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Chapter 34 (v.1) - prom 3

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



"Trevon! Get off!" I say as i try to break free of his grip on my arm. He's practically dragging me across the room.

"I need to talk to you! Seriously." He says, no kid in his voice or bounce in his step as he usually does. He walks quickly, aimlessly, and heavily, dragging me along in a tight grip that hurts my arm. I keep trying to break free, but he's obviously serious because he's not letting go.

Our destination is over behind one of the many punch bowls. But this one is in the back. It's the more secluded side of this giant room. He finally stops, but he doesn't let go just yet. I think he thinks I'll walk away. And by the looks of his eyes, he's desperate.

"I messed up Lexi. I need your help." He says, not emotionless. His dark eyes are even darker than usual, and his disposition is gloomier than I've ever seen.

But, I'm still stubborn and unforgiving. "Why should I help you?" I ask.

"I can't think of a reason, but please. You know Katy better than anyone, how do I make something up to her?" He asks desperately.

"What did you do to her?" I ask, jolting my arm from his grip at last, and then crossing my arms, making it clear that I'm not sure about this.

"I didn't really do anything. She thinks I was ignoring her, and she thinks I also brought another girl, which I didn't. Now she's all alone, but she still won't talk to me, and I'm not good at apologizing, but I really do want to. Okay? I like her alot."

This feels like a sope opera. It's so pathetic. "Just apologize to her, then, and tell her how you really feel. Okay? It's not rocket science."

"But how do I do that?" He asks.

"Just mean it. Just tell her exactly what you're thinking. I know I'm not exactly good at that either, but you've got to do that if you want her to forgive you."

He smiles, underdstanding. But he's the most thick skulled boy I've ever met. I knew this would happen, and I'm not sorry.

"Thanks." Then he hugs me like I'm an old friend.

"Trevon?" I ask.

"Yeah?" He asks, still not letting go.

"You have one second to get off me or I'm shoving these stilettos down your throat." I say bankly.

He immediately lets go, and thanks me again and runs off.

I begin to head back to find Cody, and after a minute or so of looking around, I see him sitting over with our drinks. His face is in sort of a scowl, and he's watching Trevon like a hawk.

"Hey." I say, watching him look angry. He's never angry.

"Oh, hey." He says. He puts up a smile and walks over to me, but he sets his drink down frestratedly.

"That was weird." I say blankly, looking down at the red mark on my arm from where he was dragginf me.

He looks at it, then takes my arm. "Oh my God, does that hurt?"

"No." I say. "Let's just go back..."




We missed the slow song, so we went back out there and I tried to dance. Becca and Dale finally met back up with us, and I couldn't help but notice that neither one of them have ever looked happier. I looked at Cody and the look he gave me said that he also noticed. But we didn't say anything, because we decided that it's better for them to keep their dirty secret and be happy than say it and be embaressed.

We went through tons of food, too, and I couldn't eat another bite. I actually only had two cupcake. Becca had three. But, boys will be boys, and Cody and Dale ate like seven a peice. Along with cookies. It's amazing that Cody stays so skinny. Dale has a broader build than Cody, but is still skinny for that kind of build. And if Becca and I eat just one extra cookie, we gain like three pounds. That seems totally fair.

After that, we kind of just hung out and talked for another hour.

"I swear, she said that to his face. It was the funniest thing ever." Becca says and giggles.

I laugh quietly, and then I hear the song change. From the sound of it, it's a slow song, and the first slow song to come on since I was dragged against my will. I look over at Cody, then at Becca and Dale. "We'll be back in a minute."

Then I grab Cody and drag him as he did to me last time. Only quicker. And with more stumbles, because of these stupid shoes.

"Why so eager?" Cody asks, an amused smile taking hold of his lips, and a sharp eyebrow teasing me.

"I love this song." I say plainly. The song playing is 'I Won't Give Up' by Jason Mraz. I really love this song.

We get out to our spot and I immediately put my arms around his neck. He smiles and puts his around my waist. Then, the words begin playing. I feel kind of like I'm floating.

Cody pulls me closer, so, like in dance classes, you'd be able to hold a book between you. I blush as usual, but I don't push away like I always would. I'm usually so scared. But right now it feels right. He tightens his grip, then he slowly presses his forehead against mine. I smile, as does he, and we stay like this for a long time. No words. Just movement. We slowly move to the words, and time seems to be frozen.

I feel his heart beat, and it's racing just as fast as mine. Knowing this, I feel a sudden urge. No, more like a craving. One that seems so uncontrollable right now. He holds me so softly and safely, letting me in so easily, never wanting anything in return. But I always want from him. And now it's beyond controllable. 

I lean even closer and take my forehead off of his. Then I catch him by surprise, and press my lips to his, holding him even tighter. I feel his surprise, but then he kisses back, filling me to the brim with...I don't know how to explain it. I just feel so full of something. Something good. Something sweet. But I want more.

I pull him closer and closer, and then after a couple minutes, I finally releive him of my grip. I blush and put my head on his shoulder. "...sorry."

"Trust me, I don't mind at all." He says, and I feel him laugh a little bit. I'm absolutely sure he can feel my heart, as it races a mile a minute. And I can feel his. I love it.

I laugh a little bit myself. "I love you." And to sheild myself, I burry my face farther into his shoulder, knowing I've never said that to anyone. Let alone him. And I'd never thought it'd be him. Ever.

There's a moment of his silence, and suddenly I'm in fear. But then I feel him smile, and he moves my hair out of my face, where I'm kind of hiding. I'm doing a poor job though. "I love you too." He whispers. He's said that before. But this time, it feels even better.

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