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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Chapter twenty five

Submitted: February 13, 2013

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Submitted: February 13, 2013



"God, what happened?" Cody asks me as I walk up to him a block before we get to school. He'sobviously referingto the gash on my face fromTrevon's stupid mutt.IAs I walk, Ihear Katy not far behind, giggling to a not-so-thrilled Becca. Katy has told me that she's decided to talk to him today, and I give her props for having the guts to. But, I still think she has worse taste than anyone else on the planet in men.

"Trevon." I mutter annoyidly, gripping the draw string on my backpack angrily.

"He cut you?" He asks with a shocked, confused,and almost angry face.

"His stupid dog did. That mutt practically trampled me and all Trevon did was stande there. He didn't even ask if I was okay while I was spewing blood." I know my ranting won't change anything, but it makes me feel better. Kind of. Cody listens with a pondering face, and I can't tell if he's about to laugh of beat Trevon up. Hopefully the second option. He thinks for a minute, and then I see the light in his eyes. He's up to something.

He leansover,ruffles my hair, and gives me that creepy smile. But he keeps his eyes light. "You're so cute when you're angry."

I shove his hand off of me, blushing. Of course, I give him a scowl in return for his smile. "Quit it!"

He just smiles brighter, obviously proud for making me blush. I look behind me, noticing the strange silence...Words aren't coming from Katy's mouth. That's weird.

Becca and Katy are staring at me, smiling. Becca moves her eyebrows up and down, then grabs Katy's arm. "Let's let these two walk alone this morning." She pulls Katy along, moving across the street. I know there's no actual 'alone' though. They'd just be walking on the other side of the street, watching with binoculars or something.

I whip to the direction they're heading "Wait, no-"

"Bye!" Katy squeaks, nearly tripping over her pink heels in the middle of the street.

I do a double face palm, just letting my face fall into my hands with no control. "They're so..."

Cody put's his arm around me kindly, "Generous?" He offers.

"No." I hiss, glaring at him. I don't know why, but every time we get close I feel like shutting a door on him. Even though I always like when he gives me attention. It's the weirdest love-hate battle that's ever affected my poor confused mind.

He just lets out a little'as-expected-from-you'laugh. I just sigh at him, glancing to my left, across the street, to see what Becca and Katy are doing.

Katy is being very obvious and not seeming to care. Although she has heels, she has to be on her tiptoes to see over one of the street house's large mailboxes. She is gaping excitedly, taking pictures,obviously expecting a show out of me. Becca, on the other hand,is walking normally, leaving Katy behind, but every few seconds glancing up at us from behind her sunglasses. I huff and whip my head around, trying to escape their stares. It's rediculous how much they care.

Cody just keeps smiling like the world is his oyster.

I look at him, slightly bewildered, and flail my arms angrily in their direction. "How is that not bothering you?"

He doesn't even ponder. "Why does it bother you?"

"You know why. It's weird" I hiss.

He smiles and wraps his arm around me tighter, putting his head against mine. "Yeah, but so are you."



We finally reach the school (longest block of my life) and Katy and Becky run ahead, meeting Monica by the front glass doors. Monica looks all dolled up, just like Katy. I feel kind of plain again, but I kind of brush it off my shoulder and keep watching them as Cody practically drags me through the crowd. I see the friction between Monica and Katy even from here.

I look up at Cody. "Who do you think is gonna say something bad about the other one to me first?"

He watches them and narrows his eyes thinking. "Hmmmmm...Katy" He rubs his chin as if lost in serious thought.

"Exactly what I was thinking." I say, elbowing him.

I hear Katy's heels clacking all of a sudden, and I look up. She's scurrying down the stairs, where I see Trevon standing nonchalontly. He's talking to some girl who's probably a freshmen. But, I bet he doesn't care. As long as they're pretty girls.

Cody looks down at me as I scowl. Then, he pulls me closer and pats my back awkwardly. "You're being kind of over protective."

"No, I'm just finding all of this stupid. And, he's not such a pretty sight anyways since yesterday when he gashed my face." I grumble, crossing my arms.

Cody just smiles, and as we pass Trevon and Katy, I notice Cody pull me a little closer and narrow his eyes slightly at Trevon. Katy doesn't notice, but by the look on Trevon's face, he sure did.

We walk up the steps, and I see Katy jumping up and down with a little peice of paper in her hands, and her big brown eyes are looking excitedly at it. Damnit. She got his number.

Then I see something that enrages me. Katy turns her back to wave to some girl across the lawn, and Trevon takes a slip of paper from two other girls. And he got every other girl's.

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