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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter seven

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*This chapteris in Cody's point of view*

I get to my appartment and throw my coat onto the chair next to the door. My mother is in the kitchen, getting dinner ready. I greet my Mom and she smiles at me. "How was your day, sweetie?" She says, in her cute littleWisconsin accent,as she chops up some carrots for her home made stew.

"Fine." I say with a smile.

She smiled "Good." She comes over and kisses my forehead.

I sigh and walk to my room. My puppy, Benny, sits on my bed, waiting for me. When he sees me, he perks up and wags his tail crazily. I smile and pick him up. He's a cocker spainiel, dark brown and white, and he's still so small. He'll grow toa medium size dog. I rub his stomach and he lets his tongue hang out.

I set him down, and lay on my bed. I think of Lexi. How she keeps pushing me away, denying, and making me laugh. It's funny. But ever since I bumped into her that day, I can't stop thinking about her. Sure, at first she was just a girl. A girl that turned me down. But then I tried to get her to like me too, and now I realize that I want her to like me. Something about her excites me.

I actually like her.

But, due to my past, she's not going admit that she likes me back. And I want her to. As i'm lost in thought, my puppy has snuck up to my face. He starts licking my face happily, and I fall off my bed. I laugh as Benny jumps down and starts licking me.

I pry him off of me with a laugh. "At least you'll kiss me."

He barks, as if into agree. I smile and put him on my bed.

I sigh and turn on my tv. I watch the Christmas special that Lexi and I were watching. My phone buzzes and I pick it up. Twenty new messages. I roll my eyes and groan. It's so annoying. I read through them. Some from the head cheerleader, Gabbrielle, asking if I want to hang. Some from Tommy, who wants to know what's up. Some from girls I don't even know, asking me out. I throw my phone across the room with another groan.

My phone buzzes again, and I plop down on my bed with a sigh. I pet Benny, annoyed now. Why don't they all just shut up? My mother walks in "Is everything alright?" She asks.

I nod and smile. "Fine."

She sits on the edge of my bed. "Honey, is there another girl?"

I frown and I blush a little "Uh..."

"So, it's not just another girl?" She asks, crossing her arms.

"What does that mean?" I ask, crossing my arms too.

She clucks her tongue, and sighs. "Honey, I know that you've had a lot of girlfriends. I know. So, why do you like this girl?"

"Mom!" I say, not wanting to talk to her.

"What? I want to know why you like this girl."

My face turns red, and now I know for sure that I like her. I sigh at my mom, and hear my phone buzz again.


School starts the next day, and as soon as I walk through the doors, I'm swarmed. The cheerleaders, wanting me to come to their practice, the band kids, inviting me to the show, my football friends, slapping me on the back like I did something praise-worthy. I put on the big smile and keep walking.

I go to my locker, and have no personal space, like usual. People just talking at me, not to me, as I grab my books. I look over all the people, down the hall, and see Lexi and Katy talking. Lexi is still covering her nose, because she's embaressed of having a red nose from her cold. I smile at that and go back to getting my things.

I shut my locker and weed through the people to get to my class.


Time rolls by, and Spanish class comes. The teacher is writing some spanish words on the board, and she has a beg red smile on her face. She wears too much red lipstick. I'm greeted by some girls and I sigh. I sit down in my spot, just waiting for Lexi to walk in. I tap my pencil on my desk impatient and annoyed by the giggling girls.

Before class starts, the teacher starts passing out test scores. I wait for mine to be handed to me, and Lexi walks in. She's pretending to yawn, so she can cover her nose. I smile. She sits down, and the teacher hands her her paper. She smiles and puts it in her binder. I lean forward. "What'd you get?"

I can see her get goosebumps. She turns around. "Nothing!" I must have surprised her or something.

"I'll tell you what I got if you tell me what you got." I say with a smile, as the teacher hands me my test result.

"No, I'll tell you what I got if you tell me whatyou got." She says, not wanting me to know.

I smile "Fine, I got a 99. What about you."

She gives a look of shock, then slams her head on her desk. "Damnit. I got a 96." She looks defeated

I laugh "It's fine."

"Whatever." She says in a defeated voice.

I laugh and pat her back. She frowns at me and class starts.


At lunch, I decide to sit with her and her friends. I know I'm unwelcome by her, but her friends are very happy to see me there. They greet me, obviously wishing that they were in Lexi's situation.Lexi sighs and eats her burrito, frowning. Her friends are talking excitedly to me. They really like me, so I don't think Lexi can push me away here. She obviouslywants to, though.

Becky keeps kicking Lexi's leg for her to be nice. Lexi glares at her. You can tell that she's blushing a little bit. I smile at that and eat my burrito as well. All the cheerleaders scoff and glare at them. I roll my eyes.

As soon as the bell rings, she stands up and says goodbye to us. I smile and she turns red. I laugh.

"So, you and Lexi?" Katy asks.

"I'm working on it." I say with a smile.

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