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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Chapter twenty-eight

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



I sit sit on the counter in my kitchen, Pippi rubbing himself against my legs, as I watch the clock tick by slowly. Eight o'clock is rolling around, and soon, Cody will appear, consuming all of my dignity again in his way without even trying. I despise it and love it at the same time. In the backround, behind my wandring thoughts, the music I play wraps around the surrounding of my confusion, making it all feel better for a temorary amount of time. I smile to myself.

As I sit there boredly, lost in thought, I think about this movie night. Just last month, Katy was here, we were laughing and watching a movie marathon, talking about how this night we'll have the same good time. We planned what jamies to wear, what movies to watch, never thinking, in our wildest dreams, that now there'd be a wedge between us far too dense to break. It's a sad feeling, but it's something I can do nothing about.

Pippi breaks my train of thought, derailing it from its tracks by wailing at the top of his lungs, over the blasting music,for something. Either food, affection, or both. I peer down at him, seeing his big green eyes shimmering, pleading in his 'look-how-cute-I-am-reward-me' sort of way. I smile down at him, not quite giving in. I've fed him three times today, and he slept on me all day today. I don't understand how he could be so desperate.

My phone buzzes as I watch Pippi wallow in self pitty, and I strech myself across the counter, reaching for it.

"Hello?" I ask, not checking the caller ID, having a good idea who's on the other end.

"Hey." Cody says. I can hear the smile on his lips. It's apparently possible.

"Sup?" I ask, looking at the clock.

"I'm outside. I've been knocking for like five minutes. I can hear your music." He chuckles.

"Oh...right..." I say, blushing to myself in embaressment.

He laughs again "You're such a blonde"

"You're not one to talk!" I hiss defensively, blushing harder. It's not my fault I like my music loud. I hang up on him and then toss my phone on the counter. Then, I run to the front door, nervously fix my hair in the mirror, then walk out and down the stairwell to the glass door that Cody stands just behind. He smiles at me when he looks up from his phone.

I notice the wind whipping behind him, but he's taken shelter from it (thank god). From theother side of this glass burrier,I watch as the airtears up the trees, ripping newly grown leaves right off. Then, I quickly open the door for him. I don't see his car anywhere out in the storm, and I look at him, puzzled.

"You walked all the way here in this weather!?" I ask him as he steps inside.I notice that there's a slight limp in his walk, but he stands still as I shut the door, so I can't see any more trouble in his step. I try to brush it off my shoulder as I stare at him.

"Yeah." He says, his cheery eyes not changing even for a second.

"Are you insane? Where's your car?" I question.

He pauses for a moment. "Yeah...About that. Las night my mom was driving me to take me out to dinner in my car, and well. She's not the best driver. She kind of crashed it." His voice is completely normal as he admits this. As if killing his car was an every day event, and an unimportant one at that. What?

"Are you okay?" I ask, feeling concern fill me to the brim. I shut the door behind me, locking out the wind, looking atCody with wide eyes.

"Yeah. Just needed a few stitches and a knee sprint. No big deal. But the car is in the shop." He shrugs. Then he rolls up his sleeve to show his arm all bandadged up, where there's obviously a large cut stitched up underneath. But, despite thepain it must bring,he's still smiling at me. Always smiling.

"YOU IDIOT! Why would you walk all the way here in that storm with a knee sprint? Are you insane!?" I ask, not understanding why he did that.

"No, I just don't want you to get bailed on tonight again. Katy already did," He pauses, staring at me. I blush, frowning at him still. Then, his eyes flash and I see that look on his face."And, anyways, since I'm hurt, you could make me feel better." Then he raises his eyebrows at me like 'if you know what I mean'.

"Absolutely not!" I hiss, blushing even harder. My face must be even more red, but that's not my concern. My concern is how extremely perverted my boyfriend is.And how freely he acts that way.

He simplyrolls down his sleeve and takes my hand in result to my comment. "Whatever. Lets go watch a movie!"

Then, despite his hurt knee, he drags me up the stairs excitedly.


We sit in my room, watching some movie Cody picked, called Zombie Land. I have to say, I give props to him. This movie is hysterical. And, the zombie special effects are pretty awesome.

I sit there burrying my face in my hands laughing, feeling my stomach hurt from laughing hard as I lean against my bed frame for balance. Cody sits directly next to me, as close as possible, and he's laughing just as much as me.

When I finally stop laughing, I take in a few breaths, then grab the remote and pause the movie. Then, I stand, nearly panting, feeling tears in my eyes from laughing like that. Cody looks up at me in surprise that I so suddenly stood up and killed the movie.

"What?" He asks, maintaining the happy disposition as he stares up at me.

"I kinda need to take a small break..." I say, letting out one last laugh. "How bout I make popcorn?"

He nods and smiles, and I reach my hand down to him to help him stand up. I see him wince a little bit because of his knee as he slowly inchesto his feet, but I know he'll completely deny it if I call him out. So I decide to just be quiet and let him be stubborn.

We walk out of my room and down the hallway to the kitchen, where, across the open hallway, the tv in the living room plays some old black and white movie Marcy was watching before she left. She said she'd be home around midnight...At the thought, I glance over at the clock. It's ten-thirty. We've still got an hour and a half to finish the movie. That should be long enough

As I walk throughout the kitchen, searching for the popcorn packets, out of the corner of my eye I see Cody standing a fewfeet away and watching me. I frown at him, knowing he shouldn't be standing so much if he has a sprained knee. He already walked three miles in a storm on that bad knee. Idiot.

"Sit down!" I demand, turning to him in annoyance and crossing my arms.

He smiles sinisterly (if that's a word) and shakes his head. "I don't know why you're so concerned, Lex."

"Cuz you're gonna get hurt! Do I need to make you sit down!?" I ask annoydly, stepping closer to him, litterally ready to tie him to that chair next to him.

He suddenly grabs me and pulls me closer to him, pressing his forehead against mine gently, looking intomy surprised blue eyes with his laughing green ones. His lips for a smile as he wraps one arm around me and uses the other one to twirl the end of my long ponytail around his finger softly.

"I'm glad you care so much, but you don't need to get paranoid." He says teasingly, knowing I'll hate/love it. I immediately flush a new shade of red, and I frown defensively by instinct.

"I'm not paranoid! You're just..." I begin, thenI vacantlylose my words in a trail as I desperetely try to sort them. Damnit. I'm no good at this.

He gives me a softer, less torturous smile andwatches me fumble as my words lose their sense. "A pervert? Idiot?" He asks, giving me open suggestions with a smile. It's obvious that he knows that I don't mean a single word, so he lightheartedly jokes to make me feel better.

My breath suddenly gets shallow. Here he is, walking three miles to come try and make me feel better about the whole Katy ordeal, also walking through a giant storm at that, and I'm calling him names. And, he's openly accepting them, knowing I always say them. It's expected!What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I always do that? I ask myself, now feeling very paranoid.

"No..." I say, flushing even worse.

"Hm?" He says, looking surprised.

I give him a ghost of a smile, and them wrap my arms around his neck. He blushes, staring at me in surprise.Then I slowly lean closer to him, feeling my face get hot. I see him smile before I slowly close my eyes. Time move so slow. I've kissed him before, but every single time feels like the first time, just as it does now. So close...

Suddenly, just before we touch, the front door bursts open and Marcy comes pooring, in carrying Shawn in her arms with a blank, tired face. "Lexi I'm ho-" She begins to call. I snap my neck so I can look at her, and I flush even worse, if that's possible. She stares at me and Cody, looking at us with a shocked face.

Then, after a second or two, a big smile slowly sweeps its way across her pink lips. She shuts the door. "Oh ho ho, am I intruding?" she asks, laughing slightly.

"What? No!" I insist loudly, jumping away from Cody. "Why are you home so early!?"

She sighs, still giving me that look. "The storm outside got worse. You don't hear it? I decided to come home and pick up Shawn before it gets too late. I didn't want to leave you guys here during the storm either, but it seems like you to were just fine." She gives another big-sisterly kind of evil smile.

I cross my arms and scoff, hiding my red face. "Whatever!"

Then, Marcy looks at Cody. "Oh, I didn't see your car out front. How are you going to get home?" She asks, taking off her jacket and setting her keys on the table.

"I was gonna walk." He says, shrugging.

Marcy and I both look at him, our expressions saying flat out no.

"What about the storm? You'll litterally get blown away." Marcy says, insisting her 'no's.

"And your knee!" I add. "You're already limping!" I say, surprised that he would even consider walking home after I already lectured him.

He looks at both of us. "Uh...So I won't walk? Then how will I get home?" He asks.

"I can't drive any more out in that. Do you wanna just spend the night?" Marcy asks, rubbing a tired forehead as she bounces Shawn on her hip, trying to calm him down a little from the sound of the thunder.

"WHAT?" I ask.

Cody immediately smiles "Sure!" Then he looks over at me with that look again. DAMNIT.

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