Astrid Kendra

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



All I could remember was the flashing lights of the ballroom, and the strange music humming in the back ground.
Pete hadn't left my side all night, and I was grateful. To be honest, I didn't know what I did without him before.
We talked and laughed with the local people, and I began to like them greatly; they weren't as secretive as those in area 10.
Now, it was the week after my Home coming party, and everything felt right. Well, apart from one little thing. 
There was a security guard that worked for my brother, Preston. He never took his eyes off of me, but not in any protective way. It was like he was waiting for something, and I didn't like it one bit. 
Pete had begun acting strange as well. I noticed that he constantly gripped my arm, always made sure I was next to him. But I guess that was just Pete. 
I swirled the tea bag in the cup, finally having mastered that art of making a nice 'cup of tea'. It took at least 50 attempts to stop ripping the tea bag. 
I made my way to the library, where Pete was reading his paper. Preston had been gone for a while, on business of some sort. 
"Wheres mine?"
"Good morning to you too." 
He slammed his paper down and rose from his seat. I laughed at first, it was funny seeing a grown man have a hissy fit, but then I was cut short. 
He took the cup from my hands, the scolding water not even hurting his bare skin, and threw it on the floor. 
I cringed backwards against the doorframe. His hand came just above my head, pinning my hair to the wall. 
With his breath hot on my face he breathed for seconds before talking. 
"You live to serve the men around you, Astrid. Don't forget it again." 
I nodded, seriously upset with myself for forgetting about his drink. 
"I'm sorry, I won't forget again." He planted a kiss on my lips and nuzzled my cheek. 
I hadn't gone any further than kissing with him; I'd never felt the need or want, but the way he was nuzzling made my mind reel.
He pulled my forward and my hair down, so I was arched into him. 
My heart was beating so fast I thought it would explode. Was that a goo sign? Wasn't sure. 
Pete rolled off of me and onto the lirary floor. He was panting, gasping even, with a huge grin on his face. Yet all I could do was stare at him, even though I'd joined him. 
"Why the long face?"
"Doesn't matter."
"Make a tea darling." I sighed and got up, pulling my dressing gown back on. 
Down the hallway, I bumped into that security guard Alex again. 
"How are you..?"
"I'm okay. How are you are your wife?"
"I can't... We're fine. She's away on business at the minute." 
"Cool. Well, I have tea to make." I turned to go but Alex grabbed my arm.
"Astrid, I-" Pete grabbed Alex's arm too, we were like a daisy chain. 
"Fuck off. Right now." He never took his eyes off of me though, even as Alex backed away. When he was out of sight, Pete turned to me again. 
"What the FUCK do you think you're doing talking to him?!"
"I-" He back handed me right across the face. It stung like a bitch, and my hand instantly came up to my face. 
I blocked the next one, forcing his solid arm back. 
I ran down the corridor, and into whatever door was out of sight. I didn't turn the light on in there, I didn't even move from the door.
I could hear his heavy footsteps outside of the door. 
"Open the door, Astrid." I sucked in my breath, sobs coming out of my mouth. 
The ideal Pete was slipping away. I found myself thinking of my old area. What did I miss about it? 
He kicked once, jolstling me forward. 
The door started to groan, the wood giving way with each and every kick. 
"You can't get away from me." I slid over to the other side of the very small room, just waiting for the momment that the door opened.
The door gave way as Pete ripped it off. The muscles in his neck were protruding, his veins popping out. A grin was still on his face.
He grabbed my foot, pulling me out of the room nd down the long corridor. I was shouting the whole way down, clinging onto my dressing gown. 
I was like a dog being walked, and it was pissing me off. 
We stopped outside Preston's office, as he grabbed my collar and took me inside. 
Preston was sitting at his desk, eventually stopping to look at Pete holding me up. My eye was starting to go numb, my vision almost gone. 
"She's getting too out of it again, Preston. It won't last on her." He dropped my to my knees and let go of my collar.
"So the drug is unneffective?" 
"We need Research to step it up. If she gets out about this Secrecy will come crashing down." Preston bent down to my level and stroked my swollen cheek. 
"What did you do to her?"
"She was in contact with Alex."
"Humph. Go easier on her next time." 
"You telling me that you're going soft for her?" He shot up almost instantly. 
"Are you accusing me of being soft in the first place, Mosby?"
"N-no, sir."
"That's what I thought. Astrid, listen to me." 
I tried to look up at them both, but my head was heavy. Another sharp pain was in my neck and I stared to shake again. Suddenly, I was over whelmed with the love I felt in the room, between me and Pete and between me and my brother. 
"Today we caught three criminals trying to break and enter into our house. It will be aired live on Secrecy the execution of the three prisoners. And YOU will do the job, Astrid." 
"Preston, I can't do that..." Then again, they did try and break nto my house. They deserved to be punshed. 
"Here," He reachedover onto his desk and gave me three papers.
"Are the three culprits." 
"I can't read these."
"Of course. Accused number one is an Area 10 dweller, recently escaped from an Institution. Her name is Corinthia Harlet. Accused number two is another female, Vicky Jones, recently escaped from the same institue. And another of their accompices is a male, recently fallen from grace from the ranks in my army, Deviln Ford." 
I swore I could remember them all, everything about them seemed familiar. But they were criminals, and they would be punished. 

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