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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Chapter twenty two.

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



I wake up the next morning with no energy at all. I rub the morning out of my eyes, and then I try to pull myself up to participate in life onthis stupid Monday. But, my arms give wayand Ifall, then I just shove my face in the pillow with a groan, giving up without a fight. Obviously, I'm not a morning person... Pippi meows at me after I unmeaningfully woke him up. I see that look in his eyes. A hungry look, a look wanting, and patiently waiting forbreakfast. Iburdeningly shiftmy face completelytowards him, sighing.

"Pippiiii...." I whine pathetically. In reply, he merely flicks his tail, then lets out another loud, hungry cry. I frown and pick myself up unwillingly, then roll off of my bed and onto the floor with a loud thump. That woke me up. I think, feeling my back grow sore. But, beside the pain, I get up and walk out of my room, shoulders slouched in tire. I slither to the bathroom, Pippi on me heels, and quickly put on a thin layer of makeup. Eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, and blush.all do their job, removing the traces of morning from my face. After that,I put my hair in a neat ponytail andinch back intoto my room. I slip on a redT-shirt withthe words Ragae run on it (Last summer Marcy and I ran a race for a charity)and jeans, then walkto the kitchen almost in slow motion. Idoesn't take long for my eyes to catch thenumber on the clock,andrealise that I'm late.

I quickly feed Pippi some canned cat-sludge on a bluepaper plate, then I quickly devour a cinnomon Poptart. I run back to the bathroom, brush my cinomman-y teeth, fix my mascara, then run into Shawn's room quickly to check onthe sleeping infant.When I reach the open doorway, I slow down, trying not to wake him up by thumping around. I slip in quietly and slither to his crib. Then, I peek over the railing of his crib and smile at the sight that awaits me. He sleeps peacefully with a small baby-smile on his fragile face. I smile to myselfand kiss his cheek gently, then slip back out of his room.

I run to the front door, slip on some normal black flats, and grab my bag that hangs on the coat wrack. I'm loving that I don't need to put on a giant coat every day, now. It was really driving me crazy. I wave goodbye to Pippi, though his back is turned to me as he scarfs down the slop,then run outof the front door. My feet almost trip over eachother as I run down the stairwell, and I laugh when I spill out of the front door and nearly fall into the garden. I must admit, Marcy did a very good job starting the garden yesterday. After the rain cleared up and I got back home, she was back out here planting bulbs into the mud. And, she got a lot of free labor out of me, too, because she guilted me into working with her again.

I smile at the thought of my nearly insane sister and sigh. Then, I remember that I'm late, and take off running down the street. As I run, I stomp on the damp pavement, and I realise that the earthfeels, looks, and even smeels reallygood this morning. Afterthe rain and the spring air mixed over the course of yesterday and today, the world seems fresh and new, like it was reborn over the night. The sun shines between wet, grey clouds, and I smile wider as I pass the flowers and the wet grass, liking days like these. It's wonderfull. That's the word. Wonderfull.

Soon, I reach the opening gates of Timmy's Paradise apartments and of course, Katy stands looking vaguely annoyed. She has her pink lips pressed together, and her short body sways on her heels, acting as though everything is okay. I stop running and pant quietly as I approach her. She looks like she's going somewhere important today. Like she's trying to impress somebody. Blue, black, and pinktanktop with a black cardigain on her upper body, a black and blue-floral sway skirt on her legs, and black flats that match mine. Her hair is straightened, unlike her usual curls, and she wears much more makeup than usual.

"Sorry, Katy...I woke up late." I say, feeling very bare next to her. I'm extremely casual, she's extremely dress. She obviously took time this morning, I most likely look like I rolled out of bed like this. I make a big frown in my mind, feeling to her.

"Oh, it's fine." She says with a genuine smile. Her eyes smile too. Is...Is she wearing fake eyelashes? I ask myself, blinking to feel my small eyelashes.

I give her a puzzled poker face, and dumbly blurt what's on my mind. "Why're you all dolled up?" Then... Just seconds later,I smile in realization that she might be hiding something. I elbow her playfully, pursing my lips slightly in question. "Hm..?" My eyes shine brightly in wonder.

"Omagosh!" She says, nearly popping all of a sudden. "You didn't hear?" She starts jumping and smiling eagerly in my face. All of a sudden, I feel a tiny pinch of adrennaline. Something exciting must have happened, and I hadn't heard about it. That's kind of odd...

"Hear what?" I ask, looking at her excited brown eyes, not knowing why there's sparkles in her eyes all of a sudden. Her tan cheeks have flushed, and she looks like a small puppy who might pee themself in a matter of seconds.

"There's a new guy coming today! I heard he's totally dreammmmyyyy!" Now she sounds like a total fangirl. Talk about a total emotion shift. She went from usual Katy to crazy Katy in 0.004 seconds.

"Oh. Lovely." I say, not really interested at the moment. She had me thinking some amazing thing has happened. Her eyes screamed 'monumental!' but the reality of it is 'oh...yay...'. I sigh at my boy crazy best friend, not liking the way I let my hopes get up.

She frowns. "Not 'Oh. Lovely'!" She says, not liking my reaction. "Amazing!"

I laugh and shake my head.


We get to school, and thankfully, it doesn't look like we're as late as I thought we were. In fact, it doesn't look like we're late at all. The front grounds of the school are swarmed as usual, just like any morning we're on time. Kids are scattered across the lawn, talking, yelling, running, texting, laughing, etc. All look like they're having a good time. From here, there's no sign of a handsome new kid that girls have swarmed, but as we near the front steps of the school, we see it.

By the west wing front windows, a flock of excited girls prowl around the boy like vultures around a carcus. All need to take a good gander at him. Katy and I stop and watch from afar in wonder. Katy, more wondering what he looks like, but I wonder something much differently. Is it just me, or does that seem really... stupid? No matter how 'dreeeaaaammmyyyy' that boy is, it makes no sence to swarm him and act like he's a prize, or a superhuman who's better than everyone else. Why do girls do that? The odds are, he's not going to pick a girl who won't leave him alone. That's exactly how they treat Cody...But as I watch them, I know in the back of my mind that they'll never leave him alone either.

Katy looks at me, wonderstruck. "He must be gorgeous!"

"Meh..." I say, not liking the sounds of giggling girls.


I wave goodbye to Katy at my locker and head to Spanish tiredly. As I walk down the hallway, I hear the mindless chatter of these girls, talking about the new boy, Trevon. I roll my eyes, already getting tired of hearing about him. But, I know that this will be big talk for at least a week.

I walk into class and to my desk, and plop my books down. I'm the first one in class, so I just lay my head down, taking in the quiet as much as I can, while I can. I try to be a sponge and soalk up the silence, so when I hear more about how amazing the new kid is, I can just squeeze out silence and hear nothing. If only it worked that way... I tell myself, closing my eyes.

As I sit in silence, I smile to myself. I haven't really been in silence for a while; the last few days have been hectic, shawn has cried all night for the past few nights, and of course, today has been extra loud with the arrival of a new boy. So, it feels like I'm floating, per say. Not litterally, but, it just is kind of dream like. I've had days of non stop sound, and with the door closed behind me, and an empty classroom, the silence is like a drug...One that makes you want to sleep...

Suddenly, I just sort of...drift off...

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