Cigarette Kisses

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Catherine Rosewood is trying to win a short story
state competition. When she realized she needs more time to work on it, her only solution is to use her gym class time to work on her story. Her coach then proposes her an offer: She could either tutor his trouble maker son, Wes and get the free period she needs or no free period. In her love life, Cat is in love with her best friend Jason, who already has a beautiful popular girlfriend, Taylor. This is her last semester in high school and finally she's going to experience the drama that everyone claims high shcool is about. She starts to fall for Wes but still holds feelings for Jason while trying to finish her short story. Will she end up alone or with Jason or Wes? Will she finish her story and win the competition she so fervently desires??? READ ON AND FIND OUT! :)

Chapter 11 (v.1) - A Good Dream

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        \"Cigarette Kisses\"  


*****Chapter 11*****

A Good Dream        

“Wanna dance?”

I began to choke on my strawberry shake as Wes lingered for an answer. I had managed to choke on my burger and milkshake! Great! I tried to breathe but my coughing grew worse. I could feel the thick substance stuck on my throat. I continuously tried to clear my throat, but my throat felt just as tight. Even Wes’ face looked regretful and worried. I dabbed my chin with my napkin repeatedly. Oh, how I wished I could run to the restroom.

“Are you okay?”


“Are you sure…your cheeks are red.”

I began unbuttoning my coat to refresh my burning body. I could feel Wes’ eyes trail to my coat and shoulders. I rested the jacket next to me, and finally looked up to him. I caught him glancing at my dress. He looked puzzled as he studied my frame. Ah, this was torture. The annoying waitress returned with the check and put it in the middle of the table. Why does the staff always do that? It only makes things even more awkward. Wes immediately grabbed the tab and began taking cash out of his back pocket. He continued to look transfixed as he counted his money blankly. I watched him count his money twice before he settled it on the table. He blinked eyes at least three times before he looked at me again. His black eyes grew and then returned back to their normal size.

“That’s a really nice dress.”

“Oh…yea, it was a gift from my sister.”

“It’s really nice.”

Wes extended his arm out to me, and I watched his open hand rest on the middle of the table.

“So…did you want to dance? You need to take that dress for a spin.”

I laughed nervously as I straightened my dress up. My knees were rattling from fear, but Wes’ hand looked so enticing. We watched some elderly couple rise and start dancing to the tune playing. I couldn’t recognize the artist. Wes’ hand remained there waiting for mine. “Hound Dog” By Elvis began to boom, and now everyone seemed to be dancing. The staff formed a line and began to dance; I could not believe how provocative that slutty waitress was dancing. Wes and I started to laugh when more couples rose to dance. Soon the waitress was blocked from our sight by the rest of the dancers occupying the floor.

“This song isn’t going to last forever. Cmon….”

Wes winked at me as he rose from his side of the booth. Once again, he extended his hand to me. When I gave him my hand, he swept me up. He took my hands in his and led me to the dance floor. He took two steps to the right, and then to the left, and then he twirled me with one hand. When I stepped on his foot, horror struck me. I took a few steps away from Wes as I tried to apologize with my droopy eyes.

“Hey, don’t worry. Look come here; let me show you really quick the steps.”

“No, I’m gonna leave you without feet by the end of the dance.”

Wes chuckled softly as gestured me to come close. He took in my hands and held them up so we could concentrate on our feet work.

“Okay, we’re gonna take a step in that direction and twist the other foot in that same direction, and then bring the other foot forward and do the same thing with that foot. After four times, I spin you.”

I released his hands and began to laugh and shake my head.

“Are you crazy! I can’t do that.”

“Yes, you can. Look, give me your hands.”

We rehearsed the steps twice more before putting all together. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I knew I looked ridiculous because the young waitress was laughing at me. When Wes noticed the girl ridiculing me, he brought me closer into his arms

“Okay, let’s try something else. Let’s just take one step to each side and follow the beat.”

“Oh okay, that sounds more manageable.”

Wes moved my hands to rest on his shoulders. When he slipped his hands down to my hips, I looked up to him in alarm. I had never danced with anyone else. I always thought my first dance would be with Jason at prom or with my dad at some lame party. I didn’t realize how personal this dance was until I noticed that Wes’ chest was centimeters from mine. His lips were a few inches from my own. Wes was staring at me as I studied his lips and I immediately blushed. I avoided his eyes and looked down pretending to be careful with my foot work.

“You’ve got this, Cat. Don’t worry.”

Wes’ breath trailed along my lips and lingered there. Did he make every other girl feel this way? I wanted to look at his lips again, but I didn’t have the courage. My mind was so infused with dissecting the situation that I stepped on his right foot again. 

“I’m sorry…I just suck at dancing. It’s not my forte.”

I sighed disappointingly because I didn’t want to stop dancing.

“Well, the song is about to end. I’m sure you can manage not to step on feet for a few more seconds.”

He smiled as he took me back into his arms. Wes’ hands were back on my hips and it made me feel happy. When the song ended, Wes gave me a final twirl.

************************************************************************************* Wes’ footsteps echoed into the hallway as he sprinted downstairs for his backpack. I was sitting on his bed with my legs crossed as I contemplated over our dance. I felt like I wanted to dance again, but not with someone else. I wanted to dance with Wes again; I wanted to feel his hands on my hips again. Why did it feel so good? I pushed my head back against the wall as I sighed. Wes returned with some a bag of grapes and water bottles in his hands, and with his backpack slinging on his shoulder.

“Hey, I thought we could use a snack just in case we got hungry.”

He handed me the grapes and bottles; he must have figured I’d get hungry since I hadn’t eaten anything at Johnny Rockets. I popped a grape in my mouth when he turned around to get his chair.

“So….what are we going to get into first?”

“Um, well, what areas do you think you need the most help with?”

Wes rolled his chair closer to me and propped his back pack up. He opened it and threw all its continents unto the bed. Crumpled assignments, two pencils, and the Sparknotes King Lear book stared back at us.

“Well I guess I need help with everything.”

“Well at least you can read.”  I said sarcastically as I picked up the book and examined it.


I looked back at Wes who was laughing at my morbid expression.

“Of course I can read!”

He kicked off his shoes, and pushed away the chair as he jumped unto the bed. It felt weird occupying the bed with someone else who wasn’t Jason. He joined me at his bed frame. He looked more relaxed than I was. He had his legs stretched out unlike me. Perhaps it was because he was so used to having girls on his bed. The thought of it made me feel terrible. Then it reminded of Shelby, I looked over to his desk and didn’t spot those cat eyed sunglasses. Did she come pick them up?

“Hey, what are you thinking about?”


“Looks like you’re absorbed with something.”

“Just thinking about what I could help you with.”

“What did you come up with?”

“Uh….let me think some more.”

Wes scooted closer to me as he leaned over to snatch the book from my hands. Our shoulders remained touching as he returned to his side.

“Well, I have to write a paper on King Lear. I have to make an argument…or something like that.”

“Have you thought of something?”

Wes started laughing, and I couldn’t help noticing how handsome he looked. His cute smile turned into a bashful smile as he grabbed my hand.

“That’s why I got you, Cat. So you can help me. You’re my cute English tutor.”

He squeezed my lifeless hand and returned it on my lap. Did he really think I was cute? How could I think after this? I scrambled with my thoughts as I tried to think of something. Wes grabbed his water bottle and took a drink. He waited for me to say something.

“Have you even read King Lear before, Cat?  Is that why you look so clueless?”

“Uh…yea…I have read it before.”

He tried to decipher my body language as he replaced the lid on his water bottle. Wes moved away from me and then looked back to me.

“Am I making you feel uncomfortable, Cat?”


My voice sounded soft as I pleaded. Wes smiled and moved back close to me.

“So then? What is it? Oh…you suck at English too.”

Wes began to laugh, and I realized he was joking with me.

“Yes, I secretly suck at English.”

I pushed Wes softly as he composed himself. Was I flirting with him?

“Okay, well I’m gonna go the restroom really quick and change out of these clothes. I’ll give you a few minutes to read the book.”

He smirked at me as he walked to his drawer. He pulled out a muscle shirt and some shorts. When he shut his restroom door behind him, I started to read over the pages of King Lear. My brain was so absorbed in Wes that I couldn’t recall King Lear. When I started remembering pieces of it, Wes returned without a shirt. My mind was just as blank as before. I turned the other way to avoid his bare chest. He came back to my side where I could still admire him in the corner of my eye.

“Did you read?”

I spotted his handsome smile again and just threw the book on his bed.

“I can’t remember the story line. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. There’s always next time.”

“We can always just eat grapes.”

He handed over a grape to me. When I reached over to grape it, Wes threw the grape into his mouth.

“Not fast enough, Cat.”

“I guess we can go over King Lear, after all.”, I replied with a smirk.

“Screw that…here, I’ll give you grapes.”

My voice turned soft like the way it always did when Jason was around. I scooted closer to Wes as I prepared to grab the next grape.

Wes extended it to me and waited for me to react. I waited for him to get closer and closer. When I tried to grab it, he threw it into his mouth. We laughed as he grabbed another grape from the bag.

“You’re so slow, Cat.”

When he extended the grape to me again, I actually grabbed it. Wes reached for my closed hand and held it in his.

“You’re cheating, Wes!”

“I’m not gonna let you win.”

We continued to struggle for the grape, I got on my knees and began to tug. Wes was too strong for me though. He pulled me into his arms, and I landed on his lap. We gazed into our eyes and didn’t notice when the grape slipped out of my hand. Wes bit his lip as he continued to stare at me. Before anything could happen, his sister, Kassy, stormed into the room.

“Whoa…I’m so sorry I didn’t know I was interrupting. Fuck…”

Wes smiled at me before he helped me out of his lap. I was surprised that he didn’t throw me off like Jason once did when Lexi walked in us as I was trying to style his hair for some award assembly. Wes gave me a reassuring smile as I took my place next to him.

“What do you want, Kassy?”

Kassy looked worried and regretful. She had a pastel pink dress on, and her hair was straightened. I wondered where she was going. Did she have a boyfriend? It pained me thinking of that because of Paul. I checked her fingers immediately for a promise ring or wedding ring. There was none.

“Uh…seriously, sorry for just barging in. It’s just Wes, you need to help me. I’m going to have some friends over for a BBQ party.”

“Didn’t you have a party last week? And it’s February! It’s too cold for BBQs”

“Well, Dad set up a bonfire.”

“Well then roast some marshmallows and drink beer. That’s what you do at a bonfire.”

“No…that’s what you do at a beach bonfire.”

“Kassy, it’s the same darn thing. BBQs don’t mix well with bonfires.”

“Says who!”

“Says the whole world.”

She rolled her eyes and grunted.

“I really need your help. I need to go get some more party things.”

“Oh….well, we’re kinda studying.”

Kassy giggled and smirked at Wes.

“You guys are totally not studying. Cmon, you don’t even have a shirt on. I’m not stupid.”

“Shut up, Kassy.”

Wes got up from his bed and slipped into the muscle shirt he was supposed to be in. I admired his back muscles as he pulled the shirt over himself.

“Since Wes doesn’t want to help, can you help me, Cat?”

Wes thru his pillow at Kassy who pouted after Wes.

“It’s rude to ask guests for help, Kassy.”

“It’s also rude to not help your sibling.”

Kassy came over to my side of the bed and put her hands together as she pleaded.

“Please help, Cat.”

“Leave her alone. I’m just gonna take her home.”

I didn’t want to go home though; I wanted to spend more time with Wes, possibly playing that grape game again. I pondered over my dilemma as Wes and Kassy continued to argue.

“Okay, I’ll help.”

Kassy and Wes looked over to me in shock. She threw her hands in the air in celebration as Wes grabbed the pillow on the floor and threw once again at her. This time she didn’t care. She hugged me and pulled my arm to follow her downstairs.

“Aww, thank you, Cat! You don’t know how grateful I am!”

When we got to the kitchen, I noticed all saucepans and pots on the stove. Some raw chicken, ribs, and steak fajitas were on the counter accompanied by bottles of seasoning. I noticed the rest of the counter was filled with unpacked grocery bags. Was this going to be a big party? Then I noticed the several bottles of wine and liquor. Kassy grabbed two large plastic green bowls from a bottom cabinet and handed them to me.

“Okay, so…I want you to open a budlight and mix it with this bottle of seasoning. You’re gonna throw in the ribs and chicken in here. Okay, leave the steak fajitas alone. I’ll come do them alone. “

“That’s all?”

“Then I need you to bring the chicken and ribs outside to the grill. Wes, you watch over them and turn them over every 7 minutes.”

I turned around and Wes was sitting on a bar stool drinking a beer. I didn’t even hear him open the can. His dark eyes looker darker than usual as he studied me next to his sister. Kassy then asked me to follow her outside to their patio. Outside, there were some party lights hung from tree to tree to illuminate the place. Two round tables and around 10 garden chairs were ready for her friends. The grill was about 7 feet away from the tables. The patio reminded me of my parent’s Seattle home because of the red square tile floor. On the side, there was pool with leaves floating on the surface.

“Okay, you see those two coolers. I need you to fill them with ice. The ice is in the garage, and then fill it up with all the beers in the kitchen and soft drinks. And one more thing, can you please just have all the plastic utensils and paper plates and cups ready?”

I smiled and assured Kassy that I would take care of everything. She hugged me and squeezed me tightly.

“Ah! You’re the best! Shelby never bothered to help.”

I winced at Shelby’s name; obviously they had met before.

“Alright, I’ll be back like in an hour. Although you’ll be busy, you can still have fun with Wes.”

She winked and ran off before I could say anything against that. I sighed as I walked back into kitchen. Wes tossed me an apron from his stool.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you.”

He came around to me and began opening the sealed ribs and chicken. I opened a beer and threw a bit into the saucepan enough to make it a good blend with the seasoning.

“So much for studying. I actually thought I was going to learn about King Lear today.”

I laughed as Wes withdrew another empty bowl from the cabinet.  I washed my hands and returned to the counter where Wes was busy separating the meat. I threw in the seasoning in the bowl, and grabbed the first rib and threw it in the mix. Wes took the seasoned ribs and placed them in the bowl he had just retrieved. When I had seasoned all the ribs he took them outside to the grill. I quickened my pace as I seasoned the chicken because I wanted to spend more time with him. He was surprised when he came back and noticed that all of the chicken was prepped to go out to the grill already.

“The ice is in the garage, right?”

“Yea, but I’ll help you with that because the bags are heavy. Just take the beers outside.”

He placed the bowl of chicken on the counter and headed towards the garage. He came back with 6 bags of ice. I could see his muscles gleaming as he set the bags down on the patio tables. I helped him open the bags and spread the ice and beers in the coolers. When we were done, I hurried back to the kitchen to sort the plates, cups, and utensils. Wes went back to grill to turn over the ribs and place the chicken. When he came back in, I was done.

“You didn’t have to help, Cat. You’re already doing my family a favor by tutoring me.”

“I wanted to help. Don’t worry.”

I sat on a stool as I watched him walk over to the wine and liquor bottles. He read over them and chose one and brought it over to me.

“You deserve a glass of wine, Cat.”

“Ah, I don’t drink. I prefer not to.”

“A glass wouldn’t kill you.”

He grabbed two wine glasses from his Dad’s wine cabinet and poured us both a drink.

“Wes… I really don’t like to drink.”

“It has the lowest percentage of alcohol among all the bottles, and it’s a more fruity flavor for starters. And if you get drunk, which is hardly possible, I’m here.”

Wes extended the cup to me with his smoldering smile. How could I resist his dangerous smile? I took the cup and took a sip. The alcohol burned as it raced down my throat. The after flavor was a fruity combination which was surprising.


“Yea, it’s alright.”

“Great, come outside with me.”

I followed Wes out to the patio with my glass of wine. He set his glass done and positioned two of the chairs close to the grill.

“What a night, huh?”

“Yea…you’re sister always has these parties. Even on Mondays?”

“Always…I’m sorry she dragged you into this.”

“I’m pretty sure my sister will drag you into something too.”

Wes gave me a cute smile and raised his glass to me.

“A toast to annoying sisters.”

I took a larger sip from my glass and winced at Wes when it burned my throat once again.

“You’ll get used to the burn, trust me.”

“Do you always drink?”

Wes turned to me and raised his eyebrow. He took the glass to his mouth, and finished it to the leeds.

“Is this a trick question?”

“Not anymore!”

We began to laugh when Wes began to pout. He then relaxed himself and threw his back on the lawn chair. He stretched out his arms and folded them behind his head. He extended his legs out as well and crossed them.

“Ah, the night is so good. Just great.”

I smiled at him as I took a sniff of my glass, it was starting to smell like fruits instead of alcohol. Wes and I turned to the sliding door when we heard a group of people laughing in the kitchen. He frowned and shook his head as he rose out of his seat. Kassy came into the patio with a beer in her hand.

“Aww, you guys are the greatest!”

She danced and jumped in the air when she noticed everything was in position. Before she could give me another hug, her friends called her back into the kitchen.

“Hey, well do you want to go back upstairs. Maybe watch a movie?”

Excitement grew in my stomach, and my fingers began to tingle. Of course, I wanted to go! That’s why I stayed in the first place.


“Alright then. Keep a moment, I’m gonna go talk to Kassy real quick.”


I watched Wes sprint back into the kitchen. When he opened the sliding door, I could hear some music playing. The food in the grill was beginning to smell really good. I watched the little heaps of smoke ooze out of the grill. When Wes was taking a few minutes in doors, I started wondering what they were talking about. Are they talking about me? I doubt it. Despite the fact that I was close to the grill, I was beginning to feel cold. My coat wasn’t enough for this weather. I made my way to the bonfire, and took a seat next to it and stretched my hands closer to the flames. The warmness of the fire made me want to snuggle myself in bed. As the fire cracked, a little ember fell into the pool. I watched the ember dissolve into orange and then black.  Observing the pool made me recall Wes submerged in water, gliding through water. I shook the thought out of my head as Kassy and Wes came through the sliding door. Wes rolled his eyes as Kassy called my name. She had a pink apron on and her hair was now in a bun.

“Cat, I just saw your sister Lexi at the market. She was pist to know that you were here.”

“What! You told her I was here.”

“I thought she knew.”

“Oh God.”

Wes came to my side when he noticed the blood withdraw from my cheek.

“Hey, is everything okay.”

“I can’t... I can’t stay for the movie night.”

Wes glared at Kassy and shook his head in disappointment.

“I told you not to tell her. I knew it was going to worry her. Why did you tell her?”

“Wes, you know I had to tell her. “

Kassy grimaced and retreated back to the kitchen with her friends. Lexi would kill me when I got home; I already knew that.

“I have to go Wes.”

The drive home was a bit quiet as Wes maneuvered his way to my house. He played some Radiohead which made the mood even more stoic. Was he mad at me? Or Kassy?  I didn’t bother to ask. I felt so compelled to know how he felt, but I didn’t have the courage to ask. When Wes pulled into the side of my house, we noticed Lexi and Mark removing grocery bags from her car. Before I could tell Wes to run away, I watched Lexi trod over to his Jeep. I gave Wes a worried look but he looked untouched.

“Hey, Cat. Relax. I got this.”

 He placed his hand on my wrist and smiled. I was about to yank my hand off of his, but Lexi began tapping on my window. Oh my God. Wes lowered my window and gave Lexi a beautiful smile. I noticed that it had an effect on Lexi immediately. She noticed our hands touching and seemed to almost comment on it, but then she gave Wes’ smile another look.

“Oh…um…hi, I’m Lexi. Cat’s sister.”

“Hello, I’m Wes. Wes Davenport.”

Wes extended his hand to Lexi and gave her a full smile that emphasized on his nice jaw structure; I watched her nervously hand over her hand. She blinked her eyes and struggled with her words again.

“Um…um…Cat…I’ll be inside.”

Wow. Was that all she was going to say. She bid Wes goodnight and headed back to Mark in a daze. Wes turned to me and began to laugh.

“How did you do that?”

Wes shrugged as he continued to laugh.

“It’s just something I’ve learned over the years. It always works with females…and even males.”

We shared laugh as we watched Lexi almost stumble with grocery bags. Wow. Did I look just as dumb when he gave me that smile?

“Cat, so anyway, about our movie night. Do you want to reschedule it for Friday?”


 I turned away immediately to hide my embarrassment. Was Wes asking me on a date? No….friends don’t go on dates. Wes remained tense as he waited for my answer.

“Like at your house?”

“Well…we can go to the movie theater if you want.”


“If you can’t, I totally understand.”

“…Yea, I’d like to go the movies. That would be fun.”

“Okay. Friday, then.”


Wes nodded nervously as I opened the door to his Jeep. He grabbed my hand before I jumped off the Jeep.


I turned to Wes, and then stared down to our clasped hands. He looked like he was about to say something. He took a deep breath in, and then shrugged as he sighed.

“You forgot your phone…it’s on your seat.”


“Friday…then…I’ll pick you up. Is that fine?”

“Yea…that’s great.”

We stared at each other and remained transfixed for a few seconds. Wes stared deep into my eyes, and I thought I had imagined him come closer to me, just like when we were on his bed earlier. He bit his lip as Lexi yelled over to us.

“No kissing in front of family members!”

I vowed to kill Lexi as I jumped off his Jeep in so much shame. I waved goodbye to Wes and watched his Jeep leave. Then I turned to Lexi who was already running to the house. She was seated by the counter drinking a beer as I came in.

“How could you embarrass me like that, Lexi. I totally hate you.”

She chugged half the beer and stuck out her tongue at me.

“Dude, I did that because that guy totally likes you.”

She peered over the living room and made sure Mark was out of sight.

“And he’s totally hot! He’s like...celebrity hot! I didn’t know that was Kassy’s hot brother. Wow. He’s way better better better better looking than Jason!”

Mark came into the kitchen and placed 2 grocery bags on the counter next to Lexi.

“I totally heard that.”

“Aww, baby… you know I love you. You’re the most handsome man in the world.”

“No, apparently, it’s Cat’s boyfriend who is the hottest man in the world.”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Oh yea, whatever. He was totally going to kiss you if I didn’t stop you guys.”

“Why did you stop him then?”

Lexi and Mark gasped at me and began to laugh.

“So you do like him!”

“I didn’t say that. You guys are crazy…I’m gonna go upstairs and sleep.”

“No…help us organize the groceries.”


I ran upstairs before Lexi would drag me down. I locked my door, put some music on, and headed for my bed.

I snuggled under Wes’ covers as I waited for him to bring some popcorn. I adjusted the pillows beneath me and fixed my hair. I took a quick glance of myself of the reflection on the screen of the t.v. When I could hear him approaching the door, I pretended like I was just resting with my eyes closed. He put the popcorn tub on his night stand and joined me beneath the covers. He wrapped his hands around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder.

“What do you want watch, Cat?”

“What’s new on Netflix?”

“I don’t know…you want to browse thru the selection?”

“Um…yea..sure..where’s the remote?”

Wes searched through the sheets for the remote, and then handed it to me when he found it. As I browsed through Netflix’s lame selection, Wes began to kiss my neck. His laid soft kisses from my neck to my cheek. When his kisses began to become more curious, I turned off the tv. Wes adjusted himself to my side and then hung over me. He caressed my face with his hand and then began to trace my lips with his fingers. I ached for his kiss as he teased me. When I could no longer take it, I gave him a sad frown.

“Kiss me.”

Wes leaned over and sealed the space between us. He progressed with a soft kiss and his hands began to slip beneath my shirt. When I felt his hands on my bra, I felt a rush of excitement in my core. I was in his deadly grasp and there was nothing I could do. He bit my lips as he pulled away.

“Hey, relax…let your body go. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

I nodded and pulled him back to my lips. He kissed me a bit harder as he began to press his body against me. When he pulled away again, he had a sly smile.

“I want you, Wes. I really want you.”

“I want you too, Cat.”

Wes came back to my lips as I began to remove his black t-shirt. His skin felt so good against my hands; I wanted to know how he would feel against my bare skin. He slowly removed my shirt and kissed my gently. I could feel his hot breath in my mouth as he parted my lips. He kissed the corner of lips, my jaw, my neck, and then kissed my chest. Wes played with the straps of my bra as he kissed my lips again. I could feel his curios hands slide down to my pants. He slowly unbuttoned them and began to kiss my lower stomach. A throbbing in my stomach began to beat as Wes’s gently tugged at my pants. Wes kissed my stomach back until he reached my bra again.

Before he could unhook my bra, I woke up in a sweaty mess. I tried to catch my breath as I rolled over to check the time on my alarm clock. 3:25 a.m.  The sheets clung to my wet body as I rose. Why did I dream of Wes like that? I rubbed my hands over my face repeatedly as I replayed the dream. Oh God, Do I feel something for Wes?

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