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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter eleven

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



I wake up before everyone else and run out the door immediately after getting dressed. I forgot Pippi's present. I know that sounds weird, but to me it's important. I love Pippi the most. Sounds weird, but its true. I run down street frantically. Hopefully a store is open. Maybe Mellons has something. He doesn't just sell paintings. He's weird.

As I run down the street, I wrap my scarf around my face. It's snowin, the snow is high, and in front of the apartments I pass, snowmen line the streets. I smile but keep going, trying to reach Mellon's stand without dying of frostbite. Which I already have.


After walking nonstop in the icy air, for like twenty minutes, I reach Mellon. He's wearing the typical tye-dye and peace signs, but he has a santa hat on. He's reading high times and eating cranberries. I smile a little.

"Hey, Mellons." I say, cuddling in my coat.

"Oh, hey man! What're you doing here, it's Christmas Eve." He smiles, eating another cranberry.

"I forgot a present. For my cat."

He laughs at me, and I smile. "Any mouse toys?"

"Uhh... No, man, but i got some cat nip. What about that?" He starts rummaging through a box. He pulls some out.

"Oh, great!" I say, rummaging through my wooly pockets for money. He starts wrapping it up.

"Have a great Christmas, man..." He's got a great habbit of saying 'man'

I smile, handing him the money "You too."


I walk around boredly after that, not exactly wanting to go home. Katy is gone, Becky is gone, and Monica is gone. So, I'm all alone. Tomorrow, Marcy and Tony are going to some Christmas banquet and they'll have a romantic night, and etc. They're leaving me on Christmas. Aren't they just so nice?

Few people roam the streets, because they're spending time with their families. I sigh at them, the lucky bastards, because they take that for granted. I wish my holidays were a family event. But, sadly, they're not. So this time of year, every year, I suck it up. I cry when Momo calls me, sounding like it's inconvienent to call me. I cry when Dad calls, if he does, and he explains how busy he is. It sucks. It just really sucks.

I turn my numb fingers over the box of catnip, wondering how he'll react. Maybe his pupils will get really big, and he'll run around like crazy. Maybe he'll get confused and just lay down. Both sound like him.

My phone goes off and I get a text. I rummage through my coat, trying to find my phone. I reach it and pull in out of my pocket, then look down at the little letter on my screen. I press it and I frown at the message. It's from Cody.

I read the words, starting to feel sick again. I frown. I see you~. it says.

I frown and shove my phone in my pocket, not in the mood to talk to him. But,of course, he comes out of wherever he was spying on me from. That little pervert. "Wait, Lexi!" He says, trying tocatch up to me.

He starts talking to me, but I give him the cold shoulder. I obviously don't know how to react to something like...What happened the other day. I mean, yeah, I've kissed a boy. But not him. And I've seen him kiss other girls, being gross in the hallway, he didn't do that to me. Just lips pressed. That's the weirdest part. I frown and try to shake the evil thoughts.

"So, you got Pippi a present?" He asks, breaking my firm grasp on the catnip and looking at it.

"No, it's for my mother. Give it!" He obviously hears the sarcasm in my voice, because he laighs.

"Why are you in such a bad mood?" He asks me, smiling.

"You." I grumble.

"What did I do?" He asks.

"Nevermind. Gimme the catnip." I reach up for it, but he holds it up, way away from me. Damn him for being taller. I can't reach it.

"No, tell me what I did." He says, not looking that happy anymore.

"Why?" I ask. "I just want the catnip!" I reach for it.

"No. Tell me and I'll fix it, then you can have the catnip." Usually that's not a very big demand, like most people wouldn't go far for catnip, but I want it.

"Why?" I say, reaching for it.

He frowns. "I just want to know. Why did I make you mad."

"Cuz you're a big pervert. That's why. Now gimme the catnip." I'm on my tiptoes, reaching, stretching, and about to fall into the soft snow that surrounds our boots.

"How am I a pervert?" He asks.

I cross my arms "Are you serious? Pin me to a wall, against my will, kiss me, harass me, that's not perverted?"

He stops, stares at me, then kind of smiles. "So you think I'm a pervert because I like you?"

I scoff at the word 'like' and sigh "Yeah."

"So then you're a pervert too. You like me." He says.

"No I don't." I say. I actually feel the opposite of that. I hate him. He's caused me too much confusion.

"But you're wearing the bracelet." He states.

"How did you know that?" I ask, looking down at my puffy blue arm. My coat covers it, of course.

He smiles "I didn't."

I turn red. He did it again, made me blush, made me wonder, made me confused. Just what is he thinking? I don't know, but it's starting to drive me crazy. Now Christmas will be awkward, and I won't know what to do.

He smiles and kisses my forehead. "See?"

I frown. He takes my hand and with his other hand, hands me the catnip. I glare at him. He smiles. "I'll walk you home."

"Whatever." I grumble. What the hell was that? What the hell is this? I don't know, but his hand is warm, mine is cold, and I just want to go home. I start to promise to myself. He can do this all he wants, but some cheerleader will steel him from me. Then, I realize that I just thought the word steel. What does this mean? Now he's not the only idiot.

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