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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Chapter twenty six

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Spanish, Language arts, and Math went by as quickly as they ever have. Same old lessons on the same old everyday things. I wish they'd mix it up every once in a while. But, I've got absolutely no say, says the government, so why complain? In fact, I have other things on my mind. I've thought about something all day, and I've determined I must approach her. I have to.

The bell rings, indicating that it's time for lunch, and I wearily pick up my things, not looking forward to seeing Katy. I need to talk to her, and I need her to listen closely. But, knowing her as well as I do, I fear that she won't. As I wander in my thoughts, I put my books into my backpack and walk out of the room absent mindedly. The halls are swarmed, still as usual. But, I pay attention to noone.

I walk to my locker, stow away my bag, and then wander down the hallway, not paying any attention at all anyway. She's not going to listen to me. She's not. She's going to get mad. She's going to think I'm lying. I know her. I think, feeling bitter. But, I really need to talk to her.

I walk into the buzzing cafeteria, still blind to the rest of the world, but I scan the whole room without registering any face but the one I focus for. I look for the face that I've known as Katy, and I find it sitting, waiting for Becky and me at out table in the back of the cafeteria. She sits, being absent minded herself. Twiddling her thumbs excitedly, obviously ready to gush her excitement all over us. My heart sinks a little. I have to burst her bubble.

"Katy!" I call, growing nearer, but extremely hesitant. My feet shuffle, feeling like I'm wearing cement shoes, but I keep going.

"Lexi! What's-" She starts to ask, giving me a bright smile.

"Katy we need to talk." I say, cutting her off, andfeeling really, reallyguilty. My mind feels terrible. My muscles ache sadly. I don't want to make her mad, or sad, but she's going to find out sooner or later that he's not the boy she thinks he is. And I won't let him hurt her. And I didn't like him anyways. I sit down and I look her right in the eyes as seriously as I can. I am serious. I don't even have to act.

"Katy. I seriously don't think this is a good idea." I say, pressing my lips together tightly, looking her dead in her brown eyes, making her look into mine.

"What isn't a good idea?" She asksinnocently. Her smile fades slowly, seeing the look on my face.

"You know what I mean. Trevon. I really don't want you to date him. I don't want you to get hurt." My muscles feel paralized as I speak these terribally honest words to her.

"What do you mean get hurt, Lexi?" She asks, her expression twisting.

"You may think he's nice, and he likes you back, and respects you and junk because he gave you his number, but it's not true, Katy. The minute you turned your back, he took two other girl's numbers." I say, feeling my skin get goosebumps. I hate to be the one to tell her the truth before she even gets a chance. But, I really don't want her to get hurt.

"He's not like that!" She says, desperate for words. Defending the bad guy that she knows absolutely nothing about.

"How do you know!?" I ask. "You barely know him."

"Same with you! You don't know anything about him. You're not one to talk!" She says, raising her voice slightly.

"Katy, I'm not trying to make you upset! I just don't want you to get hurt!" I say, grasping for words myself.

"The only one hurting me is you! You're not even giving him a chance. I really like him, and're just being jelous!"

Jelous!? Seriously!? "Katy! Beleive your best friend" I beg, wanting her to open her eyes. He's flirted with every girl at this school! Why can't she see that?

"You're not my best friend. My best friend wouldn't lie to my face!" She says, obviously not wanting to beleive the honest to god truth coming out of my mouth

"I'm not lying, Katy! I'm trying to help you!" I yell, angrily.

"Help yourself!" She yells, throwing her bracelet at me. The best friend bracelet I gave her in Kindergarten.I watch herstalk offangrily. My knees feel weak, and suddenly I feel like bursting out in tears.This is the stupidest, but most terrible fight we've ever had. Then, I see Cody's shocked face from across the cafeteria.

I feel a lump in my throat and I angrily burst off, shoving my way through the awestruck crowd, and run in the exactopposite direction of Katy. Down the north wing. I run down the empty hallway, and down the stairs to the bottom of the half-lit run down stairwell.

I sit on the bottom step and feel like I can collapse. I even hiperventalate a little bit, trying to keep the tears away. No, I don't cry.I then wipe a tear pathetically. Then, I hear footsteps quickly tumbling down the stairs.

"Lex!?" Cody's voice rings throughout the stairwell.

"Go away!" I yell. Loudly. I don't care if anyone hears me."Just-Just go away!"

He stops right in his tracks, obviously shocked. His face turns white in almost fear. He stares at me, looking almost lost in the shock of the sight that beholds him. He's obviously never seen me cry. I don't let people see me cry.A tear streams down my face, and I wipe it away feircely, not letting him have anything to stare at.

"Did I stutter!?" I yell again, gasping and my throat releases some more tears. I probably am getting way too upset. Over reacting, even. But, I can't help it. Why won't she beleive me? At the overwhelming thought, I clench the bracelet in myhand, feeling the old leather on my skin.

"Lex..." He says quietly, looking seventy-five percent shocked, and twenty-five percent sympothetic. His face twists into a 'you poor thing' look, and he slowly makes his way down the last few steps, approaching me with caution. Trying not to alarm me, or something. Look away. Don't see me cry.

I just make weird crying sounds in response. I haven't cried this hard...ever. What's my problem? I ask myself in my mind. But, I just can't stop. Maybe it's because I never cry. Maybe it's just been boiling up.Maybe thisis the straw that broke the camel's back, because I knowI usually wouldn't cry, let alone cry this hard, over a heated fight.I don't know. All I know is that I'm drenching myself in tears.

He slowly eases closer andsits down next to me. Then, despite my protest, he wraps his arms around me.

"Cody!" I hiss, trying to push him off of me, almost in fear. I've never been more vulnerable.

"Shh." He insists, pulling me closer. It's almost a protective hug. A 'nothing will ever harm you' hug.

"L-Let go!"I growl through the tears, blushing in anger, and slight embaressment now.I squirm, but in the back of my mind, I don't want him to let go.

"Not until you calm down." He says gently. His voice isreally soft, and so is his touch. He strokes my hair like a father would do to his daughter, and for a moment, I feel better. Just a little bit.

I take the back of his shirt in my fists, still not letting go of the bracelet, though, and I give into him. I manage to drench his shirt in my tears as well, but he doesn't seem to mind. He just holds me close and lets me cry it out.


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