Deadly Information

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - A soft spot?

Submitted: January 28, 2011

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Submitted: January 28, 2011



Jonathan runs a shaking hand through the side of his hair, rainwater running over the brim of his hat as he does.He quickly stuffs his hand back into the deeppockets of his coat- fingering the trigger of the pistol within. His hands weren’t shaking from fright-no, but from excitement. As he walked through Central park, watching all the mothers and grandmothers rushing their assorted children into cars and under umbrellas, he began to think about his family. His mother died when he was just ten, his father had told him she had just been sick. But he had been the one to find her, Jonathan had been the one that hid the empty bottle of pills, he knew what had really happened.

There hadn’t been a note, no his family was far too prideful for all that mushy stuff. What with his drunk father, and Jonathans own preferred style of living, and all. He had cried, sure. He wouldn’t have been human if he didn’t, and he would be a real mongrel if he couldn’t admit to it. He stopped just short of a bench, and beside it was the garbage can he was supposed to find. There was however an unexpected obstacle- a little girl. No older than thirteen, no doubt, sat on the bench. Apparently oblivious to the rain, she just sat there. Looking down-right pitiful, Jonathan’s heart went out to her immediately. This was his weakness after all, children. Perhaps this was also why his hands wouldn’t stop shaking, he thought, because of his targets family.

There wasn’t time for this now, however. He couldn’t just reach into the garbage can and find the note with the girl right there to witness it. Besides the fact that he could never have brought himself to simply leave her there either. After a minute or two of just standing there, watching for any clue, he walked up to her. To be honest, he currently felt like a huge creep doing this, but he had only the best intentions, and all. He narrowed his eyes at the girl, lifting his completely soaked hat up a little bit to get a better look at her. Blue eyes, brown hair…or maybe it was blonde? Jonathan couldn’t tell, everything was too wet to get much of a key on anything at all. But he supposed it didn’t matter, what really did was his next words. He had to choose them carefully, be delicate about it. He certainly didn’t want to scare her away.
“What are you doin’ out here all alone, kid? You do realize it’s raining cats and dogs, right?” Jonathan asked, taking a small breath of air and holding it as he waited for the girl’s response. He really was nervous as hell, if you can believe it. The idea of anything happening to her, especially because of him, made him nervous as hell. Maybe he wasn’t ready for his first kill, after all.

The girl looked up, clearly cautious of Jonathan, she knew her way around. And Jonathan could quickly tell this wasn’t her first time being out here alone, nor would it be her last if nothing was done. “I know it’s raining! What are you, stupid?” Her tone wasn’t mean, quite the opposite in fact. If it had been just a little bit less wet out, and if the girl actually knew who the hell he was, Jonathan may have even thought she was kidding around with him, teasing him.

Jonathan exhaled, pretty confident he was in the clear he shook his head and laughed a little, “Only when it’s raining this much! All the rain gets in my ears, and drowns my poor little brain all to hell.” He even added a few gentle knocks to his noggin for emphasis, smiling inside and out when he got a few little giggles out of the girl. It was times like this that he really wished he had a kid of his own, wished like hell. “Well, no matter how much I’d love to start a stand-up comedy show right here. It IS raining, I don’t wonder if I could convince you to get out of the rain? I’ll even buy you ice-cream or something, or whatever the hell kids eat now.

The girl simply grinned, water dripping down her angelic-like face before she starts laughing. Clearly she found Jonathan funny as hell, or simply weird as hell. Either one he would completely understand at this point, he still felt like a creep. But the girl’s laughter helped him get over it quite quickly. “Maaaayyybbee..but you gotta sit here and drown in the rain a little with me first. I like the rain, but maybe after a while you can buy me ice-cream!” She said, sassy as hell, as she scooted over a little on the soaked bench.

Jonathan just nearly avoided laughter, he may have even snorted a little bit while holding it in. It was likely, as the girl laughed at him a little. He just had to get her back for it, so as he was sitting down, he plopped his hat down onto the girl’s head. It came far down over her eyes, until she pushed it up a little, looking at him questionably. He chuckled, “Well if we’re gonna sit here and drown, you need to have something so I can find you before we go get ice-cream, shorty.” He teased, lifting the hat up a bit more on the girl’s head before the fell into a heavy conversation. He didn’t remember much of the start of it, the most important part of course, came later on.

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