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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Chapter 20.

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Time passed quickly, and all of a sudden it was spring


I re-strap my boots and sigh, not favoring today's chores. Spring crawled up quickly, and Marcy insists on creating a garden this year. I kid you not, she thinks it'll be a surprise for the baby. She's not letting him anywhere near where he can see the garden. And, she's already drawn out the design. It'll be right in the fron of the building. Red and white roses, pink posies, and in the center of it all there'll be violets. It's even drawn in the plans what color and type the soil will be. I've got to say, she's pretty serious aabout this. I admire her intuition.

I pick up some potted plants, not sure what buds are which yet, and step out of the back shed. Each appartment building has a back shed to carry your whatever needs. It's pretty much just an outdoor basement. I balance the red plaster pots in my hands, feeling like I'll trip any moment. I probably will. A way in front of me, I see Marcy coming out of her old car with giant bags of soil in her arms. Marcy's a little, itty-bitty girl. I stop and watch her for a moment, almost amazed. She doesn't even look like she's breaking a sweat. From here. I should help her...

As I approach her, she sets down the soils, making a tired noise. I set down the pots on the rock brim we built yesterday and walk closer to her. "Wow, Marc. When did you get so strong?" I tilt my head to emphasise. She's always been that fragile girl that kind of watches people do work. She's got to have a strong motivation. I smile spreads on her lips, and I see almost a laugh in her eyes. "Well, you know, it takes a lot of strength to carry around a fifteen-pound baby and all its baggage everyday." She shrugs. I notice how prepared she looks. Her blonde hair in a bandana to block the sun, gloves, a green we-r-strong t-shirt, old shorts she wouldn't mind getting dirty, and hunting boots that I didn't know she had.

I smile, then look down at the large sacks of soil. "Marc, those are fifty-pound bags." She merely shrugs again. "Just help me. There's a few more in the runk, can you grab them?" I nod. The sound of birds and early spring makes this job out here really worth while.But, the air is crisp and itin the distancegray clouds are racing our way. The weather man said there should be a little rain, but something tells me it'll be more than a little.Oh well.

We're not the only ones with the idea to start a garden. Mr.Modom across the street was a step ahead of us. He's been watering his plants everyday for the past two weeks in hope that they'll sprout up soon. But, I think he's just drowning them.

I pop open the back of Marc's old Saturn and two big bags of culumbian soil and throw one over my shoulder, and kind of awkwardly carry-hang the other from my right arm. I walk back up the driveway, trying not to drop the slipping one. As soon as I get up the walkway, I drop them on the others, starting a pile. I sigh, hating gardening. And we haven't even bugun the actual gardening.


Soon, all the soil was out and spread behind the rock burrier we had built. Marcy sits down next to me and smoothes it out with a dirty-glove covered hand, then gets a baby shovel andcarves a hole out of the soil.I hand her a rose bulb and watch her gently place the bulb at the bottom of the tiny cave.Marcy smoothes it over with a smile on her face, looking especially excited.

I get up, feeling very, very bored,to go get my amp so we can listen to music. I'm thinking something springy and exciting, to make this a not-so-bad job. As I step inside the building, I feel a little cooled off. It's only early March, but it's really warm outside. I run up the stairs, feeling the cool air hit me, and I have an intuition that it's going to be a very hot summer. I slip into the kitchen and grab my iPhone off the table, then I run into my room to get my amp. I got the amp from Tony, because he used to be in a band. That's how he and Marc started dating.

Their story is so sweet. Tony knew her for a while, and really liked her. Of course, Marcy is a true blonde, and she had no clue at all. One day, he invited her to one of his gigs and he had wrote a song for her, He sang it, looking at her the whole time, and she still didn't get it. Tony was about tosadlygive up when arcy called him up that night, telling him how great the concert was. He immediately took the moment while he could, took a deep breath, and told her that song was for her and that her really, really liked her. And sure enogh, she liked him too. And then...Well after a while they got married. And now they're just a perfect couple.

I smile, thinking about it. Marcy definately deserves a love like that. She's sweet and innoceent, and happy never the less. I slowly pick up my amp and sigh. I feel my phone buzz in my pocket, and I set the amp back down slowly. Hopefully it's Katy or Becky to save the day, inviting me over so I can skip out on this stupid garden. Ipull my phone out eagerly and press the 'answer' button.

"Hello?" I ask, grasping the phone. This could be a ticket out of boredom. Sorry Marcy...

"Hey Lex." The familliar voice on the other end coo's. My heart drops. Damn you.

"Cody...? What do you want?" I ask, crossing one arm over the one holding the phone. I don't actually mean to sound so harsh and snake-like.

"Just wanted to hear your voice." He says on the other end.

I blush angrily and almost hang up the phone. "You creep!"

I almost hear him smile. "Can we meet up?"

"I'm busy." I lie.

"You're a terrible liar~" He purrs like a he-devil.

"Ge! I am not!" I declare, blushing harder at the tone of his voice.

"Well, nevermind that. Can we meet up at my house?" He asks.

"Didn't I say I was busy?" I say grouchily.

"Please?" He begs. I imagine his face. The puppy dog eyes he always uses when he's trying to get me to smile. My face turns more red, and I stand in silence, imagining those eyes. And he knows it. "Please?" He begs again.

"F-Fine." I sputter. "See you then." I hang up before I can hear any other perverted thing he has to say. My face feels hot just thinking about him. I slowlylook downat the bracelet dangling from my arm that he gave me, and I frown. Why do I let him do this to me?

I shove my phone in my pocket and run out of my room and down the hallway. Then down the stairs and out the front door. Marcy looks up to the sound of me spilling out of the front door. She's packing up her tools because it's starting to rain a little bit. "Whoa. Lexi, where's the fire?" She asks me, looking a little confused.

"Oh, well, I'm just going out for a while...okay?" I say, doing a little half pant and giving hera fake smile.

"Where to?" She asks,standing up, taking off her gloves. Then, she bends over and picks up all the gardening tools in her two little tooth pick arms.

"Oh...just..." I try to think of an alibi. Maybe Cody's right. Maybe I am a terrible liar. I think of all the people I would be in such a hurry to see, but before Iget a chance to lie to her face,she beats me to a name.

"Cody?" She asks, raising an amused eyebrow. Her pink lips spread into a thin smile, and her eyes flash excitedly. She knows. She knows all. She's a genie.

"No." I say, trying to be subtly blunt. But she sees right through it like I'm transparent. My lie wasn't very good, though. So...

"Well, you better hurry. It's going torain a little harder than the news guys expected, and after all, he's waiting for you." She keeps smiling an evil big sister smile. The kind she used when I got in trouble as a kid, when she was an evil teenager. She really was an evil girl. I wonder what happened. Now she's all sweet and nice.

"Shut up!" I say, clenching my fists. My face gets beat red, and I see her studying my face to the best of her ability. But it wouldn't be that hard to read.

"You should get a coat." She says, gesturing to my tanktop. "I mean, I know you want to look cute but..." She smiles again, winking at me in the most sinister way possible.

"Whatever." I say, turning around, not bothering tolook back.I know what I'll see. Raindrops start hitting the pavement and staining it darker. And, my skin gets goosebumps as the little silver drops run down my skin.


After about twenty minutes of walking, squeezing through the hustle, bustle, and rustle of New York City in the pouring rain (that weather man couldn't have been more wrong) I get to Cody'sneighborhood. It's a cute, little, homely place,but right now I have no time to dote over the cabin-looking houses. I'm freezing. My clothes are drenched, too, which doesn't really help.

I run across the puddle-covered pavement, my gardening boots still skintight on my feet, trying to find appartment 47. Hopefully Cody will be outside waiting, because I've never actually been to his house. But he's told me where it is. Hoepfully that'll be enough to find my way there. But, with my luck, it won't. And I'll freeze out here, searching for a place I don't even want to be.

After a few more minutes, I finally see that magic number on a little brown house. Number 47. A nice white porch with a swng-bench on it, wind chimes, and a doormat sits in front of the little home. And, surprisingly, It fits in normally. But it's hard to see Cody even being near something normal. I quickly run up to it, slipping up the white painted steps, and holding onto the hand rail. Embarassing, yes. ThenI knock on the brown-oak door repeatedly, feeling chilled to the bone.

Fifteen everlasting seconds pass, and finally I here the chain-lock unhook. Cody opens the door quickly, and when he sees me, he grins sweetly. Even his eyes smile.I look up at him pathetically, shivering slightly. "Lex!" He greets, thenpulls me inside immediately by my arm, releivingof the trecherous weather. I step onto the little red mat, trying not to get water everywhere. But, that's not working out too well. My hair is litterally dripping.

"You must be freezing." He says understandingly, shutting the door behind me gently, using his quiet, cute voice. To my releif, unlike in those creepy movies, he doesn't lock the door. That surprises me a little bit, because he's creepy in the first place.

"I'm fine. I...I just don't want to get water everywhere." I lie, rightthrough my teeth. My hair drips all over his floor, and I press my lips together, trying to force a smile. "I'm fine."

He shakes his head at me with a slight smile and immediately starts pulling his hoodie off. "It's not going to hurt anyone to admit that you're cold, Lex. Take my hoodie."

"What!?" I ask sharply, noticing that he has no shirt on underneath the hoodie. My face turns red, and I shrivel away from him. That's innapropriate!

"You need it more than I do." He says blankly, completely pulling the gray jacket over his head. He hands it to me with a smile, and his eyes look into mine like 'just take it, idiot.'

I scowl, and push it away with my hands. "D-Dude! No, I'm fine! I just...I just need a towel." I insist, blushing harder and harder, totally overreacting. Already, this visit is awkward. I haven't been here for even five minutes. What will the rest of this be like?

"I'm not putting it back on, so take it." He says bluntly, slightly leaning over me, looking down at me with protective eyes. He really can tell when I'm lying... Now, though I want to badly, I can't read his emotion. What's his problem today?

I glare at him, hiding my face in my wet hair for a moment. But I give like a bursting dam. I angrilysnatch the hoodie from him."Fine." I wriggle it over my head and shove my arms through the large sleeves, then smoothe out the bottom wrinkles awkwardly.

He smiles brightly in approval, making me feel weirder,and levels the strings of the hoodie for me. I merely frown atthe nice gestureand avoid the eyecontact that he's trying to make. I'm so bad at this.

"Please tell me your parents are home." I say hopefully, crossing my arms nervously. The hoodie is so warm. I think to myself. The cotton is soft against my skin, and I actually feel kind of comfortable in it. Which is weird, because I expected my skin to crawl at just the feel of anything of his. I cross my arms harder, trying to squeeze myself into a ball, almost,but the only result isfeeling the warm material closer to my skin. And that's not neccicerily a bad thing.

"Yeah, my Mom's in her office." He says, gesturing down the long hard-wood floored hallway. 'Releif~' I think. A few seconds pass after he says that, and along, awkward silence falls on us. God-damnit. To keep avoiding his eye contact, I nervously look at the puddles of water that formed on the shoulders of this hoodie from my soalking hair.

Then, he breaks it. "Why? Do you want to meet her?" I see his eyes smile even brighter, and his whole face twists in excitement. I know it's a question that I can't say no to. He won't take no for an answer.

"Huh?" I ask, almost caught off guard. Meet her... like...Just meet her, or meet her. Like, girlfriend meeting. I frown, wanting to pull the hoodie hood all the way over my face.Does everyone go through this emotional stress, or is it just me?

"You know,' meet her'." He smiles sweetly, making 'air-quotes' with his fingers. I just stare at him with a scowl, because now he's obviously pushing my buttons. He's trying to make me angry, or he's trying to scare me, orhe's trying to see what emotions he can pry out of me. And, weather he meant to or not, it's working for all of those things.

"Is that why you brought me here?" I ask, almost blankly. I mean, it'd be nice to meet her, but walking twenty minutes in pouring rain (and only wearing a tanktop and jeans) is a lot. And I'm unprepaired. Way unprepaired.

"Actually, that's not why. I'll tell you that one later." he says. He bites his bottom lip in thought for a moment, and I scowl, blushing harder. Stop doing that!

"Rh...Kay. Well, before I meet your mother, could you put a shirt on so we don't look like we were up to something?" I ask him, feeling strange. "Seriously."

He frowns pathetically at me."Do I have to?" He asks, hanging his head low, as if I'm inconvieniencing him terribally. He's being sucha baby.

"YES YOU HAVE TO!" I say angrily, feeling my face get hotter.

"You owe me." He grumbles playfully, then, like a little kid at abirthday party,runs up the stairs. I follow him slowly and roll my eyes. He leads me all the wayto his room, and we walk in. Just standing and watching him from over here, I notice a few things about him that I didn't want to in the first place, He has a big scar on the left side of his torso, he's a lot muscelier (if that's a word...) than I thought, and a few strands of his hair kind of spring up in the back. He unwillingly puts on a blue plaid flannel and sighs. It makes his eyes look brighter.

I smile slightly and lean against the doorframe, crossing my arms. I watch his every move as closely as possible. Then I lose myself in thought.

All of a sudden, thunder booms. I jump like five feet, and Cody looks over, surprised as well. I let out a little shreak as I jump, and then I cover my mouth, blushing, feeling my heart start to race in past fear and preasent embaressment. Cody stands there, just staring at me as I burry my face in his hoodie sleeves. "Shit." I mutter.

"You scared of thunder?" Cody asks with only a slight smile this time.

"No..." I say. He just laughs and walks over to me.

"Yes you are."

"No." I say.

He takes my hand with a smile, and for the first time probably ever, he says nothing. I look at him, then with my other hand, I pull the large hood over my face and feel like screaming. I feel Cody kiss my forehead through the hoodie, and I blush.

"Ready?" He asks me, pulling up the hoodoffering a soft, reassuring smile. He knows whats going on inside my head without me having to say it, and for once that feels like a good thing. He gestures for me to follow him, looking at me, trying to make me calm down a little bit. He's so cute. I think. He brushes back some of my wet strands of hair with a happy smile, and I look at my feet nervously. He lets out a small laugh and takes my hand. I can't fake a smile, but I can definately fake a scowl.

We walk back down the staircase and down the hallway, and for most girls this is a fun, awesome part of dating someone. (Why do I keep using that word so freely?) But for me, this is terrifying. I feel like I'm walking into an interigation room.

Cody offers one last smile, then we walk in.

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