bet on you

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Chapter twenty-one

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Cody knocks on the wall, and announces our arrival. "Hey, Mom..." He says.

His mother turns from her computer swiftly, and my heart skips a beat. Blonde hair, pale, flawless skin, green eyes. Stunning at the least. She's pretty much just a girl version of Cody... She looks really young, too. Maybe his whole family is great looking like them. All of themcould beblonde haired, green eyed clones that take people's breath away and brainwash them like Cody somehow did to me. (still regret that)A cult. That's what they are. (Okay...Exaduration)

She smiles at me sweetly, and I immediatelysee where Cody getshis smile from. "Oh, hello." Her happy voice coo's. I hear her pink nails tap on the table nervously. Maybe she's nervous to meet me too? She smiles with big, pearly teeth, then shuts her computer and turns all the way around to us. I feel my heart keep dropping farther into my stomach in nervousness as her eyes examine me. I feel like rolling up the sleeves of the over-sized hoodie around me and biting my nails off. I'm never this nervous. Ever.

"H-Hi." I say, giving the best smile I can. I try to brush back my wet hair.

Since I feel like I can barely talk, Cody picks up my slack quickly. "Mom...This is Lexi." he proclaims. "...My girlfriend." There's that weird word again. I think to myself. But, I keep smiling and pressing my lips together, feeling like my legs are made of jello. When she looks me in the eyes, I half burry my face in this hoodie again.

"Ohhhh! You're so bashfull!" She squeaks excitedly and claps, like I was a small puppy. "Cody, she's so cute!" I look up at her, almost confused. How the hell do I resopond to that? She stands up quickly and pitter-patters over to us, and thenI realize how short she is. I'm about 5"8, so she must be5"2 max. Then I look upat Cody. He's probably six feet tall, maybe taller.I'm guessing that hehas a really tall dad.

Even though she has to look up at me, she's still excitedly talking to me like I'm a lapdog or something. I keep blushing and avoiding her eye contact, though. I can't help it.

"Don't be such a stranger!" She squeaks at me, completely invading my space now. It's not completely bad, I mean that's a good sign. Right? If she hated me, she'd keep a distance.

"How long have you guys been dating?!" She inquires excitedly. We're not...completely. I almost say. But, thankfully,I keep my mouth shut. I just don't want to mess this up.I need her to like me. I don't know why I feel this strongly, but I need her to like me.

Cody smiles at his mother and shrugs. "It's rescent."I bite my lip and look at the gray carpet,feeling like I can't handle conversations like this. Which is very sad, because I need to be able to to get through this. But, to my advantage, they both give me not too many reasons to talk. I'm guessing they both realize that this isn't my strongest point

Soon, his mother finally runs out of questions for us. "Oh, you guys are so adorable." She sighs with a smile. "Welp, I better get back to work. You two go have fun~ And Cody, don't scare her." She says, letting out a squeaky laugh and shoos us out of the roomwith a big, genuine, pink painted smile. Cody smiles with happiness, glad his mother approves. All boys are Mama's boys, so they seek approval from their mothers. And we've obviously gotten a big approval stamp. I thank her mom and Cody starts pulling me out.

Mrs. Connors pulls me back, and Cody doesn't notice. I look at her nervously. please don't hate me.

Mrs. Connors smiles and whispers to me. "Psst, Lexi! I just want to let you know something. My son really likes you. And he talks about you all the time, I mean you're all he thinks about now. He thinks of you as a queen. So treat him like a king for me?" She nods at me, keeping that great big smile. I nod and smile a little, and then she lets me go.

I run after Cody, replaying Mrs. Connors words in my head. I never knew he thought any of that. I catch up to Cody and just follow him to wherever he's going now.


As soon as he gets away from the office and into the living room, he smiles at me and falls back into a brown sofa. "Well, that went well."

I nod, still blushing from the odd experience. He yawns. "Sorry if she scared you, she's a little...hyper. But, when she sees cute things, she just can't help herself." He gives me a creepy smile.

"Shut up." I say, sitting across from him on a futon, and brushing back my still-sopping hair. He just keeps smiling at me like I was the last cookie on the plate or something. I sigh at him, because he's just so creepy. He leans forward close to me, our faces nothing more than an inch away. I try to squirm away, but he keeps those green eyes locked on me.

"I'm glad she likes you." He says, taking a strand or two of my hair and twisting it slowly. A drop of water falls into my lap.

I grumble nervously at him. "You pervert."

He laughs a little and tries to get closer to me. I immediately squirm away, almost afraid of another moment. Each moment we have, I lose everything that has built me up for so long. He has a way of shifting my foundation. "So! Uh, you said you'd tell me why you called me here after I met your mother...What was that again?"

"Oh, yeah." He says, drawing back with absent eyes,and 'remembering', as if he'd forgotten all about it. But I know he hasn't. He's notall that aware that I know how his mind works too. He's not a step ahead of me. This is anyone's race.

"So...Would you like to share, or spend the rest of the day sitting on couches and staring at eachother?" I ask with not just a hint of sarcasm, but a whole dash.

"Let's go." he says, standing up abruptly. His face suddenly says buisness, and he reaches across the fine coffe table and grabs hold of my arm like we were starting a game of follow the leader. He forcefully, but gently, pulls me off of my feet.

"Where?" I ask, as he tugs the oversized hoodie around me hard enough to bring me with it.

"We need to speak alone." His words are hushed with secrecy, and he raises a finger to his lip, his eyes darting down the hallway to his mother's office. He makes a small shush noise, then practically drags me to the front door. He grabs the handle and pulls me out with him as he sweeps through the doorway.

"Cody! It's pouring!" I state obviouslly. But, why would he bring me back out into the rain? I have no time to question longer, though, because he leads me down the slippery white steps, down the walkway, across the street, and under a rather large oak tree that's buds are sprouting under the torrentialdownpour.

"Cody!" I murmer again, very confused about his actions. He's done some weird things before, but never dragged me outside into a full fledged thunder storm. "Why are we here?" I hiss.

"Because we need to talk." He answers in a hushed voice.

"'Bout what?" I ask, crossing my arms in mid-shiver, and accompanied by chattering teeth. Thunder booms, and I flinch. Cody just offers an odd warm smile.

"The other reason I called you here today was so I could tell you something. I knew you wouldn't want me to say it anywhere in public, or even at your house because of Marcy. I thought you would want to hear it without other ears." He looks at me with empty approval, and I nod.

He looks as though he's freezing to death, just like me. I consider giving him his hoodie back, but I realize that that'd do no good at all. It's solked to the bone. I could ring it out and create yet another puddle on the silver sidewalk under our feet.

"Yeah?" I say, looking up at him. Already, his hair is soalked, and sticks to his face. Mine does the same. The rain is hard against my face, but not painfull. It's like a steady beat matching one of a metronome. Cody smiles behind the cascade of water falling on him.

He gets closer. Close enough to touch, but not close enough to feel. Yet, despite the lack of physical touch, I feel his eyes bore right into mine gently. I blush, knowing his meaning already. I feel my heart beat faster and faster, and I can see the words come up in his eyes before they can even touch his lips. He slowly lifts his hands and pulls the hood on my head down and back, and runs his fingers through my sopping hair. I look at him, feeling so many emotions. Fear, love, anxiety, entrance. It all.

"You have to promise tobeleive me, okay?" He asks, settling his hands in the hair that layon my shoulders gently. His eyes turn even more gentle. I see a raindrop drip from his eyelashes, and I nearly melt.

I nod, trying not to fall over. "I'll beleive you." I feel this odd sensation in the back of my throat, as though U may let out a cry. I don't know why.

He gets himself even closer to me, and when his lips are next to my ear, he let's all my suspicions be confirmed. All of my thoughts come to my reality. All of it. He tightens the grip on my shoulders, and I close my eyes in antisipation. I know what he's going to say, yet a wait for confirmation.

"I love you." He whispers.

That's it. I melt completely from the inside out. My mind goes blank like someone broke my satelite, andeverything seems fuzzy. My knees wabble, but he steadies me with the firm grip. Another boom of thunder sounds, and I look up at Cody with a mix of fear and joy.

He looks at me, waiting for approval again. I can see the fear in his eyes of being pushed away again, of me running away from him in fear like I always do. Suddenly, I hate myself. I've always left him hanging off our cliff, stepping on one finger at a time. Now he only has one left, and he's begging me not to break it. To beleive him. him back. I do. do I say it?

His green eyes flash in concern. I see that look in his eyes. "Say something..."

I look at him with shock. I can't think. But, thankfully my body does all the right things that I want to do without my brain's controll. Which is good. My arms fly around him immediately, and I pull myself closer, standing on my tiptoes (though he's not that much taller than me) and dipping him back as I give him a long, excited kiss. My mind has noidea, but my addrenalin speaks for me.

This is unexpected for Cody, because for a few seconds, his arms hang loose with shock. But, then, hewraps his arms around me in complete releif, and I feel his eyelashes brush against me as he closes his eyes. Thunder cracks again, but I don't even flinch. The rain falls and makes me shiver, so I just pull myself even closer. This is perfect.

My heart pounds, but I ignore it. Then, after about ten more seconds, I slowly let go. His hands slowly come undone from my hair, and mine go from his. His eyes look bright as mine meet his, and he presses his forehead against mine. His hands raise back to my face gently, and I smile a nervous but genuine smile.

"Do you beleive me?" He asks, and I watch the rain slide down his face.

I nod and take his wet hand from my face, then entwine my fingers with his. He loves me...

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