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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter eight

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



I wake up to Pippi meowing in my face. He wails like he's never eaten before, obviously 'starving'. I sigh and shove him off. Tomorrow is the first day of break, so I just have to survive today. I get up to hear Marcy singing in the kitchen. It's high pitched and off key, but I hear Tony praise her for wonderfull singing. I smile.

I get dressed quickly, and run to the kitchen to eat. Marcy is frying some eggs for breakfast. "Late again?" She asks in a sing-song voice.

I laugh "Yep, but it doesn't matter! Last day of school until Christmassss breaakk." I say, copying her singy voice.

She laughs and kisses Tony goodbye. He wishes me luck on my last day before break, and I thank him. I sit down for a breakfast of eggs and scarf them down so I'm not late. Only six days until Christmas. I still have to get everyone their presents, so today after school I'm going shopping. I finish the eggs in no time, and put my plate in the sink.

i run to the door, slip on my heavy sweater and my cap, then my scarf. Marcy looks over "What a cute outfit!!"

"Uhh...Thanks." I say, slipping on my boots.

She smiles "Have fun~" She says, starting to sing awfully again.

I try not to laugh and I grab my bag. I leave, letting Marcy emberess herself alone. I run down the stairs and open up the door. Katy and Becky waut for me. They are dressed in pretty much the same apparell as me. I smile. They squeal and hug me. "Merry Christmas!" They say, hugging me. I hug them back, wishing they weren't squealing, but still happy.

"Tommorow, I'll give you your presents." I say happily.

"OMAGOSH! YAY! THANKYOU!" They squeal like normal girls would.

I laugh and we start walking to school.

It starts snowing and I wrap my scarf around my mouth and neck. My cheekss are red from the cold, just like Katy and Becky. They cluck like hens, excitedly. Becky jabbering on about her beach house in Florida. About their Christmas palm tree and the sand instead of snow, and her new red and green bikini and blalalalala. Katy gushes about how she's going to her Grandmother's house for the first full family christmas. there will be over one hundred people there for the Christmas Eve dinner. And then there's me, who will be doing nothing. Mom and Dad will be on buisness trips still, they apologized about that, and Tony and Marcy will be wrapped up in their romantic Christmas. So after the presents, I'll kinda just spend Christmas with Pippi.

We meet up with Monica and get to school quickly after that. Over night, they decorated the school. The walls covered with giant snow flakes, white carpet everywhere, everyone in Christmas hats. Damnit! I knew that I forgot something! I look over at Becky, Monica. they have them. Katy has hers in her locker, I know that because yesterday she showed me excitedly.

I sigh. At least I'm wearing red and green. I go to my locker to get my books and put my bag away. I take off my scard and hat and big sweater. Katy comes up behind me after quickly running to her locker. She smiles brightly. "Since you forgot your hat, here's something that might help!" She holds up some stickers.

I smile at her a little, knowing she's trying to help. She sticks a little bear with a Santa hat on my cheek. I smile and hug her. "Thanks."

I walk to my first period class.


Time ticks by really fast, and before I know it, it's lunch. They're serving ham and mashed potatoes. Everyone on the cafeteria is gushing about theirvacations to come up. I smile and sit with my friends like usual. Monica was missing, because her mom came to pick her up early for their vacation. Becky and Katy greet me happily.

Some lady from the school, she wears red and white stockings and a green dress and raindeer antlers, hands out candycanes to everyone. She gets to our table soon enough. We thank the crazy lady and she gives us a big smile.

Katy, who has a terrible sweet tooth, rips it open and eats it right away. Becky and I laugh.

Becky looks around. "Where's Cody?"

I shrug and eat my mashed potatoes. "With his friends."

"That's strange." Katy says.

"Why?" I ask, wondering what she's talking about.

"I thought he'd spend the last day of break with you." Becky says.

I roll my eyes. "I bed to differ."

They giggle. "Whatever you say~"


School ends, and some people are actually crying. It's only gonna be two weeks. Wow. I sigh. I say goodbye to my friends normally, I'll see them tomorrow to give them their presents. I walk from the school down to the shopping center part of town.

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