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Prologue—Love conquers all

Abigail’s POV

I love you.

Eight letters, three words.

It’s seems like an awfully easy thing to say, but it isn’t.

Especially to the person you love.

For me, that person is Stephen.

I’ve known him since we were born. Our families are really close and so are we. We’re bestrfiends—almost like siblings, according to him but I’m in love with him. I’ve been in love with him since 4th grade and now, we’re sophomores studying at the city high school. I know 10 is an age that loving is unusually felt but it happened to me.

When we were little, we used to play around in our backyards we’d tire ourselves out until we sink to the ground and lie on the grounds. Then, we waited for our mothers to bring out lemonade and cookies. They always brought us lemonade and cookies. And we never tired of it. Mothers and their soft hearts.

One time, over my mom’s delicious cookies and lemonade, Stephen and I happened to talk about marriage. We came upon that topic because my father arrived early that day. We saw how my mom’s face lit up when she heard the car backing into our garage. Oh, we also saw how she quickly put—drop’s more like it—our food on the table and ran to father.

After that little display, Stephen said “I wonder if I’ll be as happy as your mom when I get married.”

“Of course you will. Any girl would be happy to marry and serve you.”

“Yeah, right,” Stephen snorted.

“Yeah! Tell you what, I promise that if we’re 30 and unmarried, we’ll get together. That sound okay to you?” I said as I wiggled my eyebrows.

“Fine. That sounds good. It’s a deal,” he said, a big smile on his face.

That was when I fell for him.

All it took was a smile.


We were cute little kids, weren’t we?

Well, that was before. We were ten when we had that promise, for God’s sake!

Now—everything is different now. He discovered baseball and video games while I stayed my dorky self. We weren’t the best of friends anymore but we we’re friends. I still love him. Of course, he doesn’t know that. In fact, he likes my best friend, Olivia. Olivia likes him too. Everyone knows that they like each other but they just won’t admit it. They’re wasting the feelings they’re experiencing. If you’re actually lucky that the person you like likes you back, then go for it—against all odds. You should cherish it—not act as if all you have with that person is friendship. It’s just so irritating.

I’m sure you think I’m crazy. You think that I should be happy that they’re not in a relationship and so I supposedly have a chance to be with Stephen. Well, I’m not. I am not happy because they’re not happy. They’re forcing themselves away from each other and they choose to ignore their feelings because they’re scared. Yes, they’re scared. They think—know—that all high school relationships end and that they’ll just be tremendously hurt in the end. Newsflash, everything ends, everything’s imperfect, and you should definitely take risks.

Besides, I certainly do not have a chance with him. He likes her too much. Heck, he might even love her. Like how I love him. Oh well, all I can do is hope that one day, he’ll realize that I’ve always been here for him, I love him and I have no intention of breaking my promise to him when we were 10. As if that would happen.

It’s sort of strange. I’m not jealous. I might have been before but now, I can’t even imagine myself being jealous anymore. I know I love Stephen—so much actually, for a girl my age—but I just want him to be happy. I’m not bragging but I guess some things you see on TV or read in books are true.

Love does conquer all.

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