Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Perfect.

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All the girls had their faces on the spa beds with their heads in toilet seat like things. Their backs were bare as the hands of the working woman pushed down.

"So why Nate?" Kara asked Blair nonchantly.

"Why not?" She threw back.

"Why Nate?" Kara repeated.

"Because he was the last one and he's hot," Blair replied.


"Okay Carol," Nate took a deep breath, "is it possible to rent a beach and have no one there?"

"I can make is possible," Carol replied quickly. He had a small black note book wiith an expensive pen in his hand writing it down.

"And I don't want a car. I want to do it the old fashion way. Oh yeah, and try and get Long Beach rented. I want to take a train there," Nate said. He was speaking too fast for Carol to get everything, but in the head he had every single little detail. "Oh and can you tell Blair to wear a swimsuit," he remined Carol.

"Of course," Carol replied in his demand.


Blair and the rest of the girl had their nails done. Blair had her fingernails done in one of Essie's summer collection: Haute as Hello. Her toes were a classic color: Fiji.

Blair wore a summer dress and underneath she wore a Jewel- trimmed top and bottom. Her top was strapless and there was a wooden circle that was between her breasts and one on both sides of her hip. There were circles filled with an orangy pink and white as the base color. Her dress was a scarf hem dress that revealed a little bit of her bikini top at the cleavage.

Nate took a hot and steamy shower. He blow dried his hair so he can give it the classic spike shape he always had. He moosed his hair and dressed. He wore a white v-neck and a pair of his favorite swim trunks. It was a just plain navy blue with a big red Ralph Lauren logo on the left leg. He had his sunglasses resting on the lower v of his shirt. He check the mirror once more before he comfirmed everything with Carol.

"I wonder where Nate's taking me," Blair said as she finished curling the last strand of her hair.

"Dinner?" Meredith suggested.

"No, he's going to make me starve! Of course dinner. But where!? I don't live in New York so I hope he knows a good place to eat. But then again I don't know if he lives here either," Blair pouted. She fliped her hair over and sprayed her hairspray and scrunched her hair. She flipped it back and stared at the mirror.

Meredith was next to her staring at the mirrior, "you look hot. Nate's gonna get a freakin boner when he see's you."

"Haha, you think?" Blair winked.

"So what was up with Kara earlier?" Meredith asked.

"I don't know. She just kept bugging me about why I chose Nate. I guess she liked him?" Blair said as she went to her closet to get shoes.

"Don't wear heels," Meredith suggested. "And yeah I guess she does. Are you going to tell Nate?"

"Only if he asks if any girls have a crush on him," she said as she slipped into her navy blue and gold Havannahs.

"Have fun and tell me all the details later!" Meredith said. Blair walked out of the room and down to the front door.

Nate was talking to Carol when Blair was walking down the stairs.

"Wonderful. Wow, you're good," Nate said smiling at Carol.

"I'm the best," Carol replied before he left.

"Hello Gorgeous," Nate said when he saw Blair take her last steps down the stairs.

"Hey Handsome," Blair had to admit it. She didn't pick Nate cause they were the last ones on the court. He was just one of those people you couldn't eat up cause you wanted to savor their look or taste.... if that made any sense whatsoever. But Blair just needed to know if possibly one day she can have a chance with a guy who looked like god. "So what are we doing today?"

It took Nate awhile to answer. He was awed. He has seen her three times today and each time she managed to take his breath away. "Um. Oh. That's a surprise. But if you want to know... we should get going," he flashed his sparkling white teeth at her and they headed out.

It's summer. Of course it's still super sunny at 5:30 in the evening.

Outside a the door was a car and a driver waiting outside his car. They walked over and he opened the door for them. Inside the car was a large basket.

"Can I take a guess what we're doing?" Blair asked.

"Go ahead. I know you're going to be wrong anyways," Nate chuckled.

"A picnic at the park!" She said.

"Sure, why not?" He shrugged cause he's plan was no where near that. Within 10 minutes they were at a train station.

"What the... the train station? This is not romantic!" Blair whinned.

"Oh hush, you are going to have a great time and I know it!" Nate reached into the pocket of his swim trunk and grabbed his wallet out. Inside were two train tickets. They both got in and Nate opened the basket.

"Here is you're dinner," he handed her a container of pasta and a smaller container with salad along with bread the was wrapped in tin foil.

She was lost. What kind of date is this?!?

"So tell me about yourself," Nate suggested as he gave her a napkin and fork.

"Um, I'm from California and I lived there my entire life. I have 2 older brothers who I love. And I have a dog named Rocky," she said. She stabbed her fork into her Penne.

"I said about yourself. Not your life. But good enough," he said. Nate started with the salad.

"Well. I'm Blair Georgiadis and I'm 26 and I'm from California. My favorite color is yellow and my best friend is my dog cause she never leaves my side," Blair smiled.

"Hold up, your dog is a girl?"

Blair was munching on her food so all she was able to get out was a "mhmm."

"And you named her Rocky?" Nate clarified.

"Yes sir!" Blair nodded her small head.

"Okayy," he said chuckling.

Their talk went on and on until dessert. It was an hour later when they arrived at Long Beach. Nate took the basket in one hand and Blair's hand in the other.

"Let's go," he said. As soon as they got off the smell of salt water was diffused in the air.

"The beach, why didn't we just eat here?" She asked.

"I don't do cliche that often," Nate explained. "Put your sunglasses down," he said. He let go over her hands to put her sunglasses restin gon her nose.

"Hypocrite! You don't have yours on either!" Blair complained as he took her hands again. She took her free hand and picked the sunglasses from his shirt and put it slanted on his face.

She giggled at how foolish he looked, "at least I'm not a hypocrite anymore," he responded when Blair giggled.

At the beach was a volleyball net and a very large blanket with wine and a volleyball. The sound of the waves crashing made Blair smile. She let go of Nate's hand and ran to blanket. She took her flip flops and dress off and ran to the water. The sun was setting and Nate slowly watched as Blair embraced herself.

"I don't do cliches," Nate said to himself. He realized that the sunset scene and Blair running towards the sun was so cliche but so perfect.

He finally arrived to the blanket and let every go and took his shirt off. He ran to her and picked her up by the waist and spun around. The waves knocked them down and when the water subsided they were both laughed with sand in their not so perfect hair.

They walked back to the blanket and sat down. "Volleyball, huh?" Blair asked.

"I wanted to beat you this time. But we don't have to play if you don't want to," Nate said. He was supposed by his elbow and he was on his side. Blair was sitting down with his legs spread out front of her. Nate looked up at her and Blair was looking down.

"Let's play. I want to beat you again," she said grabbing the ball and standing up.

"Oh babe, I'll be winning. I went easy on you before," he said.

"So did I honey bunch," she said running to the net.

It was a long game and in the end Nate won. Blair's arms were sore and the night was dark. It was too hard to see the ball which gave Nate the winning points.

They were both laying down in the night sky. Bits of heaven were shinning.

"Did you know stars are little holes in the universe that show heaven," Blair said. Nate's arms were around her. She was in Nate's shirt.

"Oh really?"

"Yep. And that one right there," she pointed high up into the stars. It was the middle star in Orion's belt. "That one is my mom looking at us," she said.

"Hi Mrs. Georgiadis. You're daughter is beautiful and I'm sure she got that from you," Nate spoke to the skies.

Blair smiled. It was the first time someone didn't look at her weird when she told them that stars were bits of heaven. It was just perfect and Blair saw herself falling in love with Nate one day.

Nate thought the same thing. He have himself credit for planning the perfect date. He smiled down at Blair and he knew during the six weeks he'd fall head over heels for her.

Submitted: August 24, 2010

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ahah thanks!

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sooooo cuuuttte

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