Chapter 5: Chapter Five: Iron Chef.

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The pool was covered with a cement kind of cover. The entire back was covered with 10 grills and shelves of food and 10 stations.

"Today we are going to cook! There will be four rounds and each round will be one hour long! First round everyone is in it. Then after our three judges taste them, three of you will be cut. Thesecond round will havefiveof youmove on and another three will be cut!The two will move on and again and the winner will win!" Matt explained.

Blair was terrifed. She couldn't cook... at all. She grew up with a rich family and she was pretty spoiled.

The boys were relaxed. They weren't bad cooks, but they knew what they were doing.

Meredith went to culinary school after her mother found out that she couldn't cook. Now at home, she was the one who cooked for her mother.

Lauren taught herself to cook. Her mother was never around and her father never really cooked. She took home and careers in high school and learned herself.

"I don't know how to cook," Blair whispered to Nate. "I can only make cake and cupcakes!"

"Really?! A woman who doesn't know how to cook, that's the first," he chuckled.

"Shut up," she nudged him.

"Get going guys! You have one hour!" Matt said.

On the shelves were everything that was needed.

"10 minutes!"Matt shouted.

Blair managed to make a chicken fingers and honey mustard. As her main course she took ribs and just grilled them with a barbecue. Ah, and for desert. She made a S'mores Cheesecake. The bass was hand crunched graham crackers and then the cheese cake. And drizzled on top was chocolate and a marshmellow as the cherry.

Lauren made homemade New England Clam Chowder. Her main course was a Chicken Alfredo. And for dessert she made a red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Meredith prepared a salad with orange vinaigette. She made a steak with steamed string beans and mashed potatos. For dessert she made a classic apple pie.

Nick was excited. He started with desert which was creme brulee. His first course was a broccoli creme soup. And his second course was a fried crepe with tomato and cilantro and meat mixed.

Chris made a salad with a red wine dressing. He made chicken parmesan. And a white cake with champagne frosting.

Jayden made mozzarella sticks with freshly made marinara sauce. He grilled a patty and made a "Wow Burger". It was a huge burger with everything in it. Lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and 3 pound patty. On the side was fried sweet potatos. As for dessert, made the center of the strawberries hollow and filled it with carmel and dipped it into white chocolate.

Nate made a bruschetta. For his main meal he made a Spinach & Garlic Ravioli. For each judge he made Little Lemon Meringue Pies for dessert.

Michael. He did nothing. He sat on the counter and waited.

"Okay. Time is up!"Matt shouted.

The judges ate a small amount of each meal.

"This is amazing!"The first judge, Clara, said to Blair when she tried the dessert.

"Thank you," she smiled. That's the only thing she was able to cook.

All the judges said that same thing to everyone but Nate.

"Wow. This is... wow. This is undescribeable!!" A french judge said.

"Well I tried," Nate smirked.

"Well, Nate, Chris, Meredith, Lauren, and Jayden, you are in the next round!" Matt said. He was hungry. The way the judges ate the meals, oh my. Matt was seconds away from drooling.

The next hour went by quickly. It was between Nate and Meredith. Blair cheered for Meredith but secretly she wanted Nate for a date.

Nate was grilling steak when Kara woke up. "What's that smell?" She looked at the clock and it was 11. She walked outside and Blair started to laugh. Kara's hair looked like a bird's nest.

"What's going on?" Kara asked squinking from the sun.

Matt looked at Kara angry, "Kara, go back inside. You can not participate this challenge! I will have a serious talk with you and Ashely!"

Kara went back into the house confused. But she just forgot about it and slipped back into bed falling into a deep dream.

"Wow, once again Nate. This is amazing!"Clara commented.

"I'm speechless," the thrid judge, Mark complicated.

"This is amazing! What did you put in here?" The french judge asked amazed.

"Ican't say it's a secret," Nate chuckled.

As for Meredith, the judges just nodded their heads.

The judges discussed who will be winner.

"Okay, the judge agree that Nate you win!"Matt said with a smile.

Blair smiled. She knew Nate was going to pick her. She was glowing of happiness.

"So Nate, pick a girl to go on a date with: Blair, Meredith, or Lauren," Matt said.

"Um. Lauren," Nate said.

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