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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chapter sixteen-here comes shawn (part two.)

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Submitted: October 08, 2012



I sat in the waiting room for hours, just waiting. I got some texts from Katy, wondering why I wasn't at school, some from Becky just saying random things. I sigh. I fell asleep for a while, but I woke myself up after when I was half-asleep and saw all the weirdos in this hospital. This one guy brought in his snake and asked if the doctor could help it. The nurse freaked out and told him to go to the Vet, and 'get out now!'. That was the hilight of the three hours I sat there.

Finally, at about three in the afternoon, the nurse called me in. She said that the baby was ready to see. I smiled and hopped out of my chair, then raced down the hallway. The halls were usually dreary, they were all day, but now the lights seem to have brightened and the air around me was happier. I'm an aunt. I say to myself, I have a nephew.

I run around the corner and stop at the door, mindidng the fact that there was a baby in the room. I prepared myself mentally. I will probably start crying out of excitement, or be loud out of excitement. I will probably want to hog Shawn and not let anyone else have him. I will probably be wonderstruck and lose myself to his little hands wrapped on one of my fingers. But as I stand outside this door,I remind myself not to lose my head. I open my eyes slowly, and gently turn the doorknob.

I quietly walk into the room, minding that I shut the door quietly behind me. When I turn back around, I see Marcy and Tony looking over the little bundle in Marcy's arm. I watch Tony look lovingly at the little baby, looking like he might cry. At this moment, I see that he'll be a great dad. Marcy does the same, holding the baby like she can never let go.

I walk over, joining them. I see the little boy in Marcy's arm, and my heart skips a beat. He's beautifull. I think. He's sleeping, so I don't see his eyes. But, he has beautifull pale skin and black hair. I smile warmly. The room is a peacefull quiet, and we all lovingly look at Shawn.


Hours pass from then and now we all are talking. Marcy has to stay in bed untill tomorrow, but Shawn is sleeping in the little incuator. He has to feel motherly warmth for at least twenty-four hours so he can adjust. Marcy is eating a banana, because she hasn't eaten yet today. Tony is sitting by her side, holding her hand lovingly.

"So, Mom and Dad should meet us at home tomorrow. They couldn't make it today." She says, trying to be understanding.

"What makes you think that they can keep this promise?" I ask, not very happy about them coming.

"Come on Lex," She begs. "Try to understand."

"No. They've ignored me my whole life. So I'm going to ignore them." they've never cared about me. Ever. So of course I'll be mad. Why shouldn't I be?

I shift in my chair. I feel uncomphertable with them coming. Mom is always drinking wine and making phone calls, and Dad just ignores me. He used to care, but about when I was five, he got his new job. So we had a Nanny untill Marcy turned seventeen. Then, Dad let her take care of me. So, they'll just keep being jerks tomorrow.

I get up from my chair and walk to the door. "I'm going to go to the vending machine." I say.

"Kay." Marcy says.

I exit the small, cramped room and walk down the hallway. Many doors line the long hallway, and it looks a lot more dreary, now. My footsteps echo, because it's really quiet. Finally, I reach the lobby and walk to the vending machine. I'm starved. I think, pulling a dollar from my pocket. I reach the tall machine and examine it's contents.Funions, Lays, Snickers, Munchies, Gum, Granola... I decide on Lays.

I press the multiple buttons and wait for the machine to let go my chips. The little spinny thing spins clockwise, starting to release the bag, but right when it reaches the end, it gets stuck.

"God damnit." I say angrily. I bang my hand on the glass, trying to loosen it. "Come on!" I say.

I loosen it, finally, and bend down to get it. I'm so tired. I want to sleep. I want to sit with my friends. I want to watch a late special. I want to do absolutely nothing! But not a nothing in a hospital waiting room, a nothing in my humble abode, with my loving cats, and loving family, and even my parents. I just want to leave this boring place. And I really, really, just want to sleep. Most of all.

I sigh and walk slowly back to the room, holding the bag of chips tiredly and scuffling like a zombie. I'm sure that right now I look as pretty as one. I reach the room and slowly open the door. "Hey, tony," I whisper. "Can you-" Ibecome aware of my surroundings andI realise that he's asleep. He has his head on the bed, and Marcy's asleep next to him, her arms around him. I smile slowly and shut th door. "They're so cute." I say to myself.

I decide to try to find a ride. I walk back through the twisted hallways, feeling like I'm lost in one of those spook mazes, and find my way to the front door. I pull out my phone as I exit the giant prison. I immediately press one on speed dial and call Katy. It rings a fe times, but she picks up.

"Hey, Katy?" I ask.

"Yes?" She says back through the phone, giggling.

"Do you think you could pick me up from the hospital. I'm kind of stuck here with no ride home."

"Oooh, sorry Lexi, I'm kind of busy..." She says.

"Doing what?" I ask, feeling my nose get red, seeing my breath, and feeling the icy air hit sharp against my skin.

"Uhh...Homework" She says.

"You're watching a chick-flick aren't you?" I ask.

"...Yes" She says quietly. I can hear the violin music in the backround. It's the notebook. I know it.

"Katy!" I plead.

"Sorry, gotta go. Big kiss scene. Love you, girl" And I get a click.

"God damnit. Well that's that." I say, angrily. I call up everyone friend I have, then. Betty, Monica, Candace, Cheyanne, Laura. But none can come get me. Great.

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