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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter nine

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



I walk around the little stores, looking for a place to get Marcy something. I'm glad that I remembered my wallet. I walk past some cute little shops and decide on one with a big pink and blue sign that said 'Carrie's Cute Cot!'. I know that Marcy would probably love something from here. She loves adorable things. That's why she loves Pippi so much.

I walk into the pink store, greeted by the chime of a bell,and am greeted by a lady in a polka dot suit. She has long red hair tied up in a ponytail, tan skin (Obviously fake) anda pig purple painted smile. She over all looks really weird and fake. But she's obviously nice. "Hello, I'm Carrie, welcome to the Cute Cot." She does a little twirl. I laugh nervously.

"Uh... Hi..." I say, avoiding eye contact nervously.

"Anything particular you're looking for?" She asks, batting her large eyelashes.

I shake my head. The bell chimes again, and she attends to the next customer. I figure here that I'll get something for Katy. She loves this store. I walk down the colorfull, plushie rows, looking for a present.There are stuffed bunnies and bears, chocolates, love letter kits, bumper stickers with puppies, everything.

I comb the shelves, looking for something that catches my eye. I know that Marcy loves cats, so maybe a stuffed cat with chocolates, or a cat shirt, or anything with a cat. Katy's present will be easy, because I know that Katy loves sugar. Her present will be easy, because her favorite is chocolate. So I'll just get her a gormet chocolate box, or something.

The lady in the rainbow suit gushes to a lady dressed in the same apparell. But I can tell that the other lady isn't as thrilled. She's obviously embaressed. I smile. Then, I see the perfect thing for Marcy. It'sa little kittyonesie in baby blue, for a baby boy. I take it off the wrack and smile. This is perfect. She'll absolutely love it.

Then, I go to the candy section and just grab a whole bunch of candy for Katy. She'll love it. Now, all I need is a present for Becky. Marcy and I already got Tony his present, so that's taken care of. I'll stop at the paintings stand down the road. This artist guy, Mellons, as he calls himself, sits on the curb every day and sells his paintings. They're really good, so I'll geta small one for Becky. She loves paintings.

I go to the check out counter and buy all the stuff. The unhappy lady rings up the price, and she sighs. "That'll be 36.53."

I pull out a wad of cash and hand it to her. She gives me the change and tells me to have a good day. I walk out the door and the bell rings. Right as I step out, the cold bites me. I wrap my scarf around my face and neck again, then hurry down the icy street to Melons. He's a hippy guy, bout six feet tall, long brown hair, stubbly chin. He kinda looks homeless, but you know he's not by the quality of his paintings.

My feet patter on the stone sidewalk as I reach him. He is only wearing a tye-dye tee shirt, khaki shorts, and flip-flops. He must be insane! But, hippies will be hippies. I sigh, pull my scarf down for a second, and say through chattering teeth, "Hi Mellons."

"Hey man!" he says to me, not acting like he's cold. "Here to buy a painting?"

I nod, and start browsing through his stand. There are so many beutifull ones. Watercolor lakes and birds, Oil painted people and cars, peace signs, oil pastelled drawings, layered with gray transparent paint. One catches my eye, after a few minutes of browsing. A girl, who looks a little like Becky, painted in black in white, on the street. But, he painted her lips red.

I pick it up and pull down my scarf again. "How much for this one?" I ask, showing it to him. He smiles brightly, complimented that I want to buy it.

"For you, twenty dollars. You're one of my good customers." He stands.

"Thanks, Mellons." I say with a smile. I pull out my wallet and comb through my money. I find a twenty, and give him an extra ten.

"Merry Christmas, man!" He says, waving goodbye.

I laugh. "Merry Christmas, Mellons.He's probably the weirdest guy I've ever met.

I muffle my face in my scarf again, trying to block my face from the frosty wind. My face is red from the cold, and I think my fingers are going to fall off. I wrap my bags around my fingers, trying to make sure that they don't fall out of my hands.

Then, I hear my name called. I turn around quickly, trying to see who it was. I couldn't hear clearly because of the wind. But, I'm dissapointed. Cody runs up to me, smiling. Probably getting ready to harass me again.

He's still smiling, and he has the face he uses when he teases me on. "So, you like Carrie's Cute Cot, do ya? I didn't know that you were so girly."

I stick my tongue out at him, then scoff "It's just presents for Marcy and my friends. I wouldn't use this stuff." the I look in the bag "Well, maybe I'd use the painting."

He smiles and ruffles my hair. "What about your step brother, get him something?" He asks.

I frown and push his hand off of me. "We got him a new car. We've been pooling money for a really long time."

"Ah, cool." He says.

"What'd you get your family?" I ask, crossing my arms to stay warm.

"I got my Mom a new purse, and my Dad a few ties." he says boredly.

"What about your friends?" I ask.

"Too many 'friends' to get them presents." He says, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Then, he looks like he remembered something. He stops and rummages through his bag, looking for something. I watch him, pulling my scarf back up.

He finds it and pulls it out. It's a little box, wrapped in shiny wrapping paper. I watch him as he smiles at it, then hands it to me. "Here." He says, with a smile.

I refuse to pull my scarf up, because now I'm blushing a little. "But, you said you didn't get anything for your friends." My voice is a bit muffled.

"Oh, so now we're friends?" He says with a smile.

I cross my arms again, turning away from him. "No!"

He laughs. "Just open it."

So, I put down my bags, then I unwrap the little bow and hold that in the palm of my hand. Then, with the other had, I decapitate the little box. It's a little cat collar, blue, with the word 'Pippi' sewn into it. Then, there's a matching bracelit with 'Lexi' sewn into it. My face turns even more red, and under my scarf, I muffle. "Cody..."

"You like it?" He asks.

I really, really do. But, it looks like he spent a lot of time on this. I nod, eyes wide staring at it. "Yeah! But..."

"But what?" He asks, smile quickly slipping to a frown.

"I can't except this! It looks like you spent a lot of time on this." I pull up my scarf and avoid his eye contact.

"So?" He asks.

"So, I didn't get you anything, and now I feel bad!" I say, feeling guilty now. I cross my arms and look down at my boots, feeling guilt swell up inside of me. Why did he have toget me something so great?

"That's okay." He says, smiling genuinely again. But I frown.

"No it's not!" I frown, still blushing.

"So, you really want to get me a present...?" Heasks quietly.

"Isn't that what I said!?" I ask angrily.Well, not angry at him. At me. Why'd he have to do that???

He smiles, then grabs my wrist and starts pulling me off of the sidewalk gently. Ilook at him confusedly."Wha-what are you doing?" I ask frantically.

"You want to pay me back, right, so you don't feel bad about not getting me a present?" He says, smiling sincerely down at me.

"What does that have to do with you pulling me into the grass?" I ask him, trying to squirm my way out of his firm grasp on my wrist.

He slowly pulls me to the wall of a nearby building and gently pins me. I'm starting to think that this is gonna get common, because this seems to be his approach. I frown, but he probably can't see because of my scarf.

"Then, be my present." He whispers to me, dead serious for once. I feel that 'fight or flight' thing kick in thatpeople get when they get too excited or scared.

"St-stop kidding around." I say through the scarf, squirming more. "Why do you always have to tease me!?" I ask unamusedly.

"I'm not." He say leaning closer.

I frown and look to the side, avoiding his eye contact. My face burns hotter than the sun. But I know that he's just going to do what he did last time. That idiot.

I keep trying to push him off of me, and I keeppulling my face away. I act completely disgusted. But...Am I? I don't know. This bloody pervert confuses me all the time anyways, so I've had no time to sort out what's going on. I try to keep as much space from him as I can, bending my neck away from him.

"Come on, Lex." He says softly, trying not to alarm me. Too late, buddy. I think.

He pulls down my scarf slowly,t hen looks me assuringly in the eyes. He always has that everything-is-great smile on. I can't halp but want him to smile like that towards me more often.I notice that he's blushing too, butI assume from the cold. He's not the one being pressed to a wall against their will. He then leans closer, slowly. Or is time just in slow motion for me. He glances one last time into my eyes, then dives right in. And for the first time, our lips meet.

After a few seconds, I drop my bags. But...I don't care if anything breaks.

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