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A young man comes up with an idea to get involved in a deep romance with a beautiful young woman he normally wouldn't consider a long term relationship with.

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Chapter 1

There is always something to do on a Friday night in Toronto; whether it is an anticipated event, going to a favorite hang-out spot like bars or restaurants, birthday parties, house parties, and there's always the club scene downtown. But with nothing planned ahead of time to go out and do, instead, they stay inside. It's always the same default spot: Dorrien's place, in the basement.

Dorrien is six feet tall, slim but with a muscular build, dark skinned, and just turned 28 years old a few weeks ago. His style is very clean, usually a fresh pair of jeans and a button up, sometimes with a trendy tie or crisp clean high-top sneakers depending on the situation to help show his personality. He is probably the most level headed and laid back person out of the crew. Always the one to keep calm in a situation; calculating every outcome before he makes a move. He is also the least suspecting. He just turned 28 and can manage to afford the size house he lives in on his own, and in a decent neighborhood. The house is a detached with two stories. Inside is three bedrooms, 2 washrooms, a living and dining room and finished basement. Each room on the main floor appears to be designed and furnished by professionals. Everything is clean and seems to be for display more so than use with vases and pictures, statues and expensive looking table and couch sets. The interior is prepared for a full family to be living in it, but it's just Dorrien by himself and whomever he decides to have over. That would not be part of the first impression the average person walking on the street would get from him. You never know what's going on in his head but he is always striving to get ahead even when it is not apparent. He has a natural talent to generate ideas that people love although he often doesn't share them. Those same ideas help to generate income outside of work. One summer he made a website for some girls who contacted him because they were trying to start a modeling agency. They had planned to get paid for each of their models used at their clients events. Dorrien made the website and at the same time decided to barter with them by throwing a Models, Bottles and Ballers party featuring all the models the girls had instead of a cash payment. When the fliers came out featuring the hottest girls the city had to offer in one spot, everybody rushed to that party and Dorrien made thousands more then he would have if he had asked for the hundreds in direct payment for the site. Much of his extra income is from the websites he created as a hobby. They each generate income on their own from ads, and Dorrien updating the content regularly.

Right now he is wrapping up his final year of school where he majors in business. He currently works in a call center for a bank doing customer service making decent money but nothing near what he will be making after school is done and he lands the job he wants in a management position. He's already submitted his resumes and is waiting for a call back from a potential new employer. Although he spends a lot of money on school and paying bills, he is very good with how he handles it. He's had thousands saved up since high school, and from the few years he had off before going to university from constantly working 9 to 5's and hustling on the side, legally and occasionally illegally. Regardless of how busy he keeps himself he always finds time to stay connected with people, especially the close friends that he grew up with, who for the most part, also have ambitious Dreams that they work hard towards. The close friends get invited over to his house to chill, drink and have a good time in the basement when nothing else is going on.

The basement is one big room furnished with everything needed to entertain: every new and some older video game consoles along with the latest games, a shelf filled with a large collection of movies, a surround sound stereo system to truly bring the cinema experience home when watching the movies or to fully enjoy favorite songs. A miniature bar filled with full bottles is against one side of the room, with a computer desk hooked up against the wall to its left. Cords run against the wall to the opposite side of the room to a device that all of these things described would not mean much without; the 50” plasma screen TV as the center piece. The room has almost a lounge feel to it with the color scheme in shades of brown. There is a big comfortable couch set with three pieces resting strategically on the carpeted floor to make for easier conversation amongst guests.

In those seats tonight is the usual crew minus a few: Keon, Rodney, Shamar and James. Keon is the center of attention right now explaining his plans to help promote CJ, a rapper and mutual friend of everybody in the room since high school. CJ, who is about three years younger than the present gang, was a class clown and all around trouble maker who had been suspended so often he was eventually expelled from A.J. Maxell Secondary School altogether. In high school he, and his partner in crime, Omar, would make mix tapes of themselves rapping about comical topics like what was on the menu in the cafeteria or interpret how a fight went down a few weeks ago. It was funny at the time and their tapes did become popular as they were passed throughout the school, but nobody thought past these antics as a future for either of them. Back then CJ was just scratching the surface of his natural ability to rhyme. Both eventually dropped out of school and started hustling on the streets, but CJ also started pursuing his rap career and has since released several mix tapes that truly showcase his emceeing skills. Unfortunately, due to poor management on part of Chris, a local clothing store owner who is a few year's older and a well known name from around the way, not much has come to fruition. Perhaps, too much weed smoking instead of focusing on what's in CJ's best interests. CJ has been trying to do music seriously with Chris for maybe five years now with no significant results; this is the reason why Keon feels he should intervene given his marketing and promotion education.

The last mixtape from CJ is playing somewhat quietly in the background as Keon talks. Dorrien and Shamar are slumped in their seats listening attentively as he speaks, while Rodney and James are squared in front of the TV playing the latest NBA Live game on Xbox as they listen. Keon is very animated and looks the part of a club promoter or somebody in the hip-hop music industry. He's light skinned but not too light, about 5'9” with light facial hair, a New Era baseball cap on which is raised high on his forehead allowing the front part of his braids to be seen. He has a Large CJ promotional t-shirt on with part of a tattoo creeping up his neck out of the collar, baggy jeans, and over accessorized with jewelry on his fingers, wrist, neck and ears.

“So CJ just released his latest mixtape, The Question and the Answer. We put it up on the internet and also pressed some copies, then I'm taking over. He can still work with Chris because I don't want to start anything weird between them since they've been working together for so long, but the next mixtape I'm executive producing.” He explains excitingly. “ I'm already on it and have it all planned out. I got a bunch of ideas for types of songs you won't normally hear him rap about. We know he can go hard with all that thug shit the streets love, but I figure if he's gonna make it big he has to appeal to everybody so I got some tracks catered for the clubs, some tracks catered to the ladies. I'm actually gonna hit up the studio with him tomorrow to lay the first one down.” You can see the enthusiasm on his face as he continuous to go on. He usually keeps rambling on and on when he has an idea and gets lost listening to his own voice and all the possibilities the future may hold. CJ is in good hands with Keon looking out for him. He's a super hard worker and has connections with people you wouldn't believe. “I'm putting up my own money and everything for the marketing I got planned. Gonna go full force on the Internet, I mean videos, gotta do a new photo shoot, got a whole concept for that. I'm gonna have like – “, Suddenly his ramblings are interrupted by thuds coming down the stairs and a familiar voice shouting 'Yoooooooooo!' as the person descends coming closer.

Justin makes his entrance into the room, saying what's up to everyone with head nods, grinning ear to ear, clasping his hands across his torso as though ready to dive into a freshly prepared meal. An entrance like this means he is getting ready to tell another one of his outlandish stories involving the opposite sex. He's always absent for weeks living his life, but when he's around he's guaranteed to deliver something that would make great material for a movie.

“Whattup man, whatchu sayin' dog!?” Keon greets Justin with a fist pound, “I was just telling these guys about my plans for CJ. I'm gonna be taking over his management and promotions starting with –”

“Yoooo, I have a story for you.” Justin interrupts again, this time intentionally. Next to Keon, Justin appears to be the exact opposite in style. Standing about 2 inches shorter than him and with a very broad strong build, Justin always looks like he just finished working at the garage which is probably true. He has on dated baggy pants, and an old faded sweat shirt with a big FUBU logo across the front. His receding hair is in frizzy corn-rows which is a few weeks over-do and in dire need to be re-braided. If not coming from the garage he was probably putting in extra hours operating heavy machinery at whatever factory he worked on the side. Justin was an old fashioned worker, ever since the first day Dorrien gave him the number to deliver the local newspapers back when they were kids in elementary school. Since then he's been the only one out of the crew to also have a house and a nice cushion of money to fall back on on a rainy day. He also had a daughter from a previous relationship that didn't work out. She often stayed with him on weekends and sometimes when he took vacations. Because of the bad fall out from that relationship, which ended just after he completed high school, and other people in his ear, he has developed somewhat of a male chauvinistic point of view when it come to women.

“Tell me about CJ in a bit, but you have to hear this.” Justin interjects. Keon steps aside smiling as though falling back from a fight with his hands up and head down and allows Justin to take over.

“This. Better be be good.” Keon throws out before flopping on the couch.

“Trust me,” He assures, “I don't know if I told you guys - I know I told Shamar - about the girl I was seeing? The waitress?”

“Oh yea, I remember you saying something about some girl that works in a restaurant a while back.” Dorrien replies. Sometime ago, when again, everybody was hanging out, Justin had mentioned that he met some girl that worked at a ma and pa restaurant on the other side of town. Justin mentioning it was a foot note back then, which seemed to be months ago now.

“Yea, so just to recap, I met this girl a few months back chillin' out downtown with some of my other boys. So I chopped this girl that was walking by. Her face is a six and a half, maybe seven let's say, average size tits, like B cups or borderline C's, but her body is fit! She had on this tight dark pink Dorrienss and some long curly weave up in her hair. Just from her legs you can tell she's built like a stallion. But anyways, yea, I'm talking to her and things are going good. I'm bustin' jokes and all that, end up getting her number."

“So I'm guessing you had your bike down there,” Rodney adds, “because picking up girls off the street like that ain't really happenin' downtown. Not in this city anyway.”

“Well of course,” Justin says shrugging his shoulder, “I already told you, it's ridiculous when I bring out the bike. Girls will come up to you just because you have a bike and they don't know one damn thing about it. They just want a ride. Same thing with this one I'm talking about. You already know that was a part of the game I spit in the first conversation.”

“Just makes no damn sense.”

“So we talked on the phone for lonngg, the first couple of times before we met again in person. I can tell from pretty early this chicks got a freaky side to her, which I like. She's tellin' me all the freak shit she likes and what she's done. I'm tellin' her that's nothing. I can out do all that. And we just keep going back and forth with this little argument. We go out for the first time finally, and all we're doing is hanging out, no movies or nothing like that, just …. chillin', getting jokes, and the same argument continues again. She says she can handle me with ease. I take that as a challenge because she doesn't know me. Actually I'm kinda excited to prove her wrong as soon as possible, know what I'm saying? So I go you know what, we'll see. I invite her to come over to my place one night to see who is gonna win this competition. She's down. A few days later she comes over to my place with a bag to spend the night.”

“Where are you finding these girls, Jus'?” Keon asks with a perplexed look on his face, “I'm in the clubs all the time promoting parties. I'm surrounded by dimes and I have yet to come across a girl like that. Or maybe I have? How can I step my game up, dude?” He finishes jokingly.

Justin laughs and continues. “Yo, the way I see it, all girls are freaks, they just act like they're not undercover hoes. With the waitress, when the time came I didn't even start in the bed room. I started on the couch in the living room. I had her bent over the arm of the chair and I was smashing the hell out of that. I did all these different types of positions. I did this one my ex-girl was telling me she did with her boyfriend last time she gave me a booty-call when her man was out of town. She called it the swing or something 'cause she feels like she's swinging. You hold her up by the legs and she has her legs like this,” Justin makes arm motions to try and give an idea of the position, “Did that and some other shit, then she took over a bit riding me, then we stopped.

Yo man, she was tired, breathing heavy, hair all messy, chilled out for less then 5 minutes and I was like 'yo, let's keep going'. She's looking at me like I'm crazy talking about hold on. It's already been like damn near an hour of us doing it at this point, but I was like naw, you're talking all that shit before, now you wanna quit!? Took her ass upstairs into the washroom, started again in the shower. She's screaming, I'm going at it. We were in there for a hot minute, then carried her back downstairs, outside in the backyard, butt necked, still dripping wet. Put her on the patio set table, moved the chairs out of the way, started hitting it from the front. Now she's getting all nervous, worrying about the neighbors seeing us and she's the one still making all kinds of sounds at the same time, can't control herself. I didn't care 'cause there ain't no lights on, even if they were on I still wouldn't care. Anyway stayed out there for a bit brought her back in and finally finished up on the floor.”

“Damn, son. Sounds like you kill't it,” Shamar cuts in to comment, “Kill't. It!.” He continues acting like a clown.

“You are reckless,” Dorrien adds with a half grin “ I can't believe I'm hearing this right now”

“Yea yo. After that she's like 'oh my god Justin. I have never done anything like that in my life. I was wrong about you' and all that type of stuff. 'You outlasted me. I can't believe I'm tapping out' and blah blah blah. Even though nothing was set up officially, I ask her what do I get for winning? She's like I don't know. I'm thinking I should be able to get that anytime I want after you were talking all that trash, but I didn't say anything yet. So we meet up again for the same thing a few times. Sometimes I'd actually take her out on a date, but I notice she's getting too comfortable around me. I don't like that. Let me tell you how one night she comes over unannounced to my house in her pajamas... When my daughter's over! I was so pissed I almost knocked the bitch out. I had to stop her right there and let her know I don't play that, then sent her ass right back home. That incident got me thinking how I can regulate this chick, and I came up with a sick idea. A contract.”

“Here we go.” Keon says. The others chuckle a bit, as they continue to be entertained by the story. Rodney and James have there NBA Live match on pause so they don't miss a detail.

“A contract. So I meet up with her and tell her about it and she agrees to it. I wasn't surprised. Like I already had an idea she would say yes, but still I had to be careful how I worded it to her. So the contract, this is how it works. Remember I said I should have won something? I made sure that was in there. First thing in the contract, I have to get that pussy anytime I want no questions asked and vice versa as long as our schedules work out and my kid ain't around. Oh, and this ain't verbal. I have a piece of paper at home with our signature on it and she has her own copy too. Second thing was, we are NOT a couple. I don't want this girl getting in my way of other chicks, calling down my phone, and giving me drama, and again vice-verse. We can go out, you can meet my peeps and all that, but we are not dealing. Lastly, its only for six months. After that we're done and can do whatever we want. If we wanna do it again we can do it again, if we wanna go our separate ways, cool. But let's be real. I'm in good right now, when that six months is done I'll still be able to make booty calls whenever I want because by then she's already hooked on the routine.”

“Only you can run into these situations man. Only you.” Keon says, “You on something else.”

“Yea that's a new one.” James adds shaking his head in disbelief looking at the others.

“Yo man, you know how many people come to me for advice like I'm the love guru.” Justin boasts continuing on still about his superior game and the waitress. Another typical night in the basement, telling stories and catching jokes. A few hours later everybody has left to get sleep for the next morning. The house is empty and in darkness and Dorrien's in bed thinking about the nights conversations, especially Justin's outrageous story.

Justin always has some crazy story about getting girls but this one seemed to stand out a bit more than his past stories to Dorrien. It was the contract idea that stood out. The concept could work regularly when it came to dating he figured, if presented the right way. His mind then wonders thinking about all the different beautiful girls in his life he wouldn't mind getting with. If he made an effort he most likely would get with them but he holds himself back focusing on being successful. Dorrien is the type of guy to have a few girls on the side that are easy for him to get with but nothing he would want to make wifey. When a girl he's taking out brings up her feelings for him, he quickly shoots them down and shortly after that the relationship dies, at which point Dorrien moves onto the next girl. CJ once made a song called MOB: Money Over Broads, and that's the code Dorrien presently lives by. Truth is he is a romantic at heart and would love to have a gorgeous wife and kids. That's the type of home he grew up in . The 2nd last child out of four. A brother, seven years older than himself; followed by his sister, five years older; himself and then his younger brother that just finished high school this summer. All were born from and raised by both church going parents who took educating their children and bringing them up with proper morels seriously. Even though Dorrien knows the foot steps he's supposed to follow in, he doesn't feel he's at the point where he should start yet. Sometimes he wonders if he's going about it the wrong way and if he should try and find the one. Somebody to be there by his side as he makes his way to his dream. Most times he figures everything he wants will come with ease when he finally gets the success he strives for, which will be easier without the distraction of a committed relationship. And with that thought he pushes settling down to the back of his mind and focuses on building his future.

The bedroom is lit by the soft moonlight pouring in through the window. A fan makes a calming lullaby as it blows a cool stream of air over his body, making the summer nights heat easier to bare. Distant sounds of cars driving by on the main streets and the occasional air plane passing above complete the subtle night symphony. Dorrien carries on his random thought process from fashion ideas he had that James may be able to use, to remembering he has to pick up fruits tomorrow, until he finally dozes off to get enough sleep to prepare him for work in the morning.

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