Chapter 2: Chapter Two: First Game

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The girl's and the boy's bed rooms were connected by a bathroom. The bathroom acted as a hallway that led one room into another. The bathroom was just as big as the two rooms. In each room there were 5 beds with 5 drawers and one large walk in closet for coats, sweaters, and shoes. In the bathrooom, there was a large closet that had all the towels and tissues and hand soaps. There were two shower on the same side of the room at the corners and a a bathtub in between. There was a sliding door for the restroomin between the two sinks which were aligned to the shower.

The girls went into their room and the boys went into their. The girls screamed when they saw their room. It was a light pink with modern white furniture. Their bed sheets were in 5 different colors and besides them were the drawers. The beds were set up to form a circle and in the center of the beds was something to sit on. It was one big circle and where the center of the chairs met, was a small table that held drinks.

The boys "woah'ed" when they saw their room. It was smiliar to the girls, but different colors. There was no pink, yellow, lavendar, light green, nor floral blue. There were no flowers or hearts. Their room was filled with orange, red, black, dark blue, and forest green. It was simple and the boys loved it.

The first challege was up soon. Everyone changed into their swim trunks or their bikinis.

Blair was the only one in a one piece. And just cause it was a one piece didn't mean it wasn't hot. In fact, it was the hotest. It was a Victoria's Secret black Halter One- Piece Monokini. It was like two pieces of black cloth that was first tied behind her back, then dropped to her breast, covering them then the two clothes met together to cover her bottoms. Her entire back was bare and that's what made it just better than everyone else's.

Lauren wore a bikini just like the other three girls.She was dressed in a purple strapless bikini with ruffles.

Ashely wore a black bikini top with a shork as her bottoms. All the girls just thought the same thing, 'what the hell is she wearing?! Doesn't she know they have been out of style since like 2001?"

Meredtih had a triangle bikini on that was just plain old electric blue. It may have been plain, but her D's made them sexy.

Last but not least, Kara. She was dressed in a vintage bikini. The background was black and it was covered in floral prints. It was strapless and in between her cleavage, she had a golden zipper.

The boys were dressed topless with their swim trunks.

Jayden had a buldging six pack that made anyone drool. He had neon blue trunks that fit a bit loose on his waist.

Chris also had a six pack like many of the boys. His trunks were plaid and boring.

Nick was the tannest. He was brave. He wore pink trunks. They were just plain and pink.

Michael was scary. He was pale and the only one without a six pack. Instead of a six pack, he had six ribs showing. He was in black trunks with with palm trees at the bottom of the trunks.

Nate wore Ed Hardy trunks. It was white and on the left side, there was diangnal orange lines that faded. On the right side was a drangon going towards the end of this trunks.

Nate took sunscreen and sprayed it all over him.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Jayden asked.

"Making these babies shine!" Nate replied laughed.

"What are you a vampire?" Chris replied.

"Just call me Edward Cullen," Nate smiled and the boy left their room. They met the girl as they left the room. The men were wowed.

Meredith saw Nick stare and noticed his pink trunks. "Men always look pretty in pink," and winked back. The ladies were infront of the men. And the men were happy. They walked in a horizontal line watched the ladies's ass's swing side to side.

Outside was Matt still in his boring suit.

"HOL-lo," Matt was so close of say 'holy crap' when he saw the ladies and then realized what he was saying.

"Hi Matt!" The voices of the girls were harmonic.

"Hey Matt," the boys didn't say it all at once.

"So the challenge today is volleyball. The rules are you have to hit the ball 3 times. But you have to play the proper way. You have to your forearms for bumps and your finger tips for sets. If you don't, then you are out! The winner will be the only one standing on the court!" Matt said.

The boys were happy it was a sport. And most of the girls were depressed it was a sport. Blair knew what to do.

The girls and boys went iinto the limo.

"So you girl excited? You know I was on the volleyball team when I was a senior?" Jayden boasted.

Blair laughed, "did you know in 7th and 8th grade I was on the volleyball team and then from 9th to 12th grade, I was on varsity," she smiled.

"Should I be scared?" Chris asked.

"To a degree," she replied.

It was a 5 minute until they arrived at a beach. There was a tall net and a cart of volleyballs ready for them. They got out and the first thing the girls and boys did was get with their group for a plan.

"Okay, who played tennis here?" Blair asked.

"I did!" Meredith said.

"Same here!" Ashley replied.

"Okay good, so what I need you do is just pass the ball to each other then to me. You guys have hand eye coordination. And I will finish the job," Blair gave them instructions and went to their side of the court.

"You guys look scared," Nate said trying to intimidate the girls.

"Don't worry about us, worry about yourselves!" Blair shouted across the court.

"Matt, why won't you give the girls the ball first, after all... they will be the one's losing," Nick said smirking.

Matt gave them the balls to the girls and Blair served. She tossed the ball and it sounded like a clap when she hit the ball. Then it sounded like thunder when it hit Jayden right on the chest. He fell the the ground yelling, "WHAT THE HELL! That fucking hurt!"

The girls laughed and gave Blair a high five. "Are you scared now?" Kara asked.

Jayden stood up and there was a red circle on his chest.

"1-0 the girls!" Matt shouted.

Blair got the ball again and this time she didn't hit it hard. And oh god. They were losing. Kara and Ashley got out. They boys only had Michael out.

Soon enough it was Blair against Nate, Jayden, and Chris.

"Ready to lose?" Jayden asked.

"Not yet," Blair said.

"That's cute, you optimistic," Nate said.

"Now, since it's just Blair. Blair, you don't need to hit it three times. Only the boys do," Matt said.

"Fine by me!" She said smiling.

The boys tossed a ball and Blair jumped into the spiked the ball. Jayden slid and hit the ball with his hands.

"JAYDEN! YOU ARE OUT!" Matt shouted. "20-15; boys are winning!"

Jayden sluggishly walked away.

It was Blair's ball. She hit the ball hard and Chris went for the ball. He hit it with his fist which was unexceptable.

"CHRIS YOU ARE OUT! The guys are still winning, 20-16!"

Blair got the ball again. "Let's play some classic volleyball," Blair suggested.

"Okay, let's see who win," Nate shrugged. He thought he would win but boy was he wrong!

They tossed the ball over a couple of times and the classic way is unexpectedly Blair spiked the ball. Nate's immediate reaction was to catch the ball.

"BLAIR IS THE WINNER!" Matt said. All the girls cheered and Nate was shocked.

"Now I'm scared," Nate replied.

Blair just smiled as everyone came up to Matt.

"Now since Blair won, she gets a prize! Blair pick one guy," Matt insisted.

"I'm going to pick Nate. Afterall he is afraid of me, I enjoy scaring people," Blair said looking at Nate.

"Okay, well Nate. You have to prepare a date with Blair. Carol here will do everything you tell him to do," Matt explained.

"Will he bang the girls if Nate told him to?" Jayden asked. All the boys laughed and Matt shook his head.

"So anyways, Nate you're best friend will be Carol for the next 3 hours. You will take Blair out tonight. Blair and the girls. You guys get a treat at the spa since Blair won, it's the same as the girls winning," Matt gave them a warm smile.

"SUCKERS!" Meredith shouted at them as past them when they went into the limo.

Submitted: August 23, 2010

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I love this so far !! Kmu :)

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OH YAYY! aha, thanks!

Tue, August 24th, 2010 3:46am

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