under me was wet, like I arrived there after the dew.”
“We were afraid of this,” Hayn said. “Elizay told me this might happen. We thought it might happen sooner, so we almost thought we were past it…”
Hayn trailed off his thought, until Bryn clapped his hand on his cousin’s shoulder, and brought him back to reality.
“Hayn, tell me the truth. What is happening?” Bryn asked.
“I- I can’t tell you. You have to leave. Go to Alaga. Talk to my parents, they’ll tell you what to do from there.”
Bryn knew not to question Hayn, he had never steered him wrong before. He walked rapidly to his room, and pulled a bag out of his closet. He grabbed the few clothes he owned, and shoved them in the leather rucksack, with his sandals. He pulled the last set of clothing off the peg and pulled them on, replacing his night clothes, which he put in the bag with the rest of his things. He walked to the wash room, taking his toothbrush from the cup in which it sat, next to Hayn’s. Before he left, he stole a quick look at his face in the beaten silver mirror, and then he left, with a quick goodbye to Hayn.
“Be good, Cousin,” he said, as he gave Bryn a hug. “Keep yourself safe.”
Bryn smiled at Hayn as he pulled away, and went outside to get his bow. As he left, he looked back and saw the worried look on his cousin’s face as he lent against the doorway.

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