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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Chapter fifteen- Here comes Shawn! (Part one)

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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Submitted: October 07, 2012



*Days passed from christmas, but I didn't know that today,Febuary ninth, would be the best day of my whole life*

I am having a wonderfull dream when Tony comes barreling into my room, yelling and 'whoop'ing with joy. Again. "Alexis! Lexi get up!" He yells, tearing the blankets off of me. My eyes fly open from fear. He's standing over me, shaking my whole body, starting at my shoulders. He whips me around, his eyes dancing like fireflies, and his expression was like a little canister about to pop with confetti.

"What!? WHAT?" I yell, scared out of my mind by his strange behavior. Where's the fire!?

He jums with joy, tearing my blankets off. "Marcy is going into labor! My baby boy is coming!!!!" He screams it like he wants the whole world to hear. I look at my clock. Four AM! We're going to get so many complaints, but I lose myself too. We jump around, excitedly getting everything we need. Marcy sits at the kitchen table, watching us scaredly. She, of course, has never had a baby before. Her eyes are full of terror and joy at the same time. Today, I become an aunt!


We pile into Tony's car, Marcy and I in the back for safety. I've never seen Tony so excited. He really wants to see his baby. The streets are crowded, so he pulls out of the parking-lot and into a backroad behind our appartment. It takes you across the traintracks to Saint Mary's hospital. That's where Marcy insisted we should go, because that's where her favorite doctor works.

We rush down the street, not caring the speed limit. the police always understand. Marcy is actually the most calm out of us as we barrel along. "Tony, please slow down. I'd rather go slower and... Survive" She holds her stomache. Tony slows down a little. "Sorry, honey. I'm just SO excited. We're gonna have a baby! Our little boy is coming!" He squeaks like a teenage girl. Marcy looks at me with a smile. "One day you'll have a husband. Then, you'll get used to stuff like this." She elbows me playfully. I smile back. I would elbow her back, but right now, that doesn't seem like too good of an idea.

We cross the train tracks and make it to the real city part of the city. No more apartments, just tall buildings. We pass hotdog stands, bikers, weird mimes on the side of the street.


We get to the hospital quickly, and we hop out of the car. Tony practically carries Marcy in. I smile. He loves her too much, And I follow them. He's babying Marcy, too. Saying that he wants her to stay close to him and tell him if she's in pain. I smile again, because he's just the perfect husband. Marcy stands by him as he signs her in to get a hospital room. I walk and stand next to Marcy. She's nervously looking at her stomache. I look over at her. "You okay, Marc?"

She looks up at me. "To be honest, I'm freiking scared." She says.

I smale and pat her back. "It'll be okay."

"I hope..." She says, biting her nails.


They wheeled Marcy into a hospital room and made us all sit down. We weren't alowed to stand around her, for some reason. So Tony, husband of the year nomenee, scooted his chair as close to her as he could. He held her hand and patted it, promising her everything would be okay. She smiled at him, really wanting to beleive him. But she was scared out of her witts.

She was breathing heavily, looking at me scaredly. But Tony was doing a pretty good job of calming her down. Most women are crying from fear by now. I'd be that person who started crying, and my husband would have to wipe my tears and promise everything would go smoothly.Marcy's really lucky.

The doctor comes in to check on her, and I had to leave because I wasn't the mother or husband. She was going to do all sorts of things that I didn't want to see. So, I left and wandered the hospital, nervously watching time creep by. It was going too damn slow. I was finding anything interesting, even peeling loose wallpaper. That's how bad it is.

Then, I notice something that annoys me. There are couples everywhere here. I mean, not just holding hands. Kissing, or making out in public. This is a place for sick people. Why would you make out with someone here? It kind of disgusts me. I roll my eyes after seeing each one. I scoff, annoyed still, and start ranting in my mind.Imagine if Cody and I did that. I think angrily. Then, I have a big realization. I just thought of Cody as my boyfriend. My face turns red, and I try to pretend that that never happened.


Soon, I'm called back in. Marcy and Tony wait for me, Marcy still looking pretty scared, but Tony all excited. "They said she could go into labor anytime soon!" He says, cheering and getting all spooled up. The doctor, Dr. Hepton, tells Tony to sit down. He sits down immidiately, looking guilty. I laugh and lean against the door frame.

Dr. Hepton looks at me. "Oh, well who are you?" He smiles. I smile. "I'm Lexi." He shakes my hand. "Nice to meet you, Lexi. I'm guessing you're Marcy's sister." I smile "Yep." I hear Marcy make a nervous noise and Dr. Hepton looks over at her. "Are you okay?" He asks.

"uh, No." She says nervously. She holds her stomache in pain.

he turns to me. "I'm sorry, Lexi, but you might have to leave... I thinkyour sister hasfully going into labor..." He says, starting to chase me out. He follows me out the door and shuts the door behind him. I can tell that he sees that I'ma little scared, too. "Don't worry about your sister, she'll be okay. She's in good hands."

"Actually, that's not why I'm worried. I think Tony is going to be a mess." I say, being honest.

He laughs. "Ah, don't worry about him." He pats my back.

I turn to walk back to the waiting room. he stops me. "Hey, how old are you?" He asks.

I turn around. "Uh, eighteen in less than a month..." I say, wondering why he wants to know.

He writes something on the peice of paper on his clip-board and rips it off of one of the papers. "Call me." He says, smiling,

I turn red. He couldn't be more than twenty-two, but that's still older than me! This pervert! I shove the note in my pocket and walk away quickly. That's seriously creepy.

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