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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Chapter eighteen

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Submitted: November 09, 2012



The next few days billowed by quickly. I really wanted them to last, one because of the whole Valentine's day bet, and two because we were inviting Shawn into his new home. The first day he came home was such a short day, besides the fact that Mom and Dad came early. They are getting on my nerves lately. But Iwas still really happy. Shawn finally got to be in that special baby room we had set up. And, he loved it.

Now I sit with Shawn on my lap, on Valentine's Day morning. It's six thirty, and I need to meet Katy at her house in ten minutes. But, Shawn started crying. And you're not just supposed to let an infant cry. I watch that Valentine's Day episode of spongebobe, bouncing Shawn on my knee. He had cried all night, and he just won't stop. But Marcy and Tony crashed. They're so tired from all the baby biz Shawn lets out another crying bawl. I know how ya feel, buddy. I think, bouncing his tiny frame up and down on my knee. I really do hate Valentine's day.

Finally, I feel a text from Katy. Where r u???? I take it as an excuse to go lay Shawn back down. I really need to go. I race to Shawns room, being carefull not to shake the baby, and gently set him in his crib. Then, I quietly race out the door, grabbing my bag at the coat wrack, and slip all the way down the stairs. But, I get up and keep running.

After a few minutes of huffing and puffing down blocks and blocks, I see Katy waiting for me. She has the impatient face on.

"Katy!" I call, waving breathlessly.

"Where were you? I was about to leave without you!" She cries back at me.

I reach her, huffing like I got the wind knocked out of me. "Shawn wouldn't stop crying, and neither my parents or my sister and tony were awake. I had to handle it." I say in a sob-songy way.

She laughs. "Awwwe, poor Alexis."

"Yeah." I whine. We both let out a laugh and start walking in the direction of the school.


The aura of the school is light as we walk into the doors. Everyone buzzes, and love is in the air. Girls swarm cute boys, boys swarm cute girls. Theauroma of roses and chocolate fill the hallways. Cupid is working hard today. I walk through the crowd to my locker, departing from Katy. I hear girls squealing and boys laughing and the ripping open of presents. It feels weird to be around this much love.

I finally reach my locker and slowly open it, watching people around me buzz excitedly. I see girls surround all the jocks, including Cody, and I sigh. Valentine's day is annoying.

I open the locker and immediately I smeel a sweet scent. I look in my locker, and there is a rose taped to the door. I stare at it for a second, then realize what it's from when I turn and see Cody make his way through the crowd of students to me. I unttape it and stare at the little flower, then at the nearing boy.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" He chimes.

"You bloody pervert! How the hell did you get into my locker!?" I ask, feeling especially weirded out by his creepy actions today. I'm going on a date with this creep. I think.

He just shrugs with a smile, and a really excited smile at that.

"Why are you all excited." I say, narrowing my eyes at him. He's hiding something. He's doing something. He's plotting something. I think.

He just smiles at me creepily. "Just excited about tonight."

I glare at him, grabbing my binder from my locker. "You better seize the moment because tonight is the only night. Ever."

He just smiles at me. I scoff unexcitedly, shut my locker and walk to class.


School ends too quickly, and my last class lets out. The day was completely creepy, though. Every time I looked back, Cody was smiling at me. Like a pervert. So, I kept my head down in pretty much every class. And then, as Katy and I were walking out, he decided to join us and tell Katy everything.

Cody came up behind me quickly and wrapped his arm around me. I squeaked unhappily, im a state of surprise, and Katy turned to see what was the matter. Of course, she saw Cody hugging me.

"You ready for tonight?" Cody chimed to me.

Katy immediately jumped all over that question, wanting to know what I've hidden from her. "What? What's tonight?" She asks almost like a hopeless romantic. She likes to delve into my 'love life' because she has none. Her boyfriend broke up with her in junior year.

Cody smiled. "Our first date~" He puts his hand over my mouth so I couldn't debate.

Katy immediatley squealed in excitement. "Omg! Really!?"

Cody nodded with a creepy smile, then pulled me closer to him. "Of course."

"OMG! And it's on Valentine's day, too! That's so romantic!" She squealed. She grabbed me by my arm. "We have to go make you look perfect."

"No!" I protested, being able to talk again since she yanked me free.

"Yes! This needs to be perfect!" She pipes, starting to drag me down the street.

"Make her perfect-er" Cody calls. Katy giggles excitedly, but I sigh. I know, for a fact, that the next few hours with Katy will be miserable.


Katy drags me into my room excitedly. Mom and dad sat there working on their computers, Tony and Marc just watched Shawn and ignored us while Katy pulled me into a pit of terror. First, she makes me shower. She locks me in the bathroom, (not really, but she held the door on the other side) and says I can't come out until I shower. Then, when I finished the shower, she handed me my pajamas. "Wear these for now."

Then, she pulled me out of the bathroom. I sit there, deffinately not excited. I just look up at her, letting her know that I'm not happy.

"Oh, stop looking all grumpy. You should be excited." She says, pulling out some outfits she's picked out.

"And why is that?" I ask, sighing and setting my head on my hand.

"Because you're going on a date with the cutest guy in school..." She pauses to look at all the outfits, then slowly continues, "And he really likes you. If I were you, I'd brag."

I roll my eyes. Then, the torture begins. We, as in she, litterally spends three hours picking the perfect outfit, making my hair perfect, making my makeup perfect, making my teeth perfect.Pretty much, she's trying to make me perfect.

Next thing I know, she's adding the finishing touches to my makeup. i shift my eyes to my kitty clock that hangs above my bed. Seven o'clock I think. In less than an hour, I'm going on a date. With Cody.

Katy spins me around to my little mirror, and I see my reflection for the first time through this torture session. "Tadaaaaaaa~" Katy squeals.

My eyes get wide. "Katy..." I say, studying my features in the tiny lense. It doesn't even look like she used a lot of makeup on me, but I look... Really, really good! She put varying twisting shades of brown eyeshadow on my lids, my mascara looks perfect, my lips look perfect and red, my eleiner has perfect wings, and my hair is curled but put up in a flawless ponytail. My freckles show even more than usual in compliment to the blush she put on my cheeks.I stare at myself with my jaw slack. Is this really me?

And, my outfit is stunning, too. A beautifull red turtle-neck I don't even remember buying, dark boot-leg jeans with stitched designs down each leg, and brown leather boots that I got for christmas. Plus, she forced medium black hoops through my ears, too. I look in the mirror, amazed. "Katy..." I repeat, stillawestruck.

"See! You look beautifull!" She squeaks.

I just look at the reflection still, not knowing how to respond. "This... this is..." I stutter. "...bad!"

Her smile fades. "Why?"

"I look amazing, Katy! I don't want to look amazing!" I say, looking in horror at my face.

"What? Why!?" She asks, giving mea questionable look, kind of like saying 'wtf is wrong with you?'

"Because I don't want him to think I look pretty. I want to look terrible, so the date is terrible!" I say louder. I touch my face nervously.

"You make absolutely no sence. Why would you want that?" she asks.

"So he never wants to go out with me again!" I say louder.

"Why!?" She asks impatiently.

"So I don't fall in love with him!" I yell.

She stares at me like I've lost my marbles, but then smiles faintly. I frown and cover my face. "Well, come on." She says. "He'll be here soon." She pulls me up and drags me out.

As soon as we walk through the door frame, Marcy walks to me. "I was wondering what was going on. Look how pretty you look!" She squeaks.

I smile. "Thanks."

"Whya all dolled up?" She asks curiously. I hear Shawn crying from the living room, but I try to ignore it.

before I can answer with a tiny white lie, just not wanting to tell her that I'm going out with you-know-who, Katy chimes in. "Ohmigosh! She's going out with Cody!" And with that, I'm bombarted with squeals.

"You are! Why didn't you tell me? You guys are soooo cute!" Marcy says, rubbing her cheek against mine in a hug. She squeezes me too tight.

"Marc..." I choke out, "Please stop."

She soon lets me go, but the talking doesn't end. Tony gets protective, 'not knowing this boy' and all, and Katy and Marcy just keep clucking excitedly. But after a few minutes, the doorbell rings.

We all look over at the door, but my heart drops into my stomache. Damnit... I think. Marcy immediately jumps up and runs to the door, looking back excitedly at me. I narrow my eyes at her, not in the mood for this, and sigh. I stand slowly, pushing my chair back, hoping each second lasts a lifetime. I can't breathe. I'm not ready...

Marcy opens the door, and on the other side of the doorway, Cody stands looking better than I've ever seen him. He has on a nice redflannel, good slacks, nice black sneaker-like shoes, and ablack tie. He's looking at a notebook or something, probably at the adress of the resturaunt.

"Come in!" Marcy says excitedly.

He looks up with a smile. "Thanks." He takes a step into the apartment. I watch him nervously and sigh, shifting positions. I've never been on a real date, and now I'm going with Cody. It feels so weird.

"So lex, we should get going. We're running a little..." He looks away from Marcy and at me, and stops. Suddenly, he's silent. He seems to lose his words, and just stares at me, a look of bewilderment in his eyes. I stare back nervously, wondering why he isn't talking. Wondering what he's thinking. He usually has too much to say, talks on and on and on,but now he just stares at me. his mouth is even gaping. Finally, Katy elbows me and moves her eyebrows up and down, giving me a sly look, and then I understand why he's just starting. My face turns red. get this makeup off of me right now! I think, wishing I could scream it at Katy. But I can't.

"...late" He says slowly, as if trying to remember how to talk. He slowly lowers the adress of the resturaunt, and his arm goes limp. Stop staring! Stop staring! Stop staring!!!!

I smile nervously at hi,, "Uh...okay." I grab my wallet off of the table"Let's...let's go then..." I lookKaty's waynervously, then walk over to Cody. I walk past him, gesturing for him to follow, but he keeps his mouth slack and keeps staring.

"Bye Marcy..." I say.

"Have her home by midnight!" Tony calls from the kitchen, sounding a little protective. I laugh a little, then the door shuts, and thenwe're alone...

I sigh nervously at hi,, then put on a fake smile, trying to just tough it out. But I'll win this bet, I know it. "You look...spiffy." I say, playing with his tie. I look up at his face again, and he still hasn't closed his mouth. I reach my hand up, and press his chin upwards slowly. "Cody, you'll catch flies..."

He turns red,and he starts to stutter."And you, look..." I see him smile a little, ""

I blush a little with a faint smile. "Well...where are we going?"

He smiles excitedly now. "It's a surprise."

"What?" I ask.

He leads me down the stairs, outside and into his truck, then when we're buckled in, he pulls out a blindfold from his glove-compartment. I watch him, wondering what he's up to.

"Here, turn around." he says. "You can't peek."

I roll my eyes and turn around, and he gently wraps the blindfold around my eyes and ties it, being carefull not to mess up my hair.

"This probably looks like you're kidnapping me." I say, blushing.

"Oh well." He says. I hear the engine start, and we drive off.


After long minutes of silence, maybe about twenty five long ever-ticking minutes, the car comes to a hault. I hear him slip out on his side, and then a few seconds later my door opens

"Can I take the blindfold off?" I ask, feeling really awkward. I don't like this feeling.

He takes my hands and helps me out of the car. "Not yet." My boots hit the pavement, and the door shuts behind me. TheFebuary air turns my cheeks even more red, and I sigh nervously. The air is crisp and it bites, so I just want to get inside.

"Cody!?" I ask as he guides me acrossthe pavement. These boots just clack along, so I know it's pavement. And, it's too hard to be anything else.

"A few more steps." He says, guiding me.

After a few more steps across the cold pavement, i feel him stop. He lets go of my hands slowly, but I reach back for them in nervousness. He pulls his hands away againand starts to unfold the blindfold. "Right here." He says.

He slowly pulls off the blindfold, and it falls off. "Tadaaaaa." He says, throwing his arms out. My eyes get wide immediately. My heart begins to thump louder. My whole body feels like jello. In a good way... "Cody..." I say, completely surprised. He remembered.

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