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I am Haven.

I am strong. I am strong. This issue is nothin'.... I think. No. Don't think like that. You've gone through worse before.... It'll be okay. It will. And if it won't... well, somthin' will be done. They will pay. Scratch that. They won't pay. They will fix it and leave. They better. If they don't I'll have to do it myself. Against my pack. I was put in charge.... I left. I needed to stay.
I swerved easily around another tree. And they said I needed a car? I am a damn car. Better than any corvet or porshe you'll see try to make that corner. They would die going at this speed. A sigh/laugh escaped my tight chest. This is me. The protector. The reassuring. The guardian. The one who keeps things together. My pack says discovering yourself is a new journey and it calls for new identity. I know now. I know what my knew identity will be called.
Haven. I am Haven.

Chapter one: What's wrong with you Pixie?

As I fixed my backpack on my shoulder I set off for another long day. Yay. Great. Don't I have a test today? Biology, right? Ugh, yea, I think it's in Biology. Wait, Biology is related to flowers, so -I looked up at the cherry blossom tree that I loved so much during the spring- I can skip and stay with nature. Biology? I nodded in approvement, but then sadly shook my head. I have to bring in my application today. Stupid college trip thing. It'll look good for colleges though.
As my eyes scanned my neighborhood, there was almost nothing to see. No houses really close, not many trees around, only land that was being farmed, some roads that looked as if they havn't been redone in a century, and our little house, ten minutes walk from an actual town.
"PIX!" yelled a very familiar voice. I responded without needing to turn to her, "Hey, Max." I took a wiff of a flower on a lower branch then spun, walking to the bus stop.
"You okay?" she asked. I nodded. She doesn't know alot that is going on lately. She's busy with alot and her boyfriend needs her to be with him. Personally, I think he's overexaggerating, but whatcha gunna do? You know... that would make a really good poem... just about nature, but it can relate to the fake bussiness around here.

Under the sun, Wherever they go,
No matter what, one is the hero.... no.... Hold on. Not right.....

"Pix?" I snapped to Max's sorrowed eyes peering at me.
"Hmm?" She just shook her head at me like she does when she knows I'm thinking about something, but she knows I won't tell her anyway. So, I shrugged and fell in the grass at the bus stop. Eww. Everday I think about how I have to see people. Yet everday I live through it. Stupid Mondays. Ugh. Stupid people.


"Pix!!! ...Your wearing all black again? In the spring?" Well, Summer I can't wear bright happy clothes like you can or else I would probably be ignorant and annoy people like you do. "Yes, Summer." She gave me a discusted look , but I walked around her like I didn't see it.  9... 7... 24 I heard the very familiar click of my locker door. Home. My home away from home. Mondays may not be that bad....
"So are you going to prom?" Oh, god. She followed me down the hall. Leave please, Summer. Please.
"But can you please my boyfriend just broke up with me and I need someone to go with...."
"No and which boyfriend? Rick?"
"Nuh uh. Jake. He said I was clingy and he dumped me." Well, Summer, that is the seveth guy in the past four months that has called you clingy... any ideas of what you more than likely are?
"I'm not going to a stupid tenth grade prom."
"Please? I can go shopping with you and-" I slammed a book in my locker and pushed it closed, "No Summer. We are not having this conversation again. I need to go to class."With more anger than what was needed I stepped around her, leaving a look of pure shock on her face,  and walked in the guidance room, tossing my application on the desk.
As I moved to my 3rd class of the day the guilt hit me. But if I didn't do that she would step on me like she would everyone else she is around. Okay, good enough excuse for the moment. This time I didn't even make her cry. I hope Debra won't yell at her today. She takes less shit than I do.
"Bonjour. Comment allez vous, Pixie?" My French 2 teacher asked emotionlessly. Asking how kids are is his job, why would he really care?
"Comme ci comme ca. Et vous?" I echoed as I had yesterday. He just shuffled through more papers. I wanted to repeat my question so badly, but instead I put my checkered backpack in the chair and walked out of the room. Before I got there though a sweet-looking seventh grade girl asked what I had said to, as she had called him, 'The scary French teacher-man'. I answered with a genuine smile, " I said I was okay but not great and then I asked how he was. Are you a french student?" She nodded and looked me up and down. Little kid has got guts and she is adorable. She was a petite girl with jet black hair and dull, sad blue eyes. She hugged an Algebra book to her chest and wore the classic school girl uniform, but instead of it being red or blue, it was black aswell.
She just stood there looking lost though so I held my smile and asked, "Do you need help going somewhere? Are you lost?" She shook her head, but mumbled a thank you while hurrying on her way.
"Yo. Pixie," one of my best guy-friends, Rick, said as he fell in step beside me. My guy-friends are better than the girls sometimes. They don't peer into what is wrong constantly and they stay out of drama (normally).
"What's up?" I asked as I always do. He responded with the joke he always does, "The sky, taxes, food if we have a food fight today...." Okay, well, the food fight one is new, but it made me smile. "Planning on starting one?" I asked in a joking tone even though I was completely serious. Excitement. Gotta love it.
"You gunna fight on my team this time?"
"In all fairness you hit me with mashed potatoes last time."
 He smiled his evil smile and shrugged. "Hey, you looked hungry to me. I know they're your favorite."
"But they aren't my favorite, bro. You know that right?"
"Well, your favorite is ribs, but potatoes go great with ribs. Both finger foods." I laughed and punched him on the shoulder. He made a fake hurt expression and said, "Dude, you sound like you haven't laughed in forever." I shrugged. "I guess not." Rick is awesome. He is a tall-ish brunnete with bright green eyes. His eyes are so bright that if there was a brightness contest between his eyes and fireworks, his eyes would win hands down. And I felt so bad for him when he was with Summer. Poor bro. She only went out with him for his eyes. She's such a little-
"Alright, well I'm gunna catch ya later sis. Mrs. Yells-a-lot is gunna kill me if I'm late."
"Again," I added. He spun and said, "Yea, late {again}." My smile faded and I saw a pack of ninth graders walk by, looking me up and down. I felt my shoulders straighten and my hands fall in my pockets, the normal, subconsious reaction to being challenged.
 I turned another corner and swerved through about five little people before actually making it back in the classroom. I waved a silent hi at The-scary-French-teacher-man and sat in my seat.
"Take out your homework children and we will begin the day," rang my French teachers voice....
Yes, we will start yet another day. It, of course, will be like any other day and it will end like any other. I hate just gliding through the motions of the repeated days.

 I could scream to the heavens,
 I could shout to the world, but my voice won't be heard.
 Standing in the background,
 No need to make a sound,
 Just waiting for the day that could turn my whole world around.


I took another chip out of the bowl next to me and sang softly along with the blasting music from my iPod. I really don't like these headphones, but they'll do for now. Storm and David just HAD to break my old ones. My old ones were black and you actually could hear the base in the music. These? These are crap. Number one: they are blue. Number two: they have no base. And number three: they are easily breakable! Which honestly fails. Whoa.... I suddenly want cheesecake....
I tugged on my headphones until they popped out of my ears, "Mama!" I called, pressing the correct buttons on my iPod to turn off the music.
"Yes, Babygirl?" She asked from across my one floor house.
"Do we have any cheesecake?" 
"No, I'm sorry."
"It's okay." Danggonnit.
I jumped off of the living room couch and turned the corner into the kitchen, looking sadly into the bowl. No more chips.... After I dumped the bowl in the sink I looked over at the clock and it read 5:30. No no no no no no no no no! I peeked my head around the wall the yelled to mom in the room next to me, "DAD IS HOME!" Then it was like the house itself sighed so I patted the wall gently. Poor house. Whatever is here doesn't like dad either.
I started to Storm's room, but ended up face to face with the floor...or would it be face to floor? Well, im not sure, but it was really startling to slip on -I turned to look over my shoulder- one of Storm's toys. I heard a small, but adorable laughter from Destructo Boy. Aka Storm.
"Storm! Why do," I started laughing too, "you have a toy," I laughed harder, "in the middle of the hallway?" By the time I was up and talking with Storm I heard the front door creek open. I patted Storm on the head and told him to stay there for a second.  I peeked my head around the wall and put a smile on my face.
"Hey dad." Yea, almost choked on the word 'dad'. He's not a bad man... he's just changed into someone I don't like.
"Hey," He replied -sounding more bear-like then human- while putting his bag in his work closet. I looked at the white walls for some comfort. I don't like being fake like this.
"How was your day?" I smiled again, but he only grunted in response. I pushed on, "Is that a good or a bad?"
"Long." Right before he closed his closet I slammed my foot on the ground, causing the door to ricochet and swing to hit the wall. I asked, "Is that a suitcase?"
"Are you leaving us?" I heard my own voice crack, but I ignored it. He looked straight at me. I hoped he saw every bit of hurt in my eyes. Every thing he has said to make me cry.Every thing he has done to hurt MY family. Every single damn thing that he has done and the thing that he is about to do. Anything that would make him rethink his decision. He better not be doing this. I have two little brothers and my mom is sick. You can't be leaving us alone dad. You Freakin' CAN'T.
"Yes I am." My entire world kicked itself, fell off a cliff, then got speared by the rocks at the bottom. To put it simply, I was completely and utterly screwed. My entire family was....

 Sleet- her silent tears
 The black snow- all her fears
 The gloomy, grey sky- her mourning soul
 She stays only with the wind as she watches the waves roll,
 The wind whistles through her dark brown hair,
 She has no one else for her saddness to be shared.


Submitted: June 04, 2012

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I like it You should add a new chapter.

Fri, June 8th, 2012 5:33pm

Within The Heart

I'm too bissy at the moment to read the rest because I'm working on my new Novel Moonpool, but after I finish chapter one I'll come back and read this story. It's wonderful and keep adding chapters and I'll keep reading KMU on the next new chapters please and and thanks!

Tue, June 12th, 2012 5:42pm


I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you and i will!

Tue, June 12th, 2012 12:56pm


Well you asked me to have a look at some of your work and I have and I LIKE IT! You have a unique writing style and it's definitely a great read ^_^ I can't wait to read more and I will comment as I go ^_^ KMU!

Fri, June 29th, 2012 2:33pm


Thank you very much!

Fri, June 29th, 2012 8:18am


Unique, I like your characters in this story. Very good.

Tue, August 7th, 2012 2:37am


Thank you very much.

Tue, August 7th, 2012 12:27pm

Jade Scott

touching, this was quiet a wonder that I do believe is far beyond great. Well done my friend... this is truly much different than I'd imagined and far more than I care to admit.

Tue, August 7th, 2012 12:12pm


Thank you very much, your comment just made my day. This weekend I would like to read some of your work, so I will.

Tue, August 7th, 2012 12:28pm


this is really good...Please continue

Thu, August 16th, 2012 1:53am


Thank you : )

Wed, August 15th, 2012 11:27pm

Future Author

I really liked this first chapter of yours and I'm glad that you asked me to read it! I already feel bad for her though because of her dad. My dad walked out on my family so I know how she feels. Great job!

~future author

Sat, August 18th, 2012 6:51pm


Well so did mine :) but life goes on. Thank you for your input, I appreciated it!!

Sat, August 18th, 2012 1:40pm

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