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Chapter 29 (v.1) - chapter twenty-nine

Submitted: April 21, 2013

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Submitted: April 21, 2013



I lay down a few aztec black and gray blankets at on the floor that I hadn't realized were in my closet until about three minutes ago. Then, i take one of the black pillows off of my bed and toss it down on the blankets so the heap of blankets looks remotely like a bed. It looks close enough to me.

I turn to Cody and gesture to the sad excuse for a bed. "You'll be sleeping here." My voice is blunt, because I'm completely weirded out that he'll be staying in my room. Marcy insisted that since Shawn's room is being cleaned out that shawn's crib be moved into the living room, leaving cody no where else to sleep but either here or the staircase. I was all for that, but marcy said no.

Cody, who is sprawled out on my bed pathetically, stares down at the blankets, then lets out a gigantic and pathetic sigh. "Whyyyyy?" He asks, his eyes looking annoyingly large.

"You're lucky I'm giving you blankets." I hiss, crossing my arms while feeling overwhelmingly annoyed by Marcy's decision.

He rolls over so his face is shoved into the pillow and gives amuffled but loud, accepting defeat kind of sigh. I smile to myself, watching him be a dumbass.

I walk over to him and pull him off of my bed and onto the floor. "It's like eleven. Go to sleep."Then I sit on the edge of my bed, crossing my arms at the fetal-positioned boy.

"I'm not tired." He whines like a small child at his bed time. Cody is almost eighteen. It's laughable.

"You seem to be. You're even more annoying than usual." I say down at him. Then I stretch my hand down and poke his face boredly, watching him squirm like a baby. Then, suddenly, he grabs my arm and pulls me down.

"I'll sleep down here if you do." He says.


"No choice." He says, then he claps for the lights to turn out and holds me hostage under the covers that he pulls over us.


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