Deadly Information

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Power Hungry

Submitted: January 22, 2011

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Submitted: January 22, 2011



“Y-you know, Jonathan. I really don’t think you should do this. You know the boss doesn’t like the idea of someone like you just pushing your way into the group. You’re a threat to him, if anything.” The rat-faced, short man at Jonathan’s side noted, trying to walk in-line with Jonathan’s wide stride as he talked.

“That’s the point, Ricky! If I’m such a big threat to them, they would have killed me by now. “ Jonathan straightens up, wheeling around to face Ricky, his eyes glowed with a lust for power. “No Ricky, no. The boss is simply testing me. If I don’t have the guts to stand up to the possibility of being killed, what use am I to him as a member of the group?”

Ricky pushes his hands into his pockets, looking to the ground. He had been friends with Jonathan for years, and he didn’t like the look that Jonathan had. “You don’t get it, Jon. You haven’t been killed because the rest of the guys love you like a brother. They want you in! The boss is the only one who has a problem with you, he’s afraid that you will take his place.”

Jonathan grins slyly, looking at Ricky with triumph at this news. “Well then perhaps that is just what I should do, huh? It’s not like he hasn’t been in rule long enough. How many years has it been, Ricky? I know at least twenty, probably more. Since before either of us were born! It’s time for a change, my friend.”

Ricky sighs, slowly nodding. “I suppose you’re right.” He looks up to Jonathan, “You know I have your back whatever you decide to do.” He looks around before crossing the street, ducking into an alley-way as soon as he made sure no-one was watching.

Jon had barely gotten turned around before someone ran into him, shoving a piece of paper into his hand as the man ran past. Not once showing his face to Jonathan, but he had an idea of who he was. Jonathan knew a lot of people. Jonathan recovered his balance, slowly unfolding the piece of paper. Reading it slowly in his head, though he already thought he knew what it was for.

“Jonathan, you’ve been invited to dine with death. There’s a man who hasn’t been doing as he is told, and he needs to be taken care of. Make sure to hit him hard first, and I’m sure you can use your imagination. He has a family.

If this task is completed you will be ready for initiation into our family, through the same ritual that all of us have gone through. When you’re ready, there is a silenced pistol in a garbage can in the middle of central park. We’ll be watching. The address will be in the garbage can as well. Get it done.”

A chill ran up Jonathan’s spine, he nearly dropped the piece of paper. This was his chance, and he wasn’t going to miss it. The only thing standing between him, and the boss, was this insignificant family. Here was what he had dreamed of for years of his life on end. Little did he know this was not such an insignificant family.

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