bet on you

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - bet on you (sick day number two)

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Uggggghhh. I woke up this morning with a sad, sad realization., I'm even more sickthan I wasyesterday. I woke up, and my nose was nearly bleeding because it was so raw and cracked. And when I woke up to see my mess of tissues, I felt pretty disgusted. And that was the last thing I needed. I've been sitting here for hours, just eating soup and watching christmas specials. Just sixteen long days until Christmas day, and ten days until break. I can survive it. Hopefully. I smile at the thoughts that Christmas is so close. But, it's also so far!!!

I look at the clock and see that school probably let out a little while ago, so I'm wondering if Katy or Becky are going tocome sit with me. I need entertainment!Then, I wonder if Becky or Monica cought a cold from me yesterday. I wouldn't doubt it. I'm pretty sick, and Monica catches cold very easily. My temperature went down, though, so I can probably go back to school tomorrow. But, I need to do something about my chapped tomato nose before I step foot back in that place.

Marcy and Tony are in the living room, watching It's a wonderfull life. I hear them giggling. I'm jelouse, because Marcy won't even let me get out of bed, and sitting in the same place for two days straight is boring. I've been watching Nickelodeon Christmas specials all day long. Right now, it's the Fairly Odd Parents Christmas Special. I sip my Ginger Ale and sigh at Timmy Turner for making that stupid wish. I'mso bored.

Pippi sleeps on my lap, and I stroke his back in rythm. He's the only company I have, and I won't let him slip away.Marcy isn't giving me the time of the day, but then again, I'm seventeen. I don't need a lot of attention when I'm sick. I don't need my older sister to check on me and make me cookies and hot cocoa when I feel down. But, I'm bored and I really hope that someone will come to hang with me for a while.

I sluro a little bit more soup from a plastic spoon and sigh again. I'm kind of tired... I blow my nose and petPip's ears, and he purrs in his sleep. I smile at him, because he's absolutely adorable in his sleep.The Christmas Special goes to commercial, and some clorox cleaning commercial comes on. I frown. Damnit.

Minutes of mindless telivisioncommercials pass, and Ihear the doorbell ring all of a sudden.I perk up, betting that Katy came here to see me. She didn't see me yesterday, so I guess she came to see me today in compensation or guilt. I'll take what I get. I hear the frontdoor open, and I hear the muffled voices of Marcy and whoever the guest is. I cross my fingers, begging god that it's Katy. I need my best friend. Pippi jumps off of me and runs out of my room, purring in excitement. That's strange, because he's never been that excited about Katy before.... Maybe it's Becky.Or Monica.Or, maybe evenTina, who hasn't stopped by in a long time. I don't talk to her as much, but maybe she heard I was sick and decided to pass by. Pippi loves Tina, so that would explain his excitement.

I hear footsteps coming towards my room, and I correct my posture by instinct. I watch as someone slips in my doorway. Immideately, I slouch and frown, and my face turns red.

"Hello~" Cody says, smiling innocently and holding Pippi. Pippi purrs and his tail swishes from side to side. I cross my arms across my chest and sink down. Why must you torture me?

"My sister let you in!?" I ask him surprisedly, obviously not amused by his forced charm.

"Yep" He says in a sing-songy voice. He sets Pippi down. Pippi's not amused anymore, either. He meows up at him, pleading for Cody to pay more attention to him.

"Why? She doesn't know you!" I say angrily. Why would she let some strange boy in our house to see her sick little sister. It makes no sense.

"I told her you were my friend, then she got all excited and said that we'd be a cute couple and said I can come see you." He smiles proudly, thinking he's a total charmer. I roll my eyes.

I curse under my breath. How could she think we're dating? I think to myself, still not amused.Cody smiles. "So, areyou feeling better?" he asks, inching closer to my bed.

I look at him like he's stupid and gesture to my tissues, then exaturate my sick voice just a little bit. "Obviously."

He sits on the side of my bed andI frown Must I spell it out for you? "Why are you even here? Aren't you worried about getting sick?"

"Nope, I'm fine." He says confidently. I scoff and roll my eyes again. Just because you're confident doesn't mean that your immune system is.

"You're gonnacatcha cold." I insist, just wanting him out of here. I push him, my actions screaming for him to go away. He pays that no mind, and hears what he wants to hear.

"Worried about me?" He asks smugly, leaning closer.

"No!" I say angrily. I re-cross my arms and give a 'hmph' sound.

He laughs and turns his attention to the tv. "So, you like the Fairly Odd Parents?"

"Guilty as charged." I say sarcastically.

"Lighten up." he insists, still smiling like a stalker.

I grumble.Then, another awkward silence follows. I know for a fact that in the living room, Marcy is gushing to Tony that I havea boyfriend and he's worried about me and here to check on me and so on. The thought makes me sick. Everyone thinks we're dating now.

An awkward silence distributes itself, and we are all silent for a long time. Pippi decides to break the silenc, and starts wailing up at Cody to pet him. Cody laughs. But, Pippi just keeps wailing and screeching, begging for attention. I don't know why, but It's really annoying that Pippi likes him so much. Cody bends down and scratches behind his fluffy little ear. "Sorry buddy, I'm not here for you."

I frown and blush a little more. What the hell is wrong with him? Why is he here, anyways? He walks around to the other side of my bed, and sits next to me. I cough again, then frown at him. "You're gonna get sick! Just go home."

"Don't worry about me." He says.

"I'm not!" I insist angrily. Pippi hops up and curls up at Cody's feet. I frown. You traitor! I grumble in my mind

Cody sits awkwardly close to me. What is he doing? We just watch tv for a while. Then, the special ends and another starts. The spongebob christmas starts next, and I smile a little, thinking of Katy and I being weird and singing along the other day. I reach across my night strand and blow my nose again. I'm surprised that Cody isn't being his shallow self, and leaving because sick people are disgusting, or something. I wouldn't be surprised If he did.

Pippi is now asleep, snoring in his sleep. I smile and lean forward to pick him up, and I'm glad that he remains asleep. I set him on my lap, and look out the window to see that it's snowing again. It's snowing pretty hard. I'm afraid that I'll be snowed in tomorrow. I wouldn't doubt it at all.

Marcy barges into my room. She has a smile on her face. "Lexi, are you feeling any better?"

Save me!I almost scream. But I just sputter this out instead. "Yeah, I'm fine."

She giggles. "Oh, okay. I guess I'll just...leave you alone~." She raises her eyebrows and gives me an 'if you know what I mean' face.

"What?" I ask. Where the hell did that come from?

"I get it, I get it, you're fine. I'll just go." She says, twirling around in happiness, then walking away with a pregnant lady walk.

I put my face in my hands. What's wrong with her? Seriously?

Cody laughs and tries to cover it by covering his mouth with his hand. I growl ferociously athim."What!?"

He just shakes his head. Pippi is woken up by my near yell, and lovingly skips to Cody. Cody sighs and pets Pippi.

Minutes pass slowly for me, because this is so awkward. He's been harassing me constantly, and now he's in my room when I'm sick and can't get out of bed. Why is he here and not with his hot cheerleader friends, or with his jock friends, or with some girl that has a crush on him. Why is he here with me?

Then he breaks the silence. "You know, I missed you at school." He says randomly.

"Whatever." I say non-beleivingly, crossing my arms and avoiding his eye-contact.

"Really. I had noone to talk to in Spanish class." He insists.

I frown and I know my face is red. "What about all of your adoring fans?" I ask.

"They'renot you"He says, sounding bored of all the girls that follow him like lost puppies.

I blush in anger, and in almost embaressment. "Oh shut up!"

"Besides." He continues. "They get annoying. All they do is try to find reasons to talk to me, follow me around, and giggle non stop about my personal buisness."

"I would think you'd love the attention." I say bankly.

"Well you'd think wrong." He says quietly. He starts thinking hard, I'm guessing about his lack of privacy from those girls or something. He looks at me, his eyes looking hopefull that I'd understand. "It's so annoying now, you know? That's why I like when you push me away. It's interesting." He offers a smile.

I frown in disbeleif, knowing that he's just saying that. "Whatever."

He laughs, then sets his eyes right on my face, forcing eye contact for at least a couple seconds. "You're too cute."

"Why don't you just go home!?" I say, blushing harder."You're gonna catch a cold, just go home!"

"I'll be fine. I never get colds." He insists, petting Pippi's face.

"I swear to God, Cody,if you get a cold from me, I'll think of you as the biggest idiot in the world."

I see him think for a moment, and I see his cheeks flush a little bit. He thensmiles kind of creepily. "I thought you already did, Lexi."

I feel my face get even hotter. "I do! You idiot!"

"No you don't." He says quietly."Youdon't think I'm an idiot.You likeme." He starts leaning into me, reading these words right from my pale blue eyes.

"No I don't!" I insist, trying to push him off of me.

"Then why are you blushing so hard? right now" He asks, looking at my red cheeks, still inchescloser despite my efforts and tryings to push him off of me. This is a violation!!!!!!!!!! I think, wanting to scream it hard in his ears and burst his eardrums.

"I-I'm not!" I sputter angrily.

"Yes you are." He says, still moving closely. "you're blushing very hard."

"Because you're harassing me!" I say, still trying to push him off of me. But he's not budging!

"You know that's not why." He insists, inching closer.

I keep trying to push him off of me. He's a lot stronger than me, though. And even more motivated. His lips are so close to mine...I never thought that this would happen. Especially with him.It's...I don't know how to explain it. I'm all stirred up now, and I think he can hear my heart beat out of my chest. My heart races, and my fingers tingle. What are you doing? I think. Then, out of the blue, right before our lips meet, he pulls away with a big smile. I nearly fall out of my bed.

"Gaaah!" I say, lashing out, almost hitting him. He dodges my slap and grins.

"Ha! You do like me! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!" He says excitedly.

"No I don't!" I say, pushing him off of my bed angrily.

"Yes you do. You were gonna kiss me back. I know it." He insists.

"No I don't! And no I wasn't!Cuz I knew that you just wanted to see if I would fall for you! And I didn't! I won't!" I say angrilly, face still hot, heart still pounding. I'm nearly yelling.

"So, that's what you think..." He says with acheesy smile. I hate you so much! I think. "Well, you're wrong. Cuz I won't let you go." He says. Before I can stop him, he bends over and gives my raw nose a kiss. "See you at school!" He says happily, and leaves.

I cross my arms. That idiot... I think as I roll over and feel my burning face. But now, it's not because of this stupid fever.

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