bet on you

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - chapter five. (sick day number one)

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



I wake up today with a cold. It's already dreadfull. The past few days, I've been tortured by Cody as he sits behind me in Spanish class, been bothered by Katy and Becky about my 'love life', been smothered by my emotional sister, and been bitten by the December cold. And I guess that's how I got this cold. Now, there's only seventeen days until  Christmas. Marcy will go into labor soon, too. I know that it's going to be a very busy month. Winter break starts in eleven days, so that will give us time to get all of Marcy's pregnancy problems all straightened out.

I lay in my room, staring at the ceiling. My nose is raw from blowing it so much, and my lips are cracked. Pretty much my whole face hurts. Marcy is in the bathroom, trying to find some cough drops. Tony is at work. And, my cat Pippi is sleeping at my feet. I reach across my baby blue night stand to grab my tissue box. I blow my nose, yet again, then drop the tissue in my waste basket.

Marcy comes into my room and hands me the box of cough drops. "Don't take too many." She warns me. I thank her and rip open the box. Anything to ease the pain in my throat. I pop one in my mouth and sigh. I sneeze again and wake up Pippi. He hops off my bed and runs out.

"Wait! Pippi!" I say pathetically. Marcy sighs at me and sits on the edge of my bed.

"How ya' feeling, kiddo?" She asks, obviously feeling sorry for me.

I frown "Bad."

"Did I take your temperature yet?" She asks. As she sits, her baby bulge moves a little. She holds her stomach to feel the baby kick.

I shake my head. She smiles and walks out to go get the thermometer.

I watch the snow drift outside my balcony door. I wonder how the walk home will be for Katy. Probably not fun.

In less that a minute, she's back and shoving the thermometer into my mouth. She doesn't even let me spit out the cough drop. "Put it under your tounge and keep it there until it beeps. Call me back when it beeps." She walks out.

I sigh and roll over, then curl up into fetal position. I don't need to call her, I'll just tell her later. I lay there for a long time, and then it finally beeps. I check to see the temperature. 100.7 degrees. I decide to call Marcy in anyways. She tells me that I need to sleep, so I do right away. This cold is killing me.




When I wake up, Becky and Monica are in my room. Monica is short, has short blonde hair, and has dark brown eyes. I'm surprised Cody hasn't gone after her yet. Or has he? They smile at me. "How ya feelin'?" Monica asks in her sweet little voice.

I smile "Not so well, but I'll survive." I yawn and blow my nose again.

"Everyone was wondering where you were." Becky said.

"Yeah, Katy had to explain to them where you were" Monica added.

I sit up and take another cough drop. They watch me.

"You sure you're okay? Your face is really red." Monica says.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I say. "But I'm probably not going to school tomorrow either."

Becky and Monica frown at me worriedly. "Okay.."

I sigh. "So, did I miss anything at school today?"

I immideately realize that I shouldn't have asked that, because they immediately start gushing stories about everyone and everything. About how Patty Weizers slipped in the cafeteria today and spilled her lunch all over her new white sweater, how the popular girls were happy that I wasn't there and how they were really mad, how our Social Studies teacher accidentally broke her heater, so it's now freezing in that class.

I smile, because they're overly excited about everything. I sneeze and blow my raw red nose again. I'm pretty sure that I look like Rudolf now. Pippi meows up at my friends, and Monica starts sneezing as well.

"Monica, you okay?" I ask.

She sneezes again. "Uh... yep, I just am allergic to cats." she says.

I slip out of bed "Oh, okay. I'll put him in the baby's room."

Becky and Monica immediately start pushing me to get back into bed or I'll get more sick, or something. I don't understand their logic. I sigh at them, "I'm fine. It's just a cold." I realize my voice sounds stuffy. Oh well. I pick up Pippi and carry him across the plushie carpets down the hall to Shawn's soon to be room. I set Pippi in the crib and leave him there.

I walk back in and we talk for a while. Then Marcy comes in and tells me that I should sleep again So I do so. Monica and Becky leave and I drift off again.

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