Crossed Love

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Two teenagers that attend an elite high school realized that there are more things budding in their relationship apart from love.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Crossed Love

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



Star  Crossed  Love

Written by: Calesia Graham


I was getting really tired of my daily routine. Wake up, change clothes, go jogging, eat breakfast and the list goes on and on. Today was no different; I woke up in annoyance from my alarm ticking away. I rolled out of bed, got off my pyjamas and changed into something more comfy, my grey top and matching baggy pants. On my way out I grabbed my bottle of Jamaican Wata and headed through the door. As usual I passed Mrs. Hawkins watering her morning lilies. “Good morning Mrs. Hay” I shouted as I jogged past her. “Good morning Haylie” she replied.

Oh yeah I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Haylie Green, I’m fifteen years old but not for too long as my sixteenth birthday is just around the corner. I will officially be sixteen on the twelfth of August. Anyway I really don’t know why I jog. It’s not like I’m fat or anything, I’m a bit slim, around 5”5 and a perfect 24” waist. Somehow I think I’m very pathetic as I wake up early every morning and run around the block with the hope of seeing my totally hot boyfriend Omarion. Okay well not really, he is totally hot of course but he is not my boyfriend, more like a huge crush.

Omarion Bradstone, the sixteen year old track star and the boy of my twisted dreams. As I jogged past the basketball court I chose that spot to stop and hydrate. Mainly because Omarion was on the court shooting some hoops. “You look really beat” a voice echoed. I ignored the voice because I knew he couldn’t be talking to me. “I’m talking to you Haylie”. “OMG!! He knows my name” I thought to myself. Turning around to face him I replied “Oh sorry about that but Yeah I’m seriously tired”. “It shows” he chuckled. “His smile is so cute especially with those perfectly white teeth” I thought. “So you live around here?” he asked. “Yeah I do, what about you?” “I’m not exactly from this neighborhood, but I don’t live far from here.” “Oh, so I’ve realized since you’re always here in the mornings”. “Are you stalking me?” he laughed. “Do I look like a stalker to you?” I chuckled. “Well no not exactly you’re much cuter” and with that said he ran off to continue his game.

If I wasn’t mentally stable, my head would probably explode. Was I hallucinating or did Omarion just call me cute. No I wasn’t he totally said I was cute. Can my day get any better or what.


I could feel the sweat trickling down my back, another morning of intense basketball. Surprisingly today was a whole lot different, because the girl that I play hoops to see every morning, Haylie, yeah that’s her name spoke to me this morning. Well actually I started the conversation but she replied and she was totally into me. Her hazel green eyes lit up when she laughed and her black and copper sunset hair tangled around her face in a heavenly way when she spoke. If I wasn’t full of so much ‘uncalled for’ pride, I would have totally spilled out my feelings for her but not yet, the time has not come. In due time everything will happen. In due time…


The Awakening

I was totally late for school. I quickly got dressed in my soldier green denim skirt, a brown tank top and my combat boots. Who was I kidding. I got dressed again in black skinny jeans, purple crop top and my signature converse. No time for breakfast so I went to the breakfast table, grabbed my dad by his arm and pulled him to his mustang. “Whoa little birdie, hold up” dad laughed. “I would probably laugh but I’m really late for school dad”, I said. “Yes that reminds me I’m late for work”, dad said. “Dad, you own the place, you can’t possibly be late, but let’s get riding now, please”. Dad dropped me off right at the school gate. Luckily I wasn’t all that late because there were one and two students still around the place. I hurriedly quickened the pace and ran to my homeroom. “Thank god” I thought as I ran in the class and saw an empty teacher’s chair. “Mrs. Guthrie isn’t here as yet” my best friend Myra shouted from the back of the class, “so hurry up and get around here”. I scampered to the back of the class and plopped down in my seat.

The place was chaotic, I think it was because it was Friday. The last day of the week and the start of an epic weekend. The noise suddenly leveled until it came to a halt, Principal Hyde entered the classroom. “Good morning students” he didn’t wait for a reply, “Your form teacher Mrs. Guthrie will be absent from school today because she has contracted the flu virus. So your substitute teacher for both this form and for your English session will be Ms. Chancellor”. After he said that a beautiful middle aged lady entered the class and Principal Hyde left the room. “Good day students”, her German accent was strong and evident, “I am Sharon Chancellor and I will be your substitute teacher for today”. She went ahead to mark the register, she made a lot of errors in pronouncing our names, but the class saw it funny. Ms. Chancellor dismissed us and we left for our different sessions. I was particularly looking forward for Chemistry class because Omarion was in that class with me.

Mr. Myers had been teaching for approximately twenty two minutes and I haven’t learnt anything because my focus has been fixed on the door ever since I entered the class. I’ve been hoping that Omarion would burst through the door and take his seat but I guess he’s not coming to school today. Oh well, my day is ruined.


I didn’t have the strength to go to school today when I stepped out of the shower a surge of weakness bombarded me.  I was sweating all over and I was feeling really cold. Weird right? I went straight back to bed and wrapped up tightly in my blanket. My head was tearing off. I tried fighting it by forcing myself to go sleep. There was a sudden darkness, a bolt of light flashed from the sky and started a huge fire in the middle of the street, people were running wildly in hope of escaping the fire but then the fire came to a calm and a baby evolved from the midst of the flames. I woke up suddenly with my face soaked in sweat and my blanket had a huge burn in the middle with traces of flames still encircling it. My body grew abnormally hot, I took up a nearby thermometer and stuck it in my mouth, the mercury started bubbling and then to my astonishment the entire thermometer exploded. I tried searching for my voice to scream but I couldn’t find it. I needed to get away from this place, and fast.

I packed away the burnt blanket and hid it before my mother saw it. “Sweetie I brought chicken soup” my mother shouted from behind the door. “The door is open”, my voice was barely above a whisper. “Wow, you look very sick, let me go get the thermometer”. “No mom I’m fine, no thermometers please”. “But son you look like you’re burning up”. “You’re right about that”, I thought to myself. “No seriously mom, no thermometers, now where is that soup”, I said with the hope of changing the topic. “Well here you go”, mom said while walking over to me with the small bowl in her hand “and son if you want me to stay with you I can have that arranged, here let me call my b..” mom continued but I cut her off. “No mom, please don’t call your boss, go to work, I’ll be fine, trust me”. “Okay son, well if you insist”, she kissed me on the forehead. “Oh my, you’re definitely on fire, no blankets okay, don’t want you to boil”. “Trust me mom, I wasn’t planning on using it”. “Okay, well goodbye dear”, mom said walking off. “Goodbye mom”. As soon as mom left the room, I placed the bowl of chicken soup on the bedside table and went in front of the full length mirror. I had grown an inch taller. Wow and my abdomen was on fire, not literally. It seems as if somehow, the headache disappeared and I stopped sweating. Talk about mood swings! Although the pain was gone, I still had the urge to get away from this place, but where would I go and how would I get there.


“Haylie over here!” a voice shouted across the room. Of course it had to be Myra with my two other best friends, Logan Dawson and Jhae’ Payne. I quickly paced across the room to the table where they were at. “You looked totally lost over there”, Logan stated. “I was just checking to see if Omarion was in here”. “You’re an obsessed freak you know right?” Jhae’ said. “Why point out the obvious” Myra laughed. “Wow, what best friends I have.” “The better to tease you with”, we all laughed at Jhae’s comment. We continued eating lunch and talking about random stuff.

The school hours quickly passed by, all I did was doodle Omar’s name in my notebook during Geography and Math class. After school Jhae’s boyfriend, Liam drove us home. Liam Bales, the perfect guy for my best friend.  Head of Drama club and he had a flawless British accent. “Okay bye guys”. I waved as I stepped out of the car. Jhae leaned over to the driver’s seat and blew the horn as Liam drove off. I was going to be home alone for the next couple of minutes, it was a Friday, both of my parents worked late on a Friday. I ran up the mahogany finished stairs and headed for my room, I went over to the windows and moved the curtains and slid the windows open. My nostrils expanded taking in the breath of fresh air. As I opened my eyes, I saw something flash right across the street, whatever it was, it was moving faster than the speed of light. I had the craziest urge to go and check it out, but no I was too scared.


This is so weird, but cool. I was moving faster than anything in this world. It felt so good with the wind brushing against my bare chest. It was like nothing else in this world mattered. My hair mused in the wind, it felt great, I was enjoying the moment when suddenly a blurry figure appeared in front of me.

“Don’t enjoy this for too long”, then the figure vanished.

I stood dumbfounded on the pavement, then I remembered I had on no shirt and the last thing I want is for people to think I’m crazy or something. So I placed my focus on the wind and then I  was off, running for home.  As soon as I reached my room, I sat down on my bed, I tried thinking about my transformation. I knew it would happen, after all I am an Ecrydite, unfortunately and my biological father is the head of the Ecrydian tribe. I found this out when I was eleven years old. As a normal kid I was playing baseball with a machine. The machine was throwing the balls at maximum speed and surprisingly I was hitting every one of them, every single one. Then all of a sudden the machine started to malfunction and it flew out of its screws and was heading straight at me, out of reflex I put my hand out trying to protect me and the machine stopped abruptly and crumbled into tiny pieces. I ran straight home making sure that no one saw me. When I reached home I locked myself in my room and turned around to see small pieces of paper on the ground. I put them together and read them and that’s how I found out, but kept it a secret all these years. Afraid, mostly because of one of the letters, this one:

To:  Coranthis

Son, I know you must be wondering who I am, but I am your father Oranthion and you are my beloved son Coranthis. Today your gifts were revealed to you, do not be alarmed it is natural, at least where we come from, however, your powers will fully come to you in your sixteenth year, be careful as you are of a powerful breed. Your mother was a Macydonite, therefore you are a crossbreed of  Macydonia and Encodia, so you my son are an Ecrydite. Your powers are to be manifested carefully. I have to go. So  Krelawsha, that means Goodbye

Fr: Your father Oranthion.

I was merely afraid because of the powers I possess and what I can do. And it was also my sixteenth year on Earth.

Chapter 1

Haylie Green opened one eye to look at her now partially destroyed alarm clock. It was 5:30 am on the dot. She rolled out of bed with the intention of still doing her morning jog. As usual she got on her sweats and headed on the road. It was a little too late, she thought, for her  to see Omarion but she still pressed along. Mrs. Hawkins wasn’t out watering her lilies. “This is so pathetic, I can bet Mario is gone by now”. Haylie was however enjoying the morning dew and the new fresh air of another day. She stopped at the basketball court for a drink of her Jamaican Spring Wata. She turned around to see if Mario was on the court, unfortunately no one was on the court, only a newly destroyed basketball net. She stopped drinking and jogged home. It was a Saturday, the well loved day in the Green’s house. Haylie’s parents never worked on Saturday’s and the day was always vibrant and full of activities.

Haylie went to take a long, hot shower, then she got dressed in a True Religion jeans pants and a blue top. She couldn’t help but to think about Omarion, she hadn’t seen him in practically two days. She logged on to Rocket Chat and called Myra, she really needed someone to talk to.

Omarion was on the verge of insanity, it was like his ‘gifts’ were taking over his entire body. This morning he literally damaged the basketball court. His room was a wreck, he looked like his great, great grandfather who hasn’t shaved in years.  He couldn’t allow himself to look like this, he went in the bathroom and took up his shaver and shaved off his long overdue facial hair. “Looking good”, he said to himself. He left the bathroom and went on his bed. It seems that the only thing that could revive him was Haylie, but too bad that he didn’t get the chance to see her. He really liked her and he would do anything in his power to protect her. Not only because they were star crossed  but he somewhat felt compelled to. It was like destiny having its way. Omarion was now also fearful of the fact that Haylie would not be interested in a freak, he was still the same person, the Omarion Bradstone that everyone knew. He might have gotten a little taller yes, but he was still the same on  the outside. If he could keep his specialties’ secret then he would not have to live fearful of Haylie not liking him.

Just as everyone has weaknesses, his minor weakness was being too far from Haylie, so he gained his courage and got dressed, he was going to ask Haylie out. Omarion put on his brown shirt, a muscle hugging sweater and a black pants. He used one hand to lift the bed and searched for his black all stars on the untidy floor. Quickly he tied his laces, picked up his car keys and ran out the door. His 2012 black jaguar really needed a bit more upgrading, but nevertheless it was looking hot. “Mom I’m leaving”, he shouted as he went in his car and drove off. Haylie’s house wasn’t too far from where he lived, in no time he was at her doorstep. The house was quite beautiful, rose pink and white garden, lavender, purple and white house. It was ravishing.

“Okay, here goes nothing”, Omar whispered to himself. With trembling hands he reached for the doorbell and the buzz ran through the entire house. “Haylie get the door”, Mr. Green shouted from downstairs, “I’m coming”, Haylie replied. She ran down the staircase and by the time she reached the door she was out of breath. “How may I hel….” She stopped when she saw who it was at the door, “Omarion, hi” she continued blinking extra hard to make sure he was really there and that she wasn’t hallucinating. “Hey, Haylie right”.

“Yeah, it’s Haylie” she said a little disappointed.

“So, I was just wondering if you were busy”, Omarion asked.

“No,  actually I’m not, why?”

“I heard that there is a new park opening downtown and there will be an outdoor movie tonight, are you interested?”

“To go with you?”

“Well if you don’t want to, I”, but he was interrupted by Haylie. “Of course, yeah I would love to, but I need to go and change first” she said looking down at her clothes. “You can come in and wait, if you want”, Haylie continued.

“Sure that’s not a problem?” Omarion asked.

“Nah, that won’t be a problem, come in”.

Haylie left Omarion downstairs talking to her mom, thinking that her mother liked him already. “Already apart of the family”, she thought to herself. When she got in her room, Myra was still on Rocket Chat “Girl, you won’t believe this”, Haylie said. “Try me” Myra responded. “Okay, I went to answer the door and to my surprise it was Omarion and now I have a date and I have to go now. Bye sweetie.” Haylie said while turning off the webcam. “Mannerable much” Myra laughed while turning off her laptop. Haylie opened her closet and took out a white skinny jeans, aquamarine sleeveless blouse and matching pullover with pink diamonds. She got dressed, put on her pair of pink multi coloured converse and went downstairs. “All ready” she said when she was at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh my and I was just getting somewhere with this handsome young fellow.” Haylie’s mom impressed.

“Mom, I think he’s too young for you” Mrs. Green and Omarion laughed at her comment.

“You know, I’m just fooling around, well now you two young bloods go and have fun. I’m giving you until 11:00 to be back with my daughter” Mrs. Green said.

“We’ll be back before then” Omarion announced.

“Oh, I like you already”

“Same here” Omarion laughed, “well we will be on our way now”

“Goodbye mom” Haylie sounded amused.

“Bye Mrs. Green”

“Okay sweethearts”. Haylie walked behind Omarion through the door. “I’m sorry about my mom, sometimes she tends to be like that.”

“Nothing’s wrong, I think she’s cool” Omarion smiled.

They both continued walking until they reached the car, “Is this your car?” Haylie asked. “Yeah its mine, got it for my parent’s anniversary last year”.

“Wait, your parent’s anniversary, I thought kids give parents gifts on their anniversary, not the other way around.” Haylie said with a hint of confusion in her voice.

“Let’s say that my mom and dad are a bit over exuberant” Omarion replied. They both laughed and then Omarion continued, “Well guess we need to get going now” he said while pulling the car door for Haylie. “Thanks” Haylie mused while sitting down. Omarion jogged to his side of the car and got in, buckled up and drove off.

Omarion and Haylie were enjoying little small chats in the car before they arrived at the destination. The park was filled with people mostly teens, there was a huge screen on a shiny stand in the middle of the park. There were blankets spread on the lawn with couples lying down, sitting and just having fun on them. One and two singles could be found but there were mostly couples at the park. Dawn was slowly creeping in, stars were starting to peep out of the sky and the atmosphere was just lovely. “Guess we should have brought a blanket or something” Omarion said while running his hand through his ruffled hair. “Yeah”, Haylie chuckled, “Well there’s a man selling spreads over there”, she continued.

“Oh really, okay I’ll be right back”.

Haylie stood in the park looking at all the people there, some teens had already start to make out and the movie hadn’t even start as yet. She looked across the park and saw Omarion at the salesman, he looked so handsome and not to mention sexy, he was like Brad Pitt reincarnated. His muscles flexed when he was taking the money out of his pocket, his tall handsome figure was breathtaking. Haylie kept on staring at him until reality hit her in the face that he was staring right back at her.

Chapter 2

Omarion turned around from the stand only to see Haylie’s eyes locked on him, roaming like an adventurer searching for lost treasure, he realized what happened, so he simply smiled hoping it would help.

Haylie was now feeling so embarrassed, she couldn’t believe Omarion caught her drooping over him, but then she saw his pearly whites slowly coming to surface into a beautiful smile, with a sigh of relief, she smiled back. Omarion quickly walked back over to the waiting Haylie. “This is the best one they got”, Omarion smiled looking down at the brown, pink and peach blanket with TARZAN ® printed on it.

“Tarzan, okay it’s jungle time”, Haylie said.

Omarion laughed, “Okay, how about over there”, he pointed to a spot at the lower east side of the field.

“Perfect”, Haylie said holding on to his hand and leading the way. As soon as Haylie touched him he felt a surge of power kindle through his body. His body felt light like a hundred and one tonne load was just lifted off him. “You okay?” Haylie asked. “Never better”, Omarion replied.

Omarion spread the blanket on the lawn while Haylie went to buy the popcorn and a few sweets. The day had now signed off shift and the night took over. The new park lights on the side of the field were now turned on, they were dim lights that made the place look heavenly. There were a few cars parked at the back of the park with their headlights on. The adjustable cars had the roofs off and the owners along with whosoever they were accompanied by stayed in the cars. Haylie collected the goodies and went to the blanket. “There you are”, Omarion said.

“Sorry, the man selling me was a bit too flirtatious”.

“No prob”, Omarion chuckled. Haylie sat down beside him on the blanket. For her, it felt so awkward, because she was here one an outside date, sharing a blanket with her secret crush. Nevertheless she was planning on enjoying this once in a life chance to the max. The big  screen lit up and displayed a countdown chart, the growing crowd started counting as well, 9….8….7…6….5….4….3….2… the starting song lingered through the atmosphere. A rhythmic, melodious song by a woman singing in the rain. It was one of those 80s or 90s movie. Only with colour.

Haylie was watching the couple in front of her, the boy had his arms wrapped around the girl’s. Oh, how she longed to feel Omarion’s strong arms around her. Omarion’s hands brushed against hers as he was picking up a pack of Twix. Her entire body tingled at his touch, quickly she got herself together. The air was becoming quite chilly and so was Haylie, she drew her pullover tighter on her shoulders. Omarion was watching her from the corner of his eyes. He turned to her, took off his sweater and gave it to her. “Here, you look pretty cold”.

“Thanks”, she shivered.

The crowd seemed to really be into the movie, there was mostly singing but it was okay. A couple over the opposite side had got up and started dancing as a slow song was being sung. Two other couples got up and joined them. A snicker bar was on the blanket, simultaneously Omarion and Haylie both stretched out their hands to take it up both their fingers collided into each other’s. Haylie looked up and her eyes smashed straight into Omarion’s. For a short second they were frozen in time looking at each other until Omarion turned. Haylie took up the bar of chocolate, broke it in half and gave one of the halves to Omarion. “Oh, no keep it”, he said.

“No, I want you to have it”, she insisted.

“It’s only chocolate, plus there is another bar in the bag”

“I know, but I want you to take this one, please”

“Okay if it makes you happy” and he took the bar from Haylie.

“And that was so hard to do” she added sarcastically.

Omarion just laughed, looked at her and laughed some more.

“Omarion why you laughing, what’s so funny?” Haylie asked.

He continued laughing, “You won’t understand, and by the way you’re starting to look like Snow white.”

“Whatever and the time is really cold, aren’t you cold?”

“Nah, I’m actually hot”

“Weird much”

“No seriously I am hot. In both ways”

“Oh shut up”

They both laughed until they heard someone behind them telling them to “Shhh..” Omarion went closer to Haylie and slowly put his arms around her. Haylie shivered a bit under his touch.  “It’s okay, I’m only warming you up”.

“I know that” Haylie chuckled quietly. His body felt warm and inviting against Haylie. She leaned in some more until her head was now lying on his brawny chest. It felt great especially since his body was hot, the warmth melted in her and in no time, the coldness left her but still she did not want to ease off his chest. She wanted to cherish this moment forever.

“Want popcorn?” Omarion asked.

“Yeah sure” Haylie answered still muffled in Omarion’s chest.

“No worries I’ll help ya”

“I’m not handicapped you know”

“You sure about that” Omarion laughed taking a popcorn out of the bag and feeding Haylie.

“Thanks” Haylie muffled. Omarion continued feeding her while he was also eating until the show was over. No one was getting up as the tone set was one of romance and friendship, the atmosphere was warm and teasing. The screen went blue with sound effects dancing on the screen. Soul music started playing and persons were now getting up to dance.

“Wanna dance?” Omarion asked lowering his head to Haylie’s level. Looking up to him Haylie answered, “I’m not much of a dancer”.

“I’m sure you don’t have two left feet”

“Well no I don’t have two left feet”

“Then you can dance” he said while lifting Haylie off the blanket and onto the fresh lawn, “Let’s dance”.

Haylie was following Omarion’s every move, at the first try she stepped on his feet but she looked up at his face and smiled, he was quite a bit taller than her. Omarion was about 5”9, while Haylie was a 5”5. The dancing became smooth and slow, Omarion was enjoying the beauty of Haylie’s face. “You’re beautiful” Omarion said softly.

“What did you just say”

“I said you’re beautiful”

“Oh, uhm thank you” Haylie’s cheeks had now transformed to a bright shade of red. She held down her head and continued dancing but a soft finger appeared under her chin lifting up her face to meet Omarion’s. Haylie really was beautiful, her hazel eyes glistened in the dim light and her soft pink lips looked so inviting. As Omarion looked down on the beauty that beheld him, he was tempted to tell Haylie how he really felt. “Uhm Haylie” he whispered softly.

“Yes” her charming voice was merely over a whisper.

As Omarion was about to tell her, veracity struck him and he remembered that he wasn’t totally normal.

“Yes” Haylie repeated.

“Oh, yeah I think we ought to get going now” Omarion lied.

“Oh” Haylie sounded a bit disappointed.

They went back to the blanket packed up the things and put them in the car. “Ready” Omarion said.

“Yeah” Haylie replied while going into the car. As Omarion drove off, Haylie sulked in the car seat. “You okay?’Omarion asked with his eyes still fixed on the road.

“Yeah I’m good”. Omarion could sense the tension in the air and the turmoil rising in Haylie. He wanted to say something but no, he kept his mouth shut and they drove home in silence. When they reached Haylie’s stop, Omarion turned off the ignition and turned to Haylie. “Well uhm I really had a fun time tonight” Omarion said.

“Yeah me too.”

“Is it okay to ask if I can get your number please”. Haylie laughed a bit. “Finally, there is colour in those cheeks again”

“Well why not” then they exchanged phone numbers. “So I guess this is goodnight” Omarion said.

“Yeah, thanks for taking me out”

Omarion leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Butterflies instantly formed in Haylie’s stomach. “Okay goodnight” Omarion whispered. “Goodnight” Haylie opened the car door and came out. Omarion didn’t leave until Haylie was safely inside, then he blew his horn and drove off.


Chapter 3


Pastor White was just finishing up his sermon and Haylie was still busy texting Omarion. Every minute her mom had to nudge her in the side to tell her to text quietly.

“Yes” Haylie shouted unconscious of the church members now staring at her with a bedazzled look on their faces. “The lord is good” Haylie continued trying to hide her enthusiasm.

“Haylie if you can’t be quiet, please put away the phone” her mom scolded. Haylie sank in the bench, “I’ll be quiet, promise”

Haylie had been texting Omarion since church had commenced. The cause of Haylie’s outburst was because Omarion asked her out again, he wanted to take her to the country side this afternoon, then he offered to take her to school Monday morning. As soon as church was dismissed Haylie quickly ran into her parent’s car as a sign that she was ready to leave. When she reached home, she raced up to her room, changed into a comfy summer dress(although it wasn’t summer) and a laced pair of slippers, brushed her hair and combed it into a butterfly sweep, brushed her teeth and washed her face, then she rushed back downstairs to Omarion who was outside waiting.

“Where do you think you’re going”. Mr. Green asked.

“Her boyfriend is outside waiting” Mrs. Green replied.

“Boyfriend, which boyfriend is she talking about Haylie”

“Dad Omarion is not my boyfriend, he’s just my friend and mom I’m going to the country side. I’ll be back soon, love you.”

“Wow, you look stunning” Omarion greeted her, he was leaning on the car with both of his hands in his pocket.

“Thank you” Haylie said while giving a full three sixty.  “You don’t look bad yourself”. Omarion chuckled a bit then they both got in the car.

“Where exactly did you say we were going again?”  Haylie asked.

“We’re going to Lacovia, it is way in the country but it is a nice place, really beautiful. I think you’ll love it”.

“Oh really, do you know me that well.”

“Well I figure, you’re one of those girls that are kinda extinct these days. The type that they say if you find one, you’ve found yourself a good thing”.

Haylie’s face grew pale, “Should I take that as a compliment”.

“That’s up to you to decide”


Silence hung in the air for a while.

“We’re here” Omarion declared.

“I thought you said Lacovia was beautiful”

“It is, just not this part”.

“Please tell me this place is not deserted”

“What if it is, you scared?”

“Well, uhm no..”

‘You sure about that”.

“Yes I am, I can handle myself”. Omarion sneaked behind Haylie and silently frightened her.

“HA!” Haylie jumped.

“I’m sorry did I frighten you, there was a bug on your blouse” he said trying to seem innocent.

“Oh really now, you did that on purpose”

“And it sure did work” Omarion said walking off.

“Where exactly is the beauty?”

Omarion turned around to face her. “In front of me”

Playfully Haylie turned around and said, ‘where?’’

Omarion chuckled slightly and turned Haylie to face him once more. “Haylie I’m talking about you”

Haylie focused her eyes on the ground but Omarion just raised her head so that their eyes were locked on each other.

“Don’t you believe me?” Omarion asked.

“Well… uhm, it’s just a bit hard to think that you would be interested in me”

“Who wouldn’t be, Haylie you’re the most beautiful girl in this world, both inside and out, every time I see you my heart beats faster and slower at the same time. You’re an incredible girl” he said while slowly using his thumb to create small circles on the back of Haylie’s hand. “I like you a whole lot Hayles”.

All the blood rushed to Haylie’s cheek, “Did you just call me Hayles?”

“Yeah, I did. If you dont like it, I can always stop if you don’t approve”

“No, it’s alright. Did you really mean what you said just now?”

“Yeah, every single word” His hand was now brushing the stray hair out of Haylie’s face. Time seemed to get lost as they both stared in each other’s eyes. The distance between their lips seemed to grow nearer and nearer.

As they were about to close the space a loud gush of wind erupted from behind them. “What was that?” Haylie shouted.

Omarion instantly turned around keeping Haylie at a protective distance behind him. His eyes scanned the area for anything unfamiliar, there was nothing there. “Maybe it was nothing” Haylie’s voice rang.

As Omarion turned to look at her, the same black figure appeared from nowhere and disappeared just as quick.

“Uhm Omarion are you okay?”


“Uhh, yeah I’m okay, I think we should leave now”

“But we just got here, we haven’t even seen Lacovia yet?”

“I know and I’m really sorry but I just remembered this thing that I have to do”

“Oh, okay then”

Omarion went over to Haylie’s side, held her hand and led her to the car. As he held her hand he realized that small flames had encircled his other palm, he quickly clasped his hand tight and walked faster.

Haylie realized the change and suddenly stopped walking and looked up at him, “what’s wrong?” she asked with a hint of gleam in her eyes.

It hurt Omarion but he couldn’t risk putting the only girl he ever really loved in danger. “Nothing, let’s just go”

They got in the car and drove in silence until they arrived at Haylie’s house.

“Hayles, I’m sorry that I had to cut the evening short, really I am” Omarion said earnestly while looking deep in her eyes. There was something that he had never noticed before, her hazel eyes were surrounded by a pool of gold. “Wow!” he uttered to himself.

“It’s no problem” she replied softly while pulling the car door.

Omarion held her back by the wrist, “Haylie I forgot something”

“What?” Haylie asked turning to face him.

“This” he said while leaning forward to kiss her. For a small moment Haylie was a bit startled but she started to kiss him back. Their lips moved in sync with each other while Haylie’s fingers wove into his newly styled hair. “See you tomorrow, yeah?” he asked while pulling away from the kiss. “Most definitely” Haylie responded.

“Goodbye love” Omarion said as Haylie stepped out of the car.

“Goodbye” she replied with tiny butterflies jittering in her stomach.


 While driving off, Omarion adjusted his mirror while looking at himself. Surprisingly his eye colour had changed to a shade of purple. “Guess love is in the air”, he thought to himself as he shifted gear to full speed and drove off in the wind going 150 miles per hour.

Chapter 4


“What are we going to do? Coranthis is more powerful than we thought”

“Dymius, what did think you little mite? He is the son of Oranthion and Carmela”.

“I know but also lately he seems to have a love interest in the daughter of Raymond Green”

“Raymond Green, do you actually mean that Coranthis is in a love relation with Haylie Green”

“Well his earthly name is not Coranthis anymore, it’s changed to Omarion and yes I have actually been spying on them all day, they seem to have a liking for each other. They even did the forbidden act of joining their tongues. The girl is really cute too”.

“Stay focused young one. It is serious then. Haylie is the star crossed lover for Coranthis and Coranthis is her consort. He is at his strongest when he is with her. Dymius we need to separate them”

“ So Phybian, what do you suggest”

“Let’s just say you’re starting high school. Say goodbye to Dymius and hello to Devaun”


“So should Liam and I pick you up?”  Jhae’s voice rang over the phone.

“Actually Omarion is picking me up?” Haylie responded through her phone.

“Omarion!  Seriously, is there something that you have obviously forgotten to tell me Haylie”

“No sweetie, I haven’t forgotten to tell you anything. Omarion and I are just friends Jhae’.

“If you say so. Anyway Liam is here now so see you at school. Bye”

“Bye” Haylie replied as she put the phone down on her bed and continued getting dressed. She got dressed in a black romper and a grey cardigan along with her black and grey vans.

“Haylie, Omarion is here!” Mrs. Green shouted from downstairs.

“I’ll be down in a minute mom” She answered while scurrying to put her books in her tote. In a few minutes, she was bolting down the staircase and into the living room.

“No breakfast this morning?” Mr. Green asked.

“I’m not hungry dad” Haylie responded oblivious to the presence of Omarion in the sofa.

“Good morning beautiful” Omarion called out.

“Good morning” Haylie replied a bit shyly. “Well, mom and dad I’ll see you later”

She walked over to Omarion and held on to his hand and pulled him off the sofa. He laughed softly and told Mr. and Mrs. Green goodbye.

“You look really great today.. as usual” Omarion said as soon as they stepped outside.

“Thanks” she replied while Omarion pulled her in for a warm embrace. Haylie was like a charger for him, as soon as she touched him something flowed through his veins energizing his entire body. He loved her so much, it almost seemed like a crime. He softly kissed her on the forehead before releasing her.

“Let’s go” she said still pulling him by his hands over to his jaguar.



“There’s someone new here” Myra closed her locker and turned to face Haylie”

“Really who?”

“I don’t know yet, but I heard that he’s really cute and has really pretty eyes” she said as she slung her bag over her shoulder.

Haylie rolled her eyes and gathered her sketch pad and portfolio for art class. “I don’t really care, I like Omarion. It’s like we connect somehow.”

“Oh my, my little girl is in love” Myra teased.

“Whatever. I’ll see you at lunch, yeah?” Haylie called over her shoulder as she walked off to class.

“I’ll be in the gazebo with James, so I’ll be a little late” Myra’s words echoed  through the hallway.

Haylie turned around and shouted, “Be careful now!” She spun on her heels and continued to walk briskly to the art room when she felt a whoosh of air and then the hard ground beneath her. She didn’t realize that she had collided in someone until she heard a cute and groggy voice.

“Am so sorry, are you okay?” he asked.

Haylie raised her head to meet a pair of charcoal eyes. She didn’t recognize the voice so she decided to be friendly.

“It’s not your fault, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going?” The Portfolio with her drawings had also fell and the papers were scattered on the floor.

“I guess you’re the new kid everyone’s talking about” Haylie said while they both took up the papers from the floor. He chuckled slightly, I guess I am, the name’s Devaun..”

“I’m Haylie, nice to meet you”.

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