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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter four

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



A week passes from when I hung out with Cody. He's been breathing down my neck, though. Now it's early December, and I can feel the world getting Christmas cheer. Everyone is happy, even Marcy, who has had crazy moodswings for the past few months. Tony has been treating us all specially, too. He's been bringing home Marcy a small present each day as a count down to Christmas. They really are the perfect couple. Tony has brought meone special gormet chocolate each day. He's so nice! Marcy and I have been pooling money for a while, trying to get him something special. He deserves it, he works hard all day to make people happy, then he works hard at home trying to make us happy.

Today is the day that we set up the tree. I can't wait! But, I have to wait until tonight. And it's a dreadfull wait. Christmas decorating is my favorite. I invited Katy over to hang out with me, to pass the time. Time flies when you're having fun, right? So right now, I sit in my kitchen, waiting for her to come. Marcy is singing Christmas carols, bringing out some boxes from the closet.

"Marcy, you shouldn't be lifting those heavy things. Don't overdo it" I say, slipping off the counter to go help her.

"No, I'm fine. I need to stay strong to get this baby out of me!" She says, flexing her muscleless arm. She's so skinny.

"Gross!" I say, taking a box down.

She laughs at me and goes to sit on the couch, taking my advice not to overdo herself. I slip out a few boxes over about five minutes, then the doorbell rings. I set the heavy box on the floor, then brush my hands together to ease the pain a little. I walk to the front door.

"Who's that?" Marcy says as I reach for the doorknob.

"Katy," I say, opening the door.

Katy squeals and hugs me. "Merry christmas!"

I laugh "It's only four days into December. Jeesch."

She laughs, then waves to Marcy. Marcy waves back with a greeting. I drag Katy into the kitchen so we could make some hot chocolate. I grab the cocoa powder and put it in two milk filled mugs. I put them in the microwave and set it for two minutes. We sit, just talking about Christmas and all out plans and vacation and bla bla bla.

We break out the marshmellows and have the best hot chocolate ever. We walk to my room, as I guzzle down the warm liquidy heaven. Katy laughs. She knows that hot chocolate is my favorite. We sit on my bed and turn on my tv. "What do you want to watch?" I ask. "A Christmas special?"

Katy perks up "Look for 'It's a wonderfull life'!" She insists.

"Okay," I say, flipping through the channels. So many christmas specials are on. On one channel there's the Charley Brown christmas, on another there's Rudolf, and on the 70's channel there are Bradey Bunch Christmas episodes. I flip through about every channel, and I realize I have to dissapoint Katy.

"Katy, I don't think it's on." I say, pressing my lips together.

"Dangit." She says, frowning,

"Here, let's watch the SpongeBob Christmas." I say. No matter how old you get, no matter how many times you see it, everyone loves the SpongeBob Christmas special. Katy and I can pretty much quote every word.

I pull out my stash of the fancy truffles that Tony gave me, I've been saving them. I hand a few to Katy. She looks up at me. "Godiva truffles?" Her eyes shine. Everyone loves Godiva truffles. I nod and we start scarfing them down, while singing along to 'the very first Christmas'. Marcy laughs at us as she passes my room. I don't care, though, because I'm in the Christmasy mood.


I sit in my room at night, after decorating the tree. I'm exhausted from the heavy box lifting, and running to the stoor to buy mor ornements. I just lay on my bed, watching Rudolf. I hear Marcy and Tony talking romantically, so I shut my door with a face of disgust. Have they no decency? It's kind of gross.I turn off my tv and turn out the lights, then watch the snow drift outside my window, onto my balcony.

I wonder what all my friends are doing. I know that when winter break starts, Becky is going to Florida for a beach Christmas. But Katy's staying. And Monica, my only real other friend, is going to Cleavland, Ohio. It'll probably snow there, too. I can't really imagine Christmas without snow. I don't think that I'd ever want a beach Christmas. Then, another person pops into my mind. Cody. I wonder what he's doing for Christmas break. Probably just hanging out with a bunch of girls. Or his guy friends. I don't know.

I plug in my phone and tuck myself into my bed. Christmas carols stuck in my head rock me to sleep after a little while, as I'm curled up in a big cozy ball.


The next day is usual. I wake up late, meet Katy at her weird named neighborhood, we walk to school, etc. It's only that I realize that the day is going by fast in Spanish. I wake up from a daydream when my stomach growls. My Spanish teacher is talking about spanish synonyms and stuff. No one is paying attention. I guess especially not me. If you look around, you'd see kids sleeping, passing notes, empty seats from kids who skipped, and that one kid who cares.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone raise their hand. Some kid in the back. Don't know who it is, and frankly I don't care at the moment. I set my head on my desk and sigh. The spanish teacher sounds cheerfull to have someone raise their hand for once, it's clear in the tone of her voice.

She almost squeaks out the words "Yes, mister Connors." I raise my head at his name, wondering what he's up to. He never raises his hand. I look over at him and he's got that stupid smile. Everyone watches him, wondering what he's going to do next. The girls starts whispering like crazy. This is an odd situation.

He smiles. "I can't see the board, may I please move up?" He uses his nice voice.

I grit my teeth. There's an empty seat behind me. I mentally send the teacher a message, Say no! Say no!cuz I don't want him up here with me every day. The spanish teacher smiles and nods at him, then goes back to writing on the board and saying things no one listens to. Whispers fill the room, because everyone's wondering why he's leaving his popular friends.

He sets his books on the desk behind me, and sits down. I just look forward, because I can't make eye contact with anyone. I'm too nervous, for some reason. I mean, we became friends and all, but I have a feeling that he has something up his sleeve.

Everyone stares at him. He leans forward and whispers in my ear, "Hola, hermosa." I turn red. That means 'hello, beutiful.' That idiot! No one knows what he said, even if they heard him, because they don't pay attention. I'm surprised that Cody even knows a little bit of Spanish.

I turn around "Shut up!"

He just smiles at me.

The rest of class, I can't pay attention. For two reasons, one, because I know that Cody is right behind me, and two, because now everyone stares at me. Wondering what Cody said. It's so uncomphortable.


At home I immediately run to my room and shut the door. This guy is making me go mad! I plop down on my bed and cover my face with a pillow. I just want to punch him so bad! He's just trying to get me mad, isn't he. He's just looking for a reaction! I roll over so I'm now face first onto my pillow, wishing I had never bumped into that guy that day. My life would still be normal. No angry popular girls. No gigglu best friends. No annoying Cody, and no mad me.

I walk out onto my balcony to cool off. It's a little warmer today, but still really cold. I lean against the railing and lose myself to thought again. Katy and Becky will never leave me alone about this, I already know that. They'llnever let it go. I need to figure out what to do about that. I sigh and plop down into the thin layer of snow that covers the cement.

I can't decide if I like this situation or I hate it.

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