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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Chapter twenty three

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Submitted: January 17, 2013



I wake up from my unplanned nap to a close, warm feeling on my cheek. My eyes flutter open, slightly confused, but I soon figure out the reality of what's happening. I shift my eyes upwards slowlyand see thatCody leans right aboveme, his face just an inch away. A gentle smile on his face, but it still seems extremely creepy.Immediately, after completely evaluating and understanding the situation, I jump up, and instinctively try topullmyself away from him quickly. Bad choice. Doing so, concidering the fact thatI have to lift my head off the desk,I slam my forehead against his, and we bothfall back, holding our foreheads in shooting pain. I think that I even heard our heads make a clashing noise.

I cringe in pain, my forehead probabably red from the unwanted contact. The pain shoots fast, but doesn't go away as quickly. "Cody! What the hell!?" I nearly shriek.

He holds his face, stumbling back as well. "I was trying to wake you up! God damn...!" He doesn't finish whatever he was planning to say. He just makes another cringing noise, with a slight laugh mixed in.

"You scared me!" I say, slowly taking my hands off my forehead. It hurts worse, but there's not much I can really do about something like this. I'll probably get a bruise.

"Really!?" He asks quite sarcastically. But he still keeps his light, playfull tone as always. In fact, now that I think of it, there's only been a small handfull of times he hasn't used that tone on me. That firstday when he bumped into me, and the torture started, the end of the call when I was at the hospital, when I probably sounded like I was about to cry. That's all I canremember. I don't know why, especially at this moment, while my face is in searing pain, but that seems slightly interesting to me.

I finally look over at him, after about a minute and a half of caring for my face, and I see the un-missable giant red mark on his pale forehead. Then, afterstaring for a few long seconds, I have to crack a smile. It's irresistable.It looks so funny on him. He's got this pale (nearly) paper white, perfect skin, and a complection, and now there's a rather large red marksmack-dabin the center of his forehead. He gives a small smile back, then sits down, listening to me laugh.

"You're lucky I came in and saw youbefore someone else. Especially the teacher..." He says, setting his books down, looking kind of tired as well.

I don't try to hide the fact that I'm looking at the red soon-to-be bruise on his forehead. In fact, I emphasise the fact as I speak. "I wouldn't call that lucky." I say, trying not to laugh harder.

He rolls his eyes with that playfull smile across his lips. It never really goes away, does it..? Or, at least, not when I'm around? I silently question myself, thinking about it hard. As I think,my mind wanders to what happenedyesterday, and I try to push that thought away, still not knowing what to think of it. I want to beleive him, too, but it seems more like a dream than a reality.

I try to think of something else to talk about, because I don't like this awkward silence. And, he keeps looking at me sweetly, and I feel kind of bad. "Oh, did you hear about that new kid?" I ask, not liking talking about him. But, hey, it fills silences, so, at the moment, I'm pretty much all for talking about him.

"Oh yeah. How could I not. Every girl in school is talking about it. Jacob even told me that they're taking sides. 'Team Trevon' or 'Team Cody'. It's pretty...rediculous." He shakes his head,looking vaguely annoyed about the whole situation. Hm. Unlike what I used to think, now it's pretty obvious that he doesn't like all of that obnoxious attention. But, there's no way to really stop the talk.

I nod. "Katy has already decided that she will 'woo' him, or something. She's deffinately on side Trevon...No offense." I smile a fake, but descently fake, smile, while I think about trying to forget about yesterday for now.

He just shrugs it off, obviously not caring what Katy thinks. We all know that Katy isn't exactly the person you'd go to for an idea oftaste in men. In fact, she has a pretty terrible taste in men. She always likes jerks that ignore her. Her last boyfriend didn't even text her, let alone talk to her. He just asked her out, then left her hanging, and she just non-beleivingly waited for him to come help her up. But, soon the reality of the situation hit her. So, I have a feelingthat this Trevon guy, if her plan to woo even works, will be a jerk.

As I think to myself, kind of letting my eyes, and state of mind, wander off, Cody snaps me out of my self-inflicted trance with a question. He makes sure to get my attention."So, which side are you on?" He asks, setting his head on his hand, and giving me a unmeaningfully creepy smile.

I give him a nervous smile, then state with confidense. "Oh, Deffinately Trevon."

He smiles wider at me, knowing me too well. I bet he saw that coming, too. "Of course."

We turn our heads to the sound of two girls walking in, and talking excitedly about Trevon, of course. Who else? I won't admit this out loud,but I'm glad that alot of girls are turning their eyes from Cody and onto Trevon. It's annoying when they swarm him. I know that about half the girls still will, according to the split sides, but at least it will be less. I would actually like this. I'm just glad that I hide this to myself, because Cody would take complete advantage of that, because he's creepy.

Cody looks at me, mocking them silently, mouthing whatever they say with great exaturation. 'Omg he's soooo cute! Did you see his smile! Ohmagosh!!!'He even moves his hands the way they do. I watch him, trying not to laugh, but not prevailing. The girls don't notice, because they just keep talking. Which gives Cody more reason to mimic. I put my face on his desk, laughing a bit too hard. I don't know why I find it so funny. Maybe because it's pretty much exactly the same. So...true. My face turns red, and I feel him laughing, and we shake his desk with our laughter. I really hope that no one is watching.

Slowly, the laughing catches in my throat and starts to sease as the classroom starts filling. Guys walk in silently, not knowing really what to talk about. Girls flood in, either talking about Trevon or Cody. Some come over, telling Cody that they will always be on his side, and they glare at me as I look up at them with a bored sideways glance, my head still on his desk. He thanksthem with a fake, tight lipped smile. A few others talk about how beautiful Trevon is. I listen in without meaning to, still wondering how people could get so excited about other people.

Cody sighs down at me, watching me watch the ones talking about the new kid. As I watch, my stupid bangs fall in my eyes, blocking my view of the girls who remind me oh so much of Katy. I move my face, trying to let them fall completely and out of the way, but before that could even happen, Cody leans closer and brushes my bangs out of my face. I jump up, suddenly flustered at the feel of his fingers on my face. I let that happen just yesterday, but today it seems odd...out of the question.

I jump away, retreiting to the safety of the edge of my desk. He laughs in delight, and I want to hiss at him. I want to slither away to a safe place. I don't know why I always do that. He's no harm or threat, in fact he treats me better than most people. But, to be close to him, it feels like the world is watching. Maybe that's why I'm so distant sometimes. It seems like only when we're alone I show myself.

He smiles at me gently, as if he might break me with his stare (Which is possible, in some ways) and sets his head in his hand again. "It's not polite to listen to other people's conversations." He has that look, the look he has every time he's about to kiss me, on his face. If he kisses me in front of these people...I'll kill him.

I give him a deep frown, but a blushing one.. How does he do that to me? Just him touching my hair, or even looking at me, can cause my heart to race, and my face to flush. I ignore his eye contact yet again, and I'm releived to hear the sound of my teacher walking in. I hear the bell ring and theclack of my teacher's pointy heels against the floor, and I almost immediately snap my head in her direction, turning away from Cody. Saved by the bell.

The teacher sets her books down, looking tired, and takes a giant swig of her Starbucks coffee. It steams as if it is boiling, but she doesn't seem to mind. Then she sets the styraphome cup on the desk with a sigh. "Hola class, buenos dias."

We all reply just as boredly. "Hola..."

She sits at her desk, taking her thin white jacket off. I realise from right now, this will be a very dry class today. I see it in the bags under her eyes, and the way she looks at us.


It was. It was very dry. Very boring. We really didn't even really do anything. She passed out blank computer paper and told us to make an ad for something in spanish, and draw a picture to go along with it. Which isn't even hard if it's your third year of spanish in a row. So I flew through it, handed it in, and set my head on my desk tiredly. Most people did the same. But, I noticed that Cody didn't. He made two; he handed in the first one quickly, then worked on the other one for the rest of class.

The bell rings again, and I sit up tiredly, and notice that the teacher is asleep at her desk. She must have been really busy, because she's our perkiest teacher. Always yelling spanish frazes at us excitedly, dancing to spanish music, making us laugh. Today she's just out of it. And that's weird.

I start packing up all of my things and watching people flood out, hearing the Trevon conversation again, and I sigh. I close my eyes again breifly, just kind of thinking. I don't even want to get up anymore. I want to sit here. Like a sack. And do nothing. Ever. But, I get up anyways, picking my binder and books up with a pathetic sigh. Cody stands up and walks past me, ruffling my bangs and giving me a soft smile. Then, he walks out without a word. I frown and follow him out, and then run to my locker, trying to escape the sound of all of the talking girls.


Seemingly never ending periods go by, and by the time I wake up from my knowledge coma, the last bell rings. I walk out of the last class and quickly slip to my locker. I open the door and look at the calender hanging on the side of the door. A date is circled in red. I quickly realize that that date is tomorrow. That means that the end of the quarter is tomorrow, and tomorrow I start gym. Thank god, no more life and career talks about money management and the perks of being a vaccum salesmen. I smile to myself, then shove my books in my locker and grab my bag.

I run down the hallway to find Katy, and pass chattering kids. Some still talking about the sides, but most now talking about their new elective. I see Katy at the drinking fountain, standing alone. She smoothes out her skirt, then lady-like-ly sips from the water fountain. She stays poised and collected, then glances and sees me. She stands up straight, correcting her own poisture, then walks to me with a big smile on her pink lips.

She jumps up and down once she reaches me. "OMG OMG OMG! Guess what!" She squeaks as she bounces on the toes of her little size-three shoes.

"What?" I ask, looking down at her, knowing it has something to do with A; gossip, B; clothes, or C; a boy (I'm guessing that Trevon kid.)

"Trevon's seat is right next to mine in science! And he asked me for a pencil!" Her eyes scream with joy, but her body merely bounces up and down. She's such a girl. Ding-a-ling-ding. C is correct!

"Wow." I say, not getting the gigantic deal. He borrowed her pencil...Spread the word.

"God Lexi, you don't know anything. That means there is a window of opprotunity! And I'm giving that window pencils!" That didn't even make sense.

"Oh.." I say, as if I understand. But, I don't. I fix my bag boredly and grab my phone from the side pouch as she explains the color of his eyes and how they look like firewood or something.

New message: From Marcy:

Lexi, Tony and I are going out tonight. Could you please watch Shawn? I'll owe you Big Time!!


I smile, because she knows that I'd love to.

"Let's go home. I'll tell you all about him!" She says, still as if I care.

I sigh. "Kay."

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