Bottom of the food chain

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The world has been shredded to pieces. An alien invasion has crippled civilisation and they're now kidnapping countless amount of people for some reason. Robert and his family tried to stay low but it was no use. Robert lost everything.He now has to do everything in his power to find his family. No matter what happens, he will see them again.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - What remains of humanity

Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014



Chapter 1- The remains of humanity

The not too distant future is a bleak one. Anarchy has descended upon the world and death is always lurking your every move, wether it be: starvation; illness; murder or what everyone dreaded most. Being snatched.

In one of the thousand groggy apartment blocks that encased central London was a set of survivors. The Robinson family. Floor 8 apartment C they had spent the last 3 years with death knocking on the door every other night. Robert, Maria, Sally and Ellie had managed to leap from deaths grip time and time again.

Robert was doing what he did every night. Scavenging. Robert was in his early 40's, average height, chestnut out of control untamed hair with a beard that connected all his hair. His face was covered in dirt, scratches and sweat. He had a rather sharp nose that stood out from all the facial hair and very dark brown bloodshot eyes. His clothes were in a worse shape. All very dark from dirt. The only noticeable piece of fashion was he was wearing a large grey coat with large buttons running down the middle and was rather fluffy. He only found it a few days ago in a laundrette bagged up which was the only reason it even stood out.

He was in a very dark room. He was opposite the apartment block the Robinson's lived in which as far as he knew had no one living in. The apartment had been thrown upside down and painted with filth. Robert was scanning the room with a torch Looking for anything salvageable. He creeped around the house trying to keep the creaking floorboards to a minimum. He went into the kitchen. He scanned cupboard after cupboard hoping for canned goods. All he found was either rats or a horrible stench of mould. He kept cursing under his breath as his hope of finding something kept dwindling.

He got up from the floor when something shone as he scanned the counters. A large kitchen knife. Robert picked it up and gave it a quick glance. It looked in good shape. He smashed it into one of the cupboard doors above him. Half the knife got stuck in the decaying wood. Robert pulled it back out, opened his backpack and placed it in there. Robert left the apartment into pitch black corridors. Paranoid that something was behind him, even though there wasn't, he lightly jogged out. As he jogged down the stairs he looked out the window. The street had been torn apart by war. Walls ripped out, corpses in the streets, dust clogged up the air, skeletons of cars and rats running around like they owned the city.

He thought back to when it was bristling with workers in the morning and how he had to cram through everyone trying to deliver the post. The people had been replaced with huge grey fat rats. Many were feasting on the flesh of bodies that were rotting in the street. It reminded Robert he had to pour some poison into those holes in the wall agin trying to delay the rats from biting the wall apart. 
Robert snapped out of his daydream and continued down the staircase and opened up the glass door. He looked both ways to make sure there wasn't any snatchers or people. He darted across the cracked road and stood by his apartment building. He was out of breath just from a short sprint.

He worked his way up the stairs. His breathing was getting heavier and heavier. He eventually got up to floor 8. He stopped for a second to catch his breath and leant back on the railing. A women's scream could be heard down the corridor. He knew it was Maria.

His eyes lit up, adrenaline filled his body and he moved as fast as his aching legs would let him. He got to his door which was open. "Maria? Sally? Ellie?" He called in a weak cockney accent. Nothing. He pulled out his new knife out of his bag and pulled out his torch. He stepped in and took a few steps into the living room "Run!" A women wailed from the bedrooms "Maria!" Robert screamed. He sprinted through the living room, turned and saw 4 snatchers.

They were huge 8 foot tall creatures. Their bodies double the size of Roberts. He looked up startled, not knowing what to do. The snatchers turned and they stared at him through the darkened out square visor on their helmet. Their whole body was covered in black armour adding to the colossal size of this being. Robert Caught a glimpse of 1 women and 2 teenage girls. bowing their head, hands tied up behind their back and the sound of crying with fear. 2 small flying white robots watched over them aiming all their contraptions at them. Robert roared, jumped up and tried to stab one of the snatchers in the stomach. It just grabbed his arm and stopped Robert with ease. Robert was punching it with his torch in its side. It just bounced off the armour. It placed it placed its 8 chubby fingers on top of Roberts head like a claw and raised Robert off the ground. Robert was gasping for breath and the pain in his neck grew and grew until it felt like his neck was going to dislocate from his body. The snatcher just threw Robert aside like a toddler you going through all its toys. Robert crashed into the wall and blacked out.

Robert woke back up and instantly shot up remembering seeing his wife and daughters in a state of fear. He shot up "Maria?! Ahhh!" He held his head in excruciating pain and waddled around in pain. The whole of his spine had a sharp pain shoot up from his pelvis. He put one hand on his head and the other on his lower back still groaning in pain. "Maria?" He called out again. Looking in the room they were once in. Empty. He started panicking. "Maria?! Sally?! Ellie?!" He roared. He checked the whole house, ignoring the growing pains all over his body screaming their names at the top of his lungs. Each time tears beginning to form in his eyes and his voice was slowing filling with worry, fear and pain.

He left the apartment almost falling over. He bumped his head on the wall lightly but it felt like a full blown punch. He screamed in pain again but was determined to find his family. He walked like a drunk man down the corridor screaming their names, he started crying more and more each time he called a name. He went up floor by floor, stumbling with every step. Hoping just to see the beauty he fell in love with. Or the gleaming smiles of his daughters which always cheered him up no matter what mood he was in.

He climbed up to the 30th floor. Now howling their names. he eventually stopped as all the emotional and physical pain caught up with him. he then burst into agonising tears but was still calling their names even though he knew they had been snatched, but he contained the truth. They just had to still be here. They had to.

He was now on the final flight of stairs. He pushed open the door leading him into the roof. He screamed their names at with what little of his adrenaline remained. Nothing. He sunk to the floor whimpering and blubbering in tears while breathing uncontrollably and irregularly. His whole spine felt like it was going to snap from the sharp stabbing pains that flew up and down his back.

Everything he lived for. What he spent every night risking his life for. Snatched away from his The clutches of his hands. The simple principle of a husband, of a dad. To protect his family. To keep them safe. He had failed.

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