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Chapter 3 (v.1) - chapter three

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



After school, I realize how completely insane my best friends really are. They got so excited that they dragged me to my apartment and tried to make me get dressed nicer for my 'date'. But frankly, it's stillnot a date, I don't like him, and they're living their empty romantic fantasies through me. Because some guy wants another challenge, they think its a romantic date or something. I know thisis mean, but I just want to get it through their thick skulls that I don't like him. At all. Or, notromantically anyways.People are starting to think that he likes me, but I think he just wants me to fall for him to know that he can conquer any challenge. I roll my eyes at my friends as they start picking out outfits.

I watch asKaty picks one out. A mini skirt with a tanktop and big hoop earings. She holds it up, right in my face."Doesn't this look cute?" she asks.

"Dude, you're insane. It's the end of Novemeber, almost completely winter and it's feezing.And,I wouldn't wear that anyways because I'm not a whore!"

She frowns at me, chucks it back in my closet, and crosses her arms. "You're no fuuun!"

Becky laughspicks out one. Skinny jeans and a pink sweater. She puts it in front of me, looking at it sceptically. Then she smiles "He'll looove this one! It'll show him you're a little girly. Perfect for your date!" She does a little excited dance.

"It's not a freikin date!" I say annoyedly, shoving that outfit out of my view.

They giggle with a little face, like, suuuure! I jab my elbows on my thighs, and cover my face. They just don't listen. They just want me to date him. I don't get it.

They keep on looking through my close, clucking like hens, saying things like, 'what about this yellow sweater' or 'ooh, this belt with this turtle-neck!'. I shake my head at them. I'm going to pickout my outfit right now.I stand up and go to my dresser, then open the top dresser droor. I pull out a grey hoodiewith the Baypath College logo on it, in bold red font. That's where my mom went. I take off my sweater and put the grey hoodie on. I look back at my friends. "There. I look fine."

Their faces are unforgettable. I actually laugh for a second, because they look so shocked, like they were dissapointed in me. I shake my head, when Becky nearly yells,"Lexi! No! You can't do that! Are you insane!?"

"No.And why not?" I ask them.

"Because he's Cody! And Cody likes girls who try"Katy says, flailing her arms in emphasis.

"And I'm Lexi! And I like my hoodie. And this isn't a date, so stop trying." I say, crossing my arms, but smiling at their stupidity. They keep flailing theor arms and yelling at me. That's when I realize that Becky and Katy just won't quit. They explain why I at least have to try, and what if I end up liking him, or what if bla and bla bla bla. Usual teenage girl talk.

As they talk at me, I just pick up my cat and pet him. He purrs. I smile down at him.You'd be a better boyfriend, huh? I think to myself If you were a human, I'd date you. He keeps purring and rubbing his face against mine. I hug him tight. He meows happily. Katy must have noticed that I wansn't listening, and that I was more interesred in my cat than their nonstop girly advice, or blabber. She snaps her fingers repeatedly right in front of my face"Listen!" She whines. "We're trying to help you!"

"Help me with what? You're the one who wants me to date him! I don't even want to hang out with him, really!" I eplain for the fiftieth time.

Katy frowns at me. I frown at her. We stare at eachother, each thinking the other is being stupid. Becky sighs at us and crosses her arms.

I hear Becky's phone buz and she picks it up. She got a text. Katy and I watch her, wondering who from and what it said. Her frown turns into a smile. "Oh, Katy... We have to go now."

"Now?" She asks

"NOW" She says back, giving her a look.

"Ohhhh, okay" Katy says, smiling.

"go where?" I ask, suspecting something's up.

"It's just time for us to go!" Becky says with a smile.

"Becky!" I say angrily. "Please tell me you didn't do what I think you did!"

Katy and Becky look around, trying not to make eye contact with me. I frown and slam my face on the wall "You guys!" I yell.

"Don't do that, you'll get a bruise." Becky laughs.

But the doorbell rings. They run to the door and I follow them, trying to catch them. "Guys! I told you that-!" I'm cut off by a knock at the door, to go along with the doorbell ring. I glare at Katy and Becky and mouththe words 'I hate you'. They just giggle.I sigh and open upthe door. Becky and Katy run out, giggling. "Bye Lexi!" They say in a sing-song voice. Ifrown andcurse under my breath.Cody stands in the doorway, just smiling.

I stare at him annoydly "Come in."

He smiles "Thankyou." He hangs up his coat on the coat rack, shoves his hands in his pockets,andlooks around the room. This, right here, is one of the most awkward moments of my life. I nervously shut the door. I'm alone in my apartment with...him.

"So, what do you want to do?" I ask sheepishly, trying to break the awkward silence that stretched on for, seemingly, eternity.

He shrugs, and smiles again.

"You invited yourself over and you didn't think of what you wanted to do?" I ask, a bit annoyed. I narrow my eyes and cross my arms again.

He smiles at me, laughing. I frown. "Let's watch a movie or something." he says.

"I have Netflix." I say, shrugging.

He smiles "Okay" And yawns a little.

I walk to my couch, withCody following,and pick up my cat on the way.He doesn't want to stay on me, though. He sees Cody and starts squirming. I can't hold him still, so I decide to let him go, wondering what he's up to. He jumps out of my arms, meows, and right when Cody sits down on my couch, he jumps on Cody's lap. He purrs and meows.I frown.

Cody smiles and scratches behind his ear. "Cute cat, what's his name?"

"Pippi." I say, turning on my PS3 to get to the netflix station. I grab the controller and turn it on, then sign into netflix."What do you want to watch?" I ask. I start scrolling through.

"Anything." He says.I look over and see thatPippi absolutely loves Cody. He purrs and sticks his head under Cody's hand, begging Cody to keep petting him.I find that irritating. I make a 'hmph' noise and plop down on the couch.I find a random comedy movie and play it.We sit there watching it in silence. Stupid Katy, stupid Becky. I think to myself. I could have said I was sick or something. But noooo! They had to let him into my house. My house! They didn't even have my permission. Now I'm alone with this guy. Grah!

Pippi jumps off of Cody for some reason and runs across the room. That's weird. But I don't think much of it. Cody stands.

"Uh... Do you mind if I use your bathroom?" he asks. I look up "Naw, it's the second to last door in that hallway." I point to my hallway. He smiles "Thanks." And he walks out. I decide that I'm hungry, soI walk into the kitchen to make some popcorn for this movie. I get out a bowl and I put the popcorn packet in the microwave. I set the timer for a minute and a half, then I sit there and wait... When it finishes, I pour it into the bowl and go to the spice cabinet to get some salt. Istretchreally hard to reach the salt, I finally getit, thenI salt the popcorn.I pick up the bowl and walk back into my living room. Cody is still in the bathroom. I take a handfull of the popcorn and keep watching the movie. Iset the pocorn bowl in my lap and sit back leisurely now. The air is a little less awkward, and I can, maybe, act normal.Cody walks back in and sits next to me. I'm pretty focused on the movie.

Cody decides to strike up a conversation. "So, where are your parents?" He asks, laying back himself.

I hand him the popcorn bowl and explain to him "Buisness trips. They go on so many that I live with my sister and her husband now."

"So, where are they?" He asks.

"My sister's at some pregnancy parenting class, and her husband is at work."

"Your sister's pregnant?" He asks.

"Yep, with a little boy." I smile softly at the thought of my soon to be nephew. I love babies, so it'll be so much fun.

It gets silent. I guess I made it awkward again, but that's okay. I'm not good at talking.

All of a sudden, he leans over me and has his face nearly pressed to mine. He has his hands pressed down next to my torso, so I can't move well.The popcorn falls onto the floor, and I try to move to stop it, but he's got me so I couldn't get to it. I can't understand what's going on, for a second. He stares at me, just making sure that he's getting eye contact. I know my face is red. His isn't and that reassures my theory that he just wants to see if I'll get to date him. But, I feel butterflies. And I don't know why.

"Uh... What're you doing?" I ask nervously, trying to squirm out of his grip. Well, not even a grip. He's not really touching me.

"Isn't this why I'm here? So we can be alone?" he asks. He's so stupid. He can't take a hint. He's insane.

I stare up at him, and after a few seconds of silence, I burst out laughing.

His face goes blank.

I push him up off of me. I hold my stomach, laughing really hard. He frowns and his face turns really red.

"What are you laughing at!?" He asks, nervously.

I stop laughing about a minute later.I smile"I frankly don't think you like me. Okay?And that was kind of funny, you 'making a move' and all. Iknow you didn't mean it!" I laugh one more time. His face is really red. I don't know if it's out of embaressment or anger, butI finish my statement."But, I do want to hang out with you more often. I am having fun..." I smile. "You know, as friends." Now, I expect him to leave. Because he'll give up and I could go back to being normal. Even though I am having fun.

Instead of leaving like I expected, he smiles. "Fine." He elbows me. I elbow him back.

But he picks up Pippi. "But now that you've said that, I'm never leaving you alone untill you like me back."

I roll my eyes in disbeleif of that comment. He's not gonna give up, only because I'm that one girl who doesn't fall to his knees. He's not all that bad, I guess. He might just take some getting used to. We start picking up the popcorn.

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