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I must say, this is quite sappy! WARNING

Chapter 13 (v.1) - chapter thirteen.

Submitted: October 06, 2012

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Submitted: October 06, 2012



I call up Katy on my phone to wish her a Merry Christmas. Pippy and Kat, the new kitty, spat right in front of me as I did so. Katy squeals through the phonem only talking of the lovelife she's fantisizing for me."OMG, how's the whole situation with Cody going." And "Did he kiss you?" And, "How's your christmas going. Did you spend it with Codyyyyyyyy?" I frown. To be honest, I'm really, really, tired of hearing his name.

She blabs on through the other end, but I mostly just watch the two cats bicker, trying to see who the other is. Finally, Katy says goodbye. I shut my phone and roll over on my bed, tired of hearing about all of this. Less than a month ago, I had never talked to Cody. I was a happy, unconfused girl with NORMAL friends. And now, I'm getting tired of being pulled from both ends.

I hear Marcy calling Kat, and hide Kat in my closet. I don't want her to leave.


Hours pass, and i've been listening to the radio the whole time. How many times can they remake Rudolf-The-Red-Nosed-Reindeer, or Silent Night? Pippi is asleep on my chest, and I feel his warm purr against my skin. His whiskers brush against my smuthered face.

the phone rings again, and I'm guessing it's Becky. I roll over, waking Pippi, and reach for my phone. I pick it up, and hear Dad's voice at the other end. i perk up. "Hi, Daddy!" I say, happy to hear him. I hear him muffle something, and hear all his co-workers in the background.

"Hi, sweetie. Merry Christmas." He says, sounding like he has a cold.

I smile, happy to hear from him. "How are you?" I ask, clinging to the phone.

"Busy..." He says. "About to get on my next flight." I hear the airport people.

"Well, how's your day going?" I ask, just not wanting him to end the bloody call.

"Uh, fine I guess." I hear a muffled voice talking to him. It's mom, and I can tell you that's a fact."You know what, this was a bad time. Mom says hi"

"Oh...?" I ask.

"Just talk to me...later.. I'm busy. Love you, but i have to go. Bye" He says blanky.

I hear a click, and the call is over. "Bye..."

I feel really sad inside, for some reason. My heart feels as sour as my sugar-filled stomach. I hear Katy crying and I pull her up onto my bed, out of the closet, and hug her close to me. I stroke her soft furr. "He's busy..." I say. She mews and rubs her face against mine. her cold nose freezes my face.

Marcy knocks on my door, and sees me looking a little sad. She walks over, and immediately wraps her arms around me. "Dad called?" She asks, brushing my hair out of my face. "Yeah." I say. "He said five words to me, and mom didn;t even say anything. I can't tell if they're busy or they don't care." I burry my sad face in her sweater

Marcy hugs me tighter. "They'll be home soon. They're just doing what they have to do." I sigh. Kat crawls up onto us and tries to get in on the attention. But Marcy pays no mind.

"Well, they'll have to be here soon, because little Joey will be here soon. They promised they wouldn't miss his birth, and I'll hold that against them if I have to. Oh, I will." She smiles. "And they can't ignore you, then." She wipes my hair from my face. I smile. She keeps stroking my hair, acting like a mother figure. Then she gives me one last squeeze and walks out.


I walk outside with Pippi in my hands and sit on the steps, watching the festive little snowflakes fall in place, slowly piling up to inches and inches. Pippi doesn't quite understand the little white things, so he reaches out his arms and bats them with his paws as hey drift down.

He has a fun time amusing himself as I stroke his oreo fur and watch the empty street get flooded with christmas. Through the thin walls, I hear my neighbor blasting some Bing Crosby. I can't quite tell which song, though.

Then, I hear my name called out. Why? Whay always here? Why always him? I recognise it right away. It's Christmas day and he's still stalking me. I stand up, trying to see which way he's coming from, and trip over the stairs, flinging pippi into the air. Come on. Cody runs up to me, laughing really hard. How did he not fall in the snow?

He leans down to help me up. "You okay, Lex?"

I frown, pulling myself up. "Don't call me that." I hiss

He laughs and gets me back to my feet. I frown at him, not really happy to see me. Pervert. I think.

He brushes the snow off of me. I frown and push him off of me, annoyed. My cheeks are just melting the snow off now. He smiles."Well, Merry Christmas to you too!"He says with an amused purr in his voice. I roll my eyes.

He smiles, trying to get me to talk to him. "Come on, Lexi. It's Christmas. At least act jolly."

"No." I say, keeping a blank, nondescript face.

He frowns, not liking my tone. He bends down, scoops up some snow, and throws a snowball at me. "At least say Merry Christmas back! Like you mean it."

"What is wrong with you?" I ask feircely, not as amused as him, obviously.

He throws another one. Right at my face. "Like you mean it."

I frown and throw one right at his face, back. It hits him square in the face. "Merry Christmas." I say.

Next thing I know, he's pelting me with snowballs. He's declared war on me, andthen the next thing I know, I'm laughing and throwing them back.I take cover around the apartment building. He's not throwing them really hard, thank god, and now I have a little time to make a snowballs. I peek around the corner, and he's making a snowball. I throw another one right at him, and it knocks him over. I burst out laughing, and my hat falls off as I nearly fall back laughing. It was a full on blow.

"Hey!" He yells and throws one back at me. He misses, and it just flies by me.

"Ha!" I yell and hit him again. He laughs "That's it."

He starts chasing me around in the backyard of the apartment, and we're yelling like little kids. Except, I doubt he'll end up sitting on me and pulling my hair like a lot of little boys do to little girls. Thank god noone can see us. I'm actually having fun, too. And that's weird, because I hate him...

He finally catches me and we both go down into the snowy-powder. I laugh. "Jerk!" And throw another snowball at him. He laughs and throws one back, and we both pant on the ground from all our running. The clouds start to get lighter, and the snow gets less heavy. Cody laughs and sighs. "Ah... I won." I shoot up "Nu-uh!" "Ya huh!" He gloats, looking a little bit too proud of himself. I just roll my eyes. "Idiot."

"Bleh!" He laughs, and starts gloating again.

"Dude! I won! I hit you in the face, like...Ten times!" I say, stating a fact. He only hit me in the face once.

"Nu-uh!" I say, pushing him.

"Yu-huh!" He laughs back.

I push him harder "I won!"

"Whatever." He says, rolling his eyes, trying to get me mad.

I hear Pippi meow again, but I don't care. We then just sit in silence. Cody pulls his blue beanie over his hair and sighs. Yet another awkward silence. I lie down, plopping into the snow, and he does so next to me. We just watch snow fall, get stuck in my eyelashes, and it's silen in the city again.

"Hey, Lexi." Cody says, shifting position.

"Yeah?" I ask, still watching little snowflakes make their way to the white sheets we lay on.

"Why do you hate me?" He asks, looking over at me.

Now it's actually awkward. I tell him all the time that I hate him, that I think he's a giant pervert, and then today I acted like we were best friends. That's kind of a jeky thing for me to do. My stomach twists into a knot. My face turns red, and I avoid all eye contact again. I need to work on that...

"I don't hate you..." I say nervously. "You're just a giant pain in the ass." I elbow him, trying to make the air around us less heavy.

"Why do you say you hate me then?" He asks.
"Simple answer. Because I'm stupid." I say, shrugging.

"Hm." He says, sounding convinced. "So...Then you just don't like me?"

"No..." I say, starting to squirm. "Stop asking questions."

"Whatever." He says. I feel his hand reach mine, and he takes mine. My face turns red. But, I don't pull away. Maybe I've put him through enough. He squeezes my hand. His hand is warm, even though we're sitting in the snow. It gets quiet once more, but good quiet. And thenI squeeze his hand back.

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